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The Companies listed here are looking for distribution of their products and supplies.

If you are a distributor of medical products or supplies and would like to form a professional relationship with the quality medical companies listed here.

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Akas Medical

Wanterd Distributors In All Asian and GCC countries
Comments Suggestions: We are ISO certified manufacturers of medical equipment with advanced products and we have established our products in Indian market and interested to market our products abroad ,we welcome distributor and dealers for our products.pl contact for details.

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We are actively seeking distributors for ECG Medical Cables.
If you are calling on BioMedical or Nursing personnel and would like
to increase your profit, we want to talk with you.

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Call us 1-928-778-0840
Kappa Medical, LLC



The Coding Institute, LLC


About Coding Institute


The Coding Institute is dedicated to offering quality products and services to help healthcare organizations succeed. We are primarily focused on providing specialty-specific content, codesets, continuing education opportunities, consulting services, and a supportive community of healthcare professionals and experts


For assistance with or questions about your service, please contact a representative:

Phone: 800-508-2582
Email Us: service@codinginstitute.com

Mailing Address:
The Coding Institute LLC
2222 Sedwick Drive, Suite #101,
Durham, NC 27713









AMBISEA Technology Corp Ltd (Diagnostic Ultrasound)

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Cold One

Torn Rotator Cuff Shoulder Wraps reduce torn shoulder pain and inflammation
caused by an injured rotator cuff or a repetitively stressed shoulder.

Cold One® Rotator Cuff Therapy Wrap

Free Freight in Continental U.S.,
30 day customer satisfaction guarantee
Two Cool Inc.
PO Box 976 Lake Oswego, OR 97034

Call Customer Service (971) 344-5221


Rotator cuff or shoulder injuries caused by repetitive stressed shoulders or sports injuries are common, painful, interupt sleep, and can take a long time to heal.

Cold One® Cold Compression rotator cuff therapy treatment for your torn rotator cuff stops pain and swelling while your shoulder heals.

Cold One® is the premier cold compression therapy wrap for a shoulder injury or Torn Rotator Cuff. The Cold One® shoulder cold wrap is made for the individual or athlete whose motions cause repetitive stress to the shoulder and rotator cuff by providing Cold Compression to stop shoulder swelling, inflammation and stop shoulder pain.

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Style 958

Style 958 features lace trim, adjustable Velcro shoulder straps, constructed of cotton and lycra spandex with front Velcro closure. Also available with zipper or hook & eye front closure. Also available with cup. Style 958 is used for Breast Augmentation, Breast Reconstruction, Breast Reduction, Mammoplasty, Thoracic, Oncology & General surgery

CosmeticGarments.com is one of the leading manufacturers for quality compression garments for plastic surgery, reconstructive surgery, thoracic surgery and general surgery. We have a large inventory of these garments as well as breast augmentation & breast reduction bras, so if the need arises for a rush delivery your order will be shipped the same day!

For more information on our products please call us at 818-247-4865 and we will be more than happy to mail out a FREE catalog!

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Eldermark Solutions Inc.

Software Products for the Assisted Living and Long Term Care Facilities
ElderMark has two primary software products and several services. The software products are:

Targeted at the managers, administrators, and operators of assisted Living facilities. Key features include:
· Creates assessments compliant to facility preferences or regulatory standards
· Converts assessments into care plans
· Schedules aides and workers for all care plans and prints daily work orders
· Tracks / reconciles planned care vs. actual
· Flags costs that are un-reimbursed
· Determines resident, caregiver, group and facility profitability
· Updates and prints required reports
· Provides a family justification for a care plan adjustment
· Bills multiple parties and / or links to your accounting / billing system
We have excellent customers from Florida to Oregon, reference accounts and industry spokespeople for each product.

Targeted to the sales and marketing function of Assisted Living and other care coordinated residence facilities. Key features include:
· Lead Source Tracking
· Staff Performance Measures
· Referral Source Tracking
· Management Reports
· Lead and Prospect Contact History
· Strong Support for Follow-up
· Built in Word Processor with Mail-merge
· Mailing Lists and Labels
Recurring revenue: Our premier software product – ServiceMinder - manages most operational functions of a facility including all resident care and medication administration.
Our existing base of software (in use at facilities around the country) contains specific active prescriptions for residents, who typically have 8-12 prescriptions each.

Contact Information (mention you found their listing on MedCatalog.Com)

Glenn Taylor
ElderMark Solutions, Inc.
Office: 763 519 0221
Fax: 763 519 0227
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Environmental Care Center
Click on images to enlarge

ordorrodsmall.jpg (19002 bytes)Enviro.jpg (65023 bytes)

Environmental Care Center, Inc. is a Berlin, MD manufacturer, offers it's patented device, the DE-ODOR ROD (tm) designed to remove and eliminate Biological Odors and Gases such as ammonia and hydrogen sulfides from residence rooms, cancer patients, colostomy bags and catheters. The DE-ODOR ROD (tm) has shown itself as an excellent solution to odor control for soiled utility rooms, and soiled containers, smoke rooms, bathrooms and bed with rails as shown in image.

The DE-ODOR ROD (tm) solves tough odor problems but is non-toxic, emits no masking scent and requires no power source. Easy to install and maintain, the DE-ODOR ROD(tm) with it's slot-ventured intake design and it's negative ionically charged minerals actually attract and absorb the positive charge gaseous molecules at the source. You can recharge the DE-ODOR ROD (tm) by simply placing it outside in the sunshine and then reuse.

Shown here is the DE-ORDER ROD (tm) in a smaller size, (the Mighty Mini) which is excellent in the office or car as well as nursing and private homes in the bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, sick room, pet areas, ect.

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Faichney Medical
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Faichney Medical.JPG (25531 bytes)

Faichney Medical specializes in Clinical Thermometers. Primary sales are in cases of thermometers. Thermometers include Oral, Long Bulb in Fahrenheit with blue tri-top. Oral, Stubby Bulb in Fahrenheit, Plain top, Clear top, Blue Tri-Top, Dual Scale with Blue Tri-Top.  Rectal thermometers Basal thermometers and Ballo Thermometers. New products include the New digital thermometer (shown).

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FTE  Source


Header Image

FTE Source was created by veterans of the healthcare industry, with more than 40 years of combined experience, who recognized an unmet need in the staffing arena. Healthcare facilities continually balance staffing needs. Overstaffing can put a severe strain on facility budgets, while understaffing can cause facilities to lose potential revenue and jeopardize the level of care provided to patients. Laying off extra staff during slow periods only to rehire or use expensive temporary staffing services during busy periods does not provide a cost efficient solution to these problems. So what would?

FTE Source - the only online healthcare staffing exchange. By bringing area facilities together within one online network, we have created an effective and efficient way to achieve that sought after balance. Here's how!

Let's say Facility A recently experienced an increase in patient volume and needs a physical therapist for twenty hours a week for the next three weeks.

A few miles away, Facility B is overstaffed with physical therapists and places a listing on FTE Connect.

The HR manager at Facility A finds this listing and contracts for the therapist at the agreed-upon rate.

Three weeks later, Facility A has efficiently satisfied patient demand and the contracted therapist returns to Facility B. Instead of suffering losses on both ends, each facility benefited from the exchange and helped keep staffing costs under control.

FTE Source is the only online staffing service that works to mutually benefit all of our members by creating a secure non-competitive network of healthcare facilities. FTE Connect is quick and easy to use.

To learn more, contact us today.

Our web site  http://www.ftesource.com





  • Choice of 4 capacities: 120g, 200g, 300g and 500g
  • 3 weighing units, including: gram, metric carat and troy ounce
  • Easy access, draft shield included
  • Specific gravity measurement possible
  • Built-in RS-232 universal two-way serial interface
  • Two modes for the parallel data output: timing output and indefinite timing output
  • Weighing can be automatically calibrated
  • Integration time can be adjusted and sensitivity can be selected
  • Three year warranty

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LifeStyle Systems
Click on image to enlarge

Lifestyle.jpg (28836 bytes)

Lifestyle Systems presents a special collection of Drawer Organizers for every medical office and home. Sleek, Sturdy and easy to use. You can select from a wide variety of kits that can turn your cluttered drawers into an organized drawers in quick order. Select from Polystyrene (white) dividers, Clear acrylic dividers or the drawer / file kits available from LifeStyle 

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Merry Walker Corp
Click on image to enlarge

The Merry Walker Corporation introduces the Merry Walker Motivator. The Merry Walker Motivator was developed to replace the use of the long over used geri-chair in long term care settings. The Merry Walker Motivator will motivate the user to foot paddle and enhance self return of functional mobility, and possibly return to functional self-Ambulation. The all steel frame mobility device will aid in restoring functional mobility to an otherwise non-mobile patient.  The unit features a lumbar support for the patients back, a trapezoid shaped front cross arm to assist in rebuilding upper body strength and a U Shaped base on four casters affords the user plenty of paddle space.

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Nursefriendly, Inc.
Click on image to enlarge

Pressure sores, blisters, abrasions and skin irritations are all symptoms caused by the constant contact of plastic tubing surrounding the ears.


nursefriendly.jpg (50634 bytes)

This is what led me to develop Comfeez, an easy to use product that protects patients by preventing these unnecessary ailments.

-Comfeeze has been awarded a United States Patent
-Comfeeze prevents skin irritations, blisters, abrasions, pressure sores and other related injuries.
-Comfeeze cuhsioning effectively eliminates discomfort and unnecessary anxiety.
-Comfeeze is simple in Design and Cost Effective.

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Rozinn Electronics, Inc.

Rozinn Electronics, Inc. was founded in 1979 by Mark Rosoff and Karl Ziemann.  The company continues to be a privately held corporation. Rozinn was originally formed to provide repair services on a worldwide basis for all brands of Holter recorders and scanning systems. Over the years, Rozinn has developed a reputation for excellence in products and services with a sincere dedication to its customers.

For many years, Rozinn sold new Holter recorders manufactured by other Holter companies. Our years of repairing other manufacturers’ recorders paid off when Rozinn decided to design its own recorder. Rozinn’s design engineers knew how to optimize the various components to manufacture a rugged, reliable, state-of-the-art recorder.

Rozinn Electronics, Inc. is seeking independent sales representatives to assume our product line. Minimum 5 years experience selling Holter analysis systems in the hospital environment preferred. Excellent sales skills and medical knowledge including arrhythmia recognition is essential. Travel throughout your assigned territory is required.

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VersaTilt.gif (25308 bytes)

VersaTilt benefits This device dramatically alters the effects of gravity on the wheelchair seated person, moving body weight from buttocks to the back. This act of weight re-distribution has a multitude of health benefits.
This device dramatically alters the effects of gravity on the wheelchair seated person, moving body weight from buttocks to the back. This act of weight re-distribution has a multitude of health benefits. As has been reaffirmed by Michael Billings of the Mountain Community Retirement Center "Correct or varying positions in space can benefit clients with many different medical conditions. However, tilt-in-space wheelchair systems are very expensive, and it would be neither cost effective nor
appropriate to provide one for every patient. This is where I see the VersaTilt as being very advantageous: it allows a facility to provide the benefits of tilt-in-space positioning to many patients with varying medical diagnoses in a cost-effective manner. In addition, it decreases the caregiver burden by requiring fewer transfers in and out of bed, thereby potentially resulting in fewer
on-the-job injuries and fewer days of work missed and fewer Workmen's Compensation claims." The VersaTilt has been designed to accommodate any standard wheelchair, it serves well in an office or home type situation. VersaTilt works extremely well in any multiple-patient group environment.

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