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Aztec Heart Inc.

Aztec-Life Inc. manufactures and distributes high quality, specially designed support devices for the post-operative sternotomy patient. The company name is derived from the Meso-America Indian practice of cutting out the heart and for the good life granted to post-op patients by modern medicine.

Cardio Thoracic Harness was developed by a patient after his heart surgery and recovery.  He discovered the need for a device that would provide constant wound support, relieve pain and discomfort, and be comfortable enough to wear under clothing for long periods of time. A support device that the patient can wear during the rehabilitation period and beyond.  The first harness that is "User Friendly".

The Cardio Thoracic Harness reduces sternal instability if used immediately after surgery and during rehabilitation. The CTH is designed to stabilize the sternum and bony thorax during recovery. Patients feel less pain and discomfort during involuntary movement, especially pain associated with wire stress. By wearing the CTH, the patient is receiving support before the pain begins. The Harness increases upper torso movement, particularly that of the arms and hands by reduction of the transfer of energy to the chest wall musculature when performing upper body tasks, such as walking, opening doors, getting out of bed, etc. With less pain, the patient can feel more comfortable and relaxed.

Having the Cardio Thoracic Harness supporting the patient's every move will help the patient to heal faster.  The patient will receive supervised instruction in the use of the CTH. Aztec-Life believes that the Cardio Thoracic Harness will provide the support and care needed for a successful and complete recovery.


Cardio Thoracic Bra
Our TLC Bra is designed as a chest support for female post sternotomy patients. It can give added comfort and support following heart surgery. Among the benefits are decreased pain, lower infection rates, quicker healing time, and easier breathing.

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International Medical Research Design
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BathGuardDist.jpg (8572 bytes)

Bath Guard
Patients who have been injured recently or had surgery know the problems and discomfort that comes with aftercare bathing procedures. Casts, braces and
surgical wounds need to remain dry. The same is true for dialysis shunts and certainly IV Sites and PICC Lines. 

The patented BATHGUARD™ Bath and Shower Protector is a reusable, LATEX-FREE, waterproof protection sleeve that allows the patient to comfortably
bathe or shower while keeping the affected area dry and free from infection. 

BATHGUARD™ arm and leg units are quality constructed for long term use. The sleeve is made of tough poly-tafetta non-stick vinyl with double heat sealed  seams for added strength. The patented elastic cuff with Velcro® patch works in tandem with the uniquely designed VersaStrap™ to ensure complete waterproof protection. 

BATHGUARD™ is not only effective, it is simple to use. One size fits most everyone. The waterproof sleeve easily slips on and off the afflicted limb. The unit is washable and antiseptic tolerable. As a result, your patients can shower or bathe comfortably and confidently with BATHGUARD™...

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ITAMED2.jpg (36712 bytes)

ITA-MED is a dynamic and innovative manufacturer of medical products for personal use based in San Francisco, CA. We are proud to be doing business not only in the U.S., but also on many continents. We export about 30% of our production,  mainly to Eastern Europe (including Russia), the Middle East and Latin America. In this way, we are spreading our vision of wellness and health-care around the world.

We create our own unique, comfortable and ergonomic designs, utilizing natural non-allergic materials. We have retail ready packaging in several languages (English and Spanish). At the same time our prices are very competitive and generally lower 
than other products of similar quality. 

ITA-MED lines of products include:

- Graduated Compression Elastic Support Hosiery (Knee Highs, Thigh Highs, Pantyhose, Men’s Socks);

- Back and Abdominal Supports (Neoprene and Elastic Lumbo-Sacral Supports, Elastic Back Supports, Thoracic 
Lumbo-Sacral Orthosis, Abdominal Binders, Warming Support Girdles);

- Sports – Medical Supports (Knee, Ankle and Wrist Braces);

- Other Orthopedic and Medical Products (Hernia Support, Cervical Collar, Elastic/Rubber Bandages, Flexible Splints, 

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SunMedica designs, develops, manufactures, and distributes orthopedic products and devices, along with Natural Comfort non-medical products.


orthoRAPS® are compressive support wraps that
secure sterile dressings in place without the use of
tape. Pocket holds cold therapy pack.
-Eliminates painful tape blisters 
-Reduces wound drainage 
-Reduces wound care time


The kastRAPTM is designed to keep a cast
clean and attractive while protecting clothing
from snags. Available in a variety of bright
solid colors and prints. 

Shown are only two products available from SunMedica
Please visit our web site for more products or use the request form provided below.

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Tagg Industries
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TaggMed Ortho.jpg (13586 bytes)

The lsoDyn Knee Brace is designed to provide the same high quality fit and function of a rigid custom brace. It is available off-the-shelf, without the delay or high cost of custom bracing. The IsoDyn Knee Brace is
constructed from ultra light, urethene foam sleeve that provides superior comfort and compression without the rigidity or bulkiness of a framed brace.

With the lsoDyn's Knee Brace open wrap design, it can easily be put on and taken off in less than a it can be worn under most clothing, so no one can tell that the patient is wearing a brace

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Tempra Technology
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TempraDist.jpg (29772 bytes)

Tempra Technology introduces the Tempra Thermal Therapy System featuring Cold  and Hot Instant Gelling Packs which get colder and warmer, and stay colder and warmer longer than any competitive pack, delivering penetrating moist thermal therapy on demand. When combined with the comfortable, versatile and reusable moistened Tempra Wraps, you will have soothing therapy to help reduce pain and
speed up the process of healing. The unique gelling action of both hot and cold instant packs helps to prevent saddle bagging, delivering penetrating therapy evenly across the wrap's large terrycloth surface area. The result is a product which performs as
expected, with an extended shelf life of over a year and virtual elimination of leakage or pre-activation. Tempra's Instant Gelling Packs offer self-heating and cooling
wherever a microwave or refrigerator may not be readily accessible.

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