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Zmags Interactive Collateral Management™

Superior solution for marketers to turn traditional print into interactive collateral for greater impact and better results only available online.

Zmags provides the first Interactive Collateral Management (ICM) solution designed to help marketers digitize all types of collateral, enrich them with interactive features, deliver them to

customers, and then measure reading behavior for continuous improvement. The net results are a better customer experience, increased reach and higher revenue, lower costs and less print waste.

Turn your company sales material into an exciting, interactive sales tool.

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Lead Generation

Turning interaction with your readers into buyers!

Would you like to communicate directly with your readers as they browse your interactive collateral? By setting up interactive forms, you can create coupons, contest registration, newsletter subscriptions and feedback forms anywhere in your collateral. The design, location and purpose of the forms are all decided by you!

Engage readers and capture leads

Take lead generation to the next level by offering interactive ads inside your magazines or brochures to open an exciting advertising space for you or your advertisers. Zmags fully supports built-in videos and Flash components with a link that redirects to wherever you want—a great source for extra lead generation.

Customizable advertising spaces

Furthermore, you can integrate a banner rotation system within your online collateral that makes it possible to serve a new banner each time a page is flipped. This allows you to create a very fine-grained and customizable advertising space.

With Lead Generation you can:

Offer special online coupons to your customers.
Receive product inquiries directly from potential customers.
Add forms for brochure/catalogue requests.
Increase advertiser revenues by offering interactive ads within your collateral.
Integrate a banner rotation system for premium advertisement control.


E-mail us today for details on how to improve your company profits and industry image!