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Medical Distributors Wanted

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Welcome to the Distributors Wanted Page 2 site on MedCatalog.Com.

If you are a distributor of medical products or supplies and would like to form a professional relationship with the quality medical companies listed here, just use the simple e-mail request form at the bottom of this page.

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American Surgical Concepts

We reflect on our long lasting leader status in the surgical instrument industry by simply stating that our vision may change, but our values will not be compromised.

Our experienced professional team has integrity.  Our products are sensibly priced and our service meets and exceeds our customers expectations.

asc.jpg (38120 bytes)
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Some of our mortuary instruments include:

-Artery Clamps
-Aneurism Hooks
-Whitney Incision Spreader
-Freer's Elevator
-Non-Clogging Post Aspirator
-Nasal Tube Cannula

These are just a few of the products available.  Click on the link below to visit their web site and view a full listing of products available.  Thank you.

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American Ramp Systems
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American ramp.gif (29097 bytes)

American Ramp, a division of Gordon Industries, Inc., is
an organization specializing only in ramps. Our
manufacturing facility has been fabricating the materials
used in our ramp designs since 1970. This unique, low cost
ramp design is patent pending.
The rental program is structured for short-term use.
Rent for a visitor, for a wedding, graduation or short-term
disability, such as a broken leg.

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BioSig Instruments
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BiosigInstruments.jpg (20607 bytes)

Biosig Instruments, Inc. presents several Fitness Electronic products. The Antache, Anti-Stress Device using EMG biofeedback, the Insta-Pulse Heart Rate Monitors, The Tele-Pulse Radio Telemetry Device, and The Electronic Gym. 

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Document Systems Direct

The DCS (Document Control System) software system works on a network to effectively disperse information throughout your organization. This eliminates the need to constantly reproduce printed material for you and your colleagues. At the heart of the system is the server. Not only does it manage all of your documents and data but also provides an authorized user a way to install the client software which in turn will reduce the demand on your internal IT staff. Through the use of a scanning device connected to a user's machine on the network, paper documents are scanned into the user's computer and then routed to the server for processing. After the document is processed it is then available for search and retrieval. 

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Ergomat.JPG (31905 bytes)

Ergomat is an exceptional anti-fatigue matting designed to be highly elastic and very comfortable. There are many mats to select from, including static dissipative cleanroom mats, fire retardant mats, chemical resistant , autoclavable mats. Increase productivity when your personnel are more comfortable on the job!

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Hyperion Medical
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Hyperion.jpg (41943 bytes)

The innovative, natural, affordable approach to wound management...

HYPERION® HYDROPHILIC WOUND GEL represents a new approach to the treatment of pressure ulcers, burns and other wounds. When used as a primary filler/cover, it provides excellent wound protection at a remarkably affordable cost. Call your dealer or Hyperion today to place an order or obtain additional information.

Coats wound bed, filling crevices and undermined areas 
Promotes autolytic debridement Protects developing tissue by providing a moist wound environment Absorbs excess exudate Remains in contact with wound regardless of patient activity Unique formulation won’t leak around secondary dressing 
Affordably priced, conforms to current regulations governing product reimbursement.

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International Bio-Analytical Industries, Inc.

Our FDA approved reagents are especially manufactured  for the Ciba Corning Express 550 and Express Plus. All reagents for these units come pre-packaged in bar coded vials ready for use on these analyzers.

International Bio-Analytical Industries, Inc. has been in the clinical chemistry reagent manufacturing industry for years.  Our FDA approved reagents are manufactured especially for the industry's most popular analyzers such as Cobas Mira, Express, Hitachi etc. as well we have manual testing kits. 

Our worldwide distributors currently span six continents with technical and sales representatives who speak a variety of  languages to answer any questions you may have.           
IBI, Inc. has gone through many changes these last few years.  Our dedicated staff have many years experience in the reagent business.

IBI, Inc. liquid stable reagents can provide your laboratory with the best quality reagents at a competitive price.
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enter IBI Labs


IBI, Inc.'s commitment to our customers and distributors is evident in our dedication to customer service as well as community service.

All of our FDA approved reagents are manufactured especially for the industry's most popular analyzers such as Cobas Mira,  Beckman,  etc. as well we have a variety of manual testing kits to fit your needs. 



Our worldwide distributors currently span six continents with technical and sales representatives who speak a variety of  languages to answer any questions you may have.  

It is our company policy to work exclusively through our distributor network, both nationally and internationally.

U.S. Distributors:

IBI has a network of national, regional and local distributors in the United States. The network is further divided into the types of laboratories covered by specific dealers, including hospitals, etc. and in some cases, the specific analyzers serviced by dealers.

IBI prides itself on its dealer relationships, providing outstanding service and technical support to dealers and their customers.

If you are interested in becoming part of the IBI distributor network, or are trying to locate a distributor near you, please contact us

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Meditrac, Ltd.
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Meditrac, Ltd., is one of the leading Israeli companies in the development, testing and manufacture of innovative medical equipment and devices for the treatment of spine disorders.

The company's products offer a revolutionary approach to the treatment of back pain, with the added benefits of rapid recovery and reduced need for hospitalization. 

CerviCo 2000™

meditrac2.jpg (8278 bytes)

Developed by an orthopedic surgeon, the CerviCo 2000™ advances the principles established with the Vertetrac to treat the sufferers of cervical spine disorders and injuries.
The CerviCo 2000 allows for the application of both symmetric and asymmetric traction to the cervical spine, allowing the treatment to be customized for each patient's needs.

The CerviCo 2000 is so easy to use that patients requiring long-term care may easily be taught how to administer self-treatments at home.  The already short treatment session (15-20 minutes per day) thus becomes even more convenient and patients feel that they have more control over their lives.

Unlike powered traction units and wall-mounted devices, the CerviCo 2000 does not  take up valuable space in the clinic or home and does not require permanent installation of equipment.  After the treatment session is completed, the CerviCo 2000 may be placed in the carrying case and put away.

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MedVentures International

MedVentures International

MedVentures International is a surplus medical supply company located in Topeka, Kansas. It was started in the 1980's to remarket remainders in the medical products industry. These remainders are mostly the result of overruns, overstocks, or over market projections. MedVentures buys remainders daily, following the adage "One man's trash is another man's treasure". We sell these products both domestically and overseas. Call us to buy products below wholesale and save big!

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bioset.jpg (20071 bytes)

OMNI is a leading manufacturer of spill control products for the hazardous and bio hazardous waste clean-up markets. Our patented line of cementatious powders are designed to meet the OSHA and EPA regulatory compliance and for the chemical treatment and true solidification, not simple absorption or gelling, of body fluids, bloodborne pathogens, infectious wastes, and all forms of acids.
In addition, OMNI has a unique amalgamation powder that has magnetic properties, for the added simplicity in cleaning mercury bearing wastes. Once the powders are melded, reduction of the dangerous fumes has been reduced, and to easily collect using a simple magnetic tool.

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Polar Vision
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polar vision.jpg (23191 bytes)

Polar Vision is a world leader in the manufacture of polarizing and retardation films and in the production of custom laminated optical filters. We pride ourselves on our history of engineering optical filter products tailored to the specific needs of our customers. We combine our expertise in optical films and coatings with the latest techniques for laminating complex optical filters. This versatility has allowed us to engineer display enhancement solutions for applications as diverse as ATM screens and pagers to displays for the AWACS plane and the M-1 tank.

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Premier Marketing International
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healthtec.jpg (28831 bytes)

Health Tec™ hospital level surface disinfectant is a
unique formula that produces the only UNIVERSAL
Health-Tec™ is the ONLY NON-FLAM- MABLE,
ALCOHOL-FREE disinfectant product on the market
today. Health-Tec™ has a fresh, clean fragrance and
is safe for use on all surfaces including counters,
chairs, tables, all metal and stainless steel surfaces,
ceramic tile and all plastic and vinyl surfaces.

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Promar Industries
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Promar.jpg (23770 bytes)

Promar Industries, Inc. is your source for Professional Emergency and Utility Lighting Products.  Shown at right is just a small sampling of lighting products which include the refillable pocket light, refillable clip lite, Steth-A-Clip, lite pen, squeeze lite and dental mirror with clip. Other products not shown are Emergency refillable w/red blinker
Fluorescent lighting Lanyard light
Twist lite and many more. . . . . .

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TAD Therapeutic Devices
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TAD Thera.jpg (13510 bytes)

Safety bed rails are an important assistive medical device as they greatly reduce the risk of falls. The TAD bedrail has been designed by a physical therapist to specifically improve the safety of transfers in and out of bed and reduce the risk of falling. The bed rail provides a stable support which allows easier movement from lying to sitting and sitting to standing. While standing, balance is easier to maintain by utilizing the stable handrail. Additionally, the bedrail promotes safer transfers to and from a wheelchair. The rail can be used with any size mattress and box spring and installs in seconds by simply sliding beneath the mattress.

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The Brain Garden
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brain garden.jpg (20917 bytes)

Here at the Brain Garden, we are about positive changechange that can bring about the health and happiness that everyone desires…change that can bring about the financial freedom that you work hard for every day and most importantly change that can bring your loved ones closer to you.

At the Brain Garden the message is simple: it is your choice to have a whole, healthy, happy lifestyle. We offer

-Whole Foods that enhance your brain and body and help you lose weight – pulse
-Whole Living products that are all-natural and chemical free –
earthborn creations -
-Whole Learning products that help you expand your memory and improve your ability to learn –
"Rote" Learning

Now, ENHANCE this wonderful message with the best Internet, network marketing money maker available…thebraingarden.com technology package. Benefit from having your own online presence, online sales tools and your own BG Superstore with over 1 million commissionable products!!

The Brain Garden Family of independent partners are more than happy to share with you information about the Brain Garden opportunity and how it’s message has changed their lives. Explore our unique message and products that put us a notch above the rest and feel free to meet our corporate team, view our movie and see our online brochure. You will agree that this a new and exciting home-based business opportunity for you and your entire family.

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The Salk Company
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Salk.jpg (35046 bytes)

The Salk Company, Inc. Presents a unique waterproof Pad Pocket and waterproof Safety Pocket (patents pending) as the keys to outstanding performance for these newly designed incontinent products. The Companion Briefs for men is made with soft washable 100% cotton and has a fully functional fly front. This brief is designed to hold the Companion Disposable pads. The Companion Panties for Women is soft breathable cotton with feminine styling and is designed to hold the Companion Disposable pad. Disposable Pads have waterproof backing and sides to keep moisture in place.

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Vision Sciences
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VisionSciences.jpg (12625 bytes)

The patented EndoSheath® technology -- eliminates the routine cleaning process, because all parts that come into contact with the patient are disposable. The result? A new standard of care for the patient and healthcare provider alike, there is a better way. 

The sophisticated design of the Vision-Sciences endoscope makes it simple to use, process and maintain. That simplicity translates into time savings -- an important factor given today's increasing pressure to contain costs while delivering quality healthcare. 

Since EndoSheath® technology eliminates routine manual cleaning disinfection protocols for the endoscope, you can eliminate a lot of other factors: buying multiple scopes to accommodate the cleaning process, maintaining separate cleaning facilities and inventory accessories, etc. Also when your staff is freed from
tedious cleaning tasks, their productivity can increase dramatically. 

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