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Welcome to the 2nd page of the Wheelchairs, Walkers, Lifts and other mobility products.


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Accessible Designs, Inc.

About ADI

In 1986, I had a motorcycle accident, resulting in a spinal
cord injury at the level of C5-C6. In the initial years following
my injury, I felt many frustrations regarding the use of
products that were supposedly fabricated to promote
independence for those with impairments such as mine. As
years passed, I started modifying existing products to suit
my special needs, as well as designing new products to
make my life more independent and enjoyable. Many of the
products I design not only have the user in mind, but also the
people assisting with our daily needs. The Anti-Slip Transfer
Board is one such product that has truly enabled myself and
many others to live a more independent and productive life. I
invite you to view the Anti-Slip Transfer Board, as well as the
other products displayed on this site, as high quality, user-friendly and proven many
times over by people in chairs to either meet or exceed expectations.

boards64.gif (14995 bytes)Bridge the GAP by using the
Anti-Slip Transfer Boards
The Anti-Slip Transfer Board is designed to bridge the GAP that exists with transfers in and out of wheelchairs and/or other seating surfaces. The following attributes explain why our transfer board is the best available in ensuring user satisfaction, as well as in our ability as a company to fulfill all transfer board needs, regardless of each individual's

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Braiden Enterprises Ltd.
Click on image to enlarge

Braiden Enterprises Ltd was founded in 1990 and is a private family company.
The two directors are Sue and John Braiden and they have two daughters,
Jessica, 10, and Blair, 8.  The business was founded as a result of Jessica's physical disability and the need for a better choice of quality disability aids in New Zealand.
John designed and built his first hydraulic wheelchair hoist in 1990 and
manufactured and marketed it under the trade name of GENTLE GIANT TM
Over the ensuing years, Braiden Enterprises Limited have become the leader in
specialist vehicle adaptation and modification for the disabled in New Zealand.
At their Carterton factory they carry out various vehicle adaptations from the
simple hand control to the most complex drive from the wheelchair adaptation.
Over the years, the wheelchair hoists have seen many subtle changes which John
puts down to normal evolution of his products. He is always looking to the future
and is keeping the products up with the latest technology. Apart from wheelchair
hoists, Braiden Enterprises Limited are continually developing new products. One
such recent development is the power access seat unit. The prototype was built
for Jessica and the unit further developed into the current state of micro-processor
controlled technology. John's simple philosophy is that if the disabled person has the ability and desire to self drive, Braiden Enterprses will find the way.


braiden1.jpg (24270 bytes)

The UB1000 is a newly developed product from Braiden Enterprises Ltd. The unit fits snugly beneath the floor of the vehicle and remains out of the way until required for use. This design leaves the interior of the vehicle to be fully utilised for wheelchair positions and seating. The unique bi-folding platform which is a Gentle Giant trademark keeps the size of the unit compact and yet provides the maximum usable length. The unit comes standard with handrails on both sides of the platform. These are easily lifted and locked into place when in use and fold away under the bi-folding rear section of the platform.

The UB1000 discreetly closes within its cassette and is protected from road grime and dirt until next required for use. 

This unit is ideal for use on larger size vans and for bus and coach use. 

There are 2 models to choose from. The UB1000-M which is a manual pull out platform
carriage and the UB1000-P which is a power out platform carriage. 

Gentle Giant TM

braiden2.jpg (10642 bytes)

Gentle Giant TM Full Platform semi-automatic MODEL IFP5000 

This internally mounted hydraulic unit has been a proven winner over
the years. It caters for all types of manual and electric wheelchairs
and is available with an optional extended length platform to cater for
electric scooters and the versatility of taxi use. 
The platform is bi-folding which allows the unit to remain very
compact giving ease of handling and good vision through the rear
window of the van. 

Gentle Giant TM Access Platform semi-automatic MODEL IAP5000 

This unit has all of the characteristics of the full platform unit with the
exception of the platform area. The centre of the platform has been
removed to leave a clear space of 270mm in width. This allows
access through the closed hoist for hand luggage and parcels. 

Another of the benefits is being able to push the wheelchair into the
rear of the van by walking directly through the platform behind it and
not having to push from the side. 

Shown here are only a few of our products. Please visit our web site by clicking on the link below or use the request form at the bottom of this page for more information. Thank you.

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Central Jersey Mobility Services
Click on image to enlarge

We carry in stock the complete line of Braun Accessibility Products. As an Authorized Braun distributor you are insured quality installation and serving.

Regal Scooters

central jersey mobility 2.gif (61254 bytes)

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Gunnell, Inc.
Click on image to enlarge

Wheelchairs and Equipment

For over 25 years, the wheelchairs manufactured by Gunnell, Inc. have exemplified our company’s dedication and commitment. From the first chair, to today's sophisticated models, each chair has received the individual attention that allows us to maintain our standard of excellence and our dedication to help the physically challenged. We pride ourselves in our ability to correctly seat the young and the old, the large and the small, and all those with special needs. We also pride ourselves in our short delivery time, with three to four weeks maximum required required for full customization.

Our Mission
Our mission is to help the physically challenged achieve greater comfort, mobility, and a better quality of life by building mobile seating systems of the highest quality. Further, we will provide the best service possible. Our goal is to be the most progressive, innovative company in the industry and maintain the highest level of integrity and respect for the individual.

TNT Pediatric Wheelchair

Gunnell.jpg (3871 bytes)
The T.N.T. Pediatric was designed with child, parent, therapist and seating specialist in mind.  The tilt chair is constructed of aircraft steel alloy that will take any tough everyday use, weight limitations of 250 lbs., yet remains light-weight for easy transporting. It is designed as a wheelchair but with few options can look more like a stroller. A wide variety of seating and positioning options are easily adaptable. 
5 year, 100% - No Fine Print Warranty.

This is only one of our products. Please click on the link below
to visit our web site or use the request form at the bottom of the page
to receive additional product information.  Thank you.

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Haseltine Systems
Click on image to enlarge

In 1995, HASELTINE SYSTEMS CORPORATION™, a disability technology company, was created to design products for people with disabilities. The mission of the company is TO IMPROVE THE MOBILITY OF PEOPLE USING WHEELCHAIRS.

Haseltine Flyers ™

haseltine.gif (19953 bytes)

The first of their kind, the Haseltine Flyers ™ offer the ultimate in wheelchair protection. Constructed of extremely durable polyethylene, a wheelchair, shower chair, motorized chair or scooter sits inside this protective case where it remains secure during the journey.

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Heather Medical
Click on image to enlarge

heatherWalker.jpg (7787 bytes)Rolling Walker with Seat

Do you avoid trips to the mailbox or just going out for a walk because you are
afraid that you will fall or tire and have no place to sit or support yourself? Is
rolling your traditional walker a struggle over carpet or bumpy sidewalk?
It's time to take back a little independence!

Enjoy the Freedom of New Generation Walkers! 

Light Weight - Lift with two fingers 
Padded Seat 
Lift out Basket 
Flat Folding 
Automatic Brakes - No handles to squeeze 
Easy to Roll - Inside and Outside 
Hand Brake Models on Request 

Approximate Weight Capacity Under 250 lbs.
Only one of many products available from Health Medical.

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Innovative Products

The GO· BOT is a product that enables mobility for children with specific
disabilities. The GO· BOT allows children to move about on their own without the need for assistance. This product enhances mental and physical enrichment by allowing the child to move around in their surroundings with their able-bodied peers. The product can be used
indoors or outdoors on smooth surfaces.


The GB 1 WALKER allows children to move freely by using their own
legs. The GB-1 WALKER is designed after GO· BOT that is
Innovative Products flagship product. The sturdy steel frame is
designed to enable children with limited leg function to move around
with their own body movements and encourages physical
development along with personal achievement

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Innovative Products Unlimited

Together with our network of premier
healthcare dealers throughout the country, we 
strive to offer you better solutions for your
healthcare equipment needs. We will continue to
bring you new products, adapt existing ones for 
the changing environment, and provide the best 
customer service in the industry. Your complete
satisfaction is our first priority.

The IPU LandRollerTM allows
anyone to enjoy sights and
environments from the view
of a shaded comfortable chair.
Beaches, parks, trails, lawns,
The IPU LandRollerTM literally
floats over sand, mud, gravel
and uneven surfaces with air
cushioned comfort.

Shower Chair
Curved and contoured back for comfort
Extra support T-mesh backrest
Holds its shine without dulling or staining
Comfortable elongated
contoured seat
High quality 3" hooded Steinco casters
for secure mobility (2 locking)

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Natural Access
Click on image to enlarge

All Terrain Wheelchairs  -  Innovative Products

The Landeez 

landeez.gif (24928 bytes)

Introducing Landeez, the all-terrain wheelchair that is reshaping the 
lives of people around the world. Until now, wheelchairs could not 
provide passage to the most beautiful areas of parks and beaches. 
Thanks to the Landeez all-terrain wheelchair, all of that has changed.
The Landeez all-terrain wheelchair was designed specifically to enable 
people who use wheelchairs to come in closer contact with nature.
The Landeez can roll easily over sand, snow, and gravel. Its soft plastic
pnuematic tires absorb almost all road shocks for a remarkably 
comfortable ride.

For traveling by car, the Landeez can be disassembled and placed in the 
trunk in seconds. The entire frame utilizes quick release pins, so tools are
not necessary. A kit containing interchangeable street wheels will soon be 
available (Call for more information on exciting new options). 

Whether it's a day at the beach, oceanside, or lakeside, an outing to your favorite national park, or out on the town on snowy days, the Landeez is the ideal way to enjoy access to the wonders of nature.

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Click on image to enlarge

This site is handicapped accessible for all your wheelchair custom fitted attachments. I developed these products to use on my wheelchair and they work great. In 60 seconds they will securely attach to your wheelchair, scooter any assisting aid. No tools required.

Do you need a way to carry a cup or glass? Are your hand brakes difficult for your diminished hand strenth?Or do you need a convient place to carry your cordless phone or cell phone when using your chair?  Finally the freedom you deserve. They are always at your finger tips when you need to use them.

Custom Brake Handles

needfulthings1.jpg (6275 bytes)needfulthings2.jpg (6188 bytes)

Easy for you to use your new custom made brake handles,won't fall off when you are loading and unloading your wheelchair,lightweight and easy for someone who is assisting you in your chair,long enough to reach comfortably, no drilling, pre fitted to fit your size brake stem,fits right over your existing brake stem!! they are shaped for easy on and off control, no rubbing against furniture or walls, no strain on hurt hands,they look good on your wheelchair . we have various sizes 4",6",8",9"

This is just one of the products offered by this company.  Click on the link below to visit their web site and view a full listing of products available.  Thank you.

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Southwest Assistive Technology, Inc.
Click on image to enlarge

SWassistive Tech.jpg (9914 bytes)

The Turtle Trainer™ is a motorized
platform for evaluating power mobility
readiness. It also allows training of clients
on power mobility bases.

Flexible tie down system allows for users
in a variety of mobility bases, from
strollers to manual wheelchairs

Comes standard with joystick control.
Optional equipment includes:
Sip-N-Puff, several head controls, and a
variety of switch inputs.

Programmable settings for input
control, top speed, acceleration,
turning radius, braking force, and
many more.

Quick setup speeds evaluation and
training sessions, reducing client
fatigue, and decreasing overall cost
to client and facility.

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Up-Lift Stump Assist

Uplift StumpRest is a retractable stump support system integrated into a drop seat for wheelchairs. 

This combination offers below-Knee amputees an affordable two-in-one wheelchair seat base to meet their everyday needs. Light-weight and sturdy, StumpRest is designed to fit most cross-frame wheelchairs.

Model No Description   Dimensions Weight 
SR 16   Uplift StumpRest for 16" / 17" 
(41 / 43 cm) wheelchairs
  Drop Seat Base 
Length: 16.5" / 42 cm
Width:  13.4" / 34 cm
Height: 1" / 2.5 cm
Retractable Stump Rest
10.75" x 5.5" x 0.4"
(27 cm x 14 cm x 1 cm)
  6 lb / 2.8 kg
includes standard hardware & two retractable stump rests
SR 18   Uplift StumpRest 
for 18" (46 cm wheelchairs
  Drop Seat Base 
Length: 16.5" / 42 cm
Width:  15.25" / 39 cm
Height: 1" / 2.5 cm
Retractable Stump Rest
10.75" x 5.5" x 0.4"
(27 cm x 14 cm x 1 cm)
  6.5 lb / 3 kg

Uplift StumpRest includes:


Drop seat base,


Slide-out stump supports for both left and right sides,


Height-adjustable drop base hardware including four drop-hooks, four L-brackets and fasteners. Versa Lock sold separately.

Model No.   Description   Materials & Function
SRC 100   Uplift StumpRest Support Cushion   Made with high density Polyurethane foam, and covered with waterproof, washable fabric and vinyl. Velcro attachments secure cushion. Black only.
SRC 200   Uplift StumpRest V-Foam Support Cushion   Made from a combination of  high density Polyurethane and  pressure relieving V-foam for extra comfort. Covered with waterproof, washable fabric and vinyl. Velcro attachments secure cushion. Black only.
VL 100   Versa Lock

  Securing clamp for locking the rear side of StumpRest’s seat base to wheelchair. 

Note: At least one securing clamp (Versa Lock or other comparable hardware) must be used to secure StumpRest to the wheelchair.









Kappa Medical, Inc.
PO Box 11808
Prescott, AZ 86304
1-928-778-0840 phone
1-928-776-9250 fax

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Uplift Wheelchair Seat Assist

As you sit down on the Uplift Wheelchair Seat Assist, it eases you gently  into a seated position and automatically locks in place. To get up, first release the position-adjustable latch cord.  Using both hands to support yourself, simply shift forward and begin to stand. The lifting piston activates automatically.  This provides a gentle and stable lift up from the wheelchair.  

The Uplift Wheelchair Seat Assist is a self-powered, lifting drop-seat base that helps users gently seat and raise themselves from a wheelchair.  It Provides controlled support for both lowering and raising, and lifts up to 80% of a user's weight (from 80-350 lb depending on model).

Sturdy and portable, Uplift Wheelchair Seat Assist can be used with most manual wheelchairs and flexible wheelchair cushions.  For safety, it automatically locks in the down position.  The adjustable drop-base allows the seat height to be positioned at the optimal level for each user.

-Helps keep people active and independent
-Relieves stress and strain on joints
-Makes transfers much easier for caregivers
-Lifts only as needed, allowing users to maintain muscular strength

Model #                     Wheelchair Size

WA 100-16                 16" - 17", 41 -44 cm
WA 100-18                 18" - 19", 46-49 cm
WA 300-20                 20", 51 cm

Kappa Medical, Inc.
PO Box 11808
Prescott, AZ 86304
1-928-778-0840 phone
1-928-776-9250 fax

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