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If you have ever wished you could track down important conversations in a fast, convenient way; needed to verify data called into your office; or have been caught in a situation where a caller doesn't think their call was handled appropriately, DigiVoice is your solution!  

Specifically designed for businesses whose calls are crucial, the DigiVoice will preserve a recording accurately, store and retrieve that  recording quickly,  enable live monitoring and maintain system security in an efficient way.  The ease of call playback and monitoring assures quality and makes agent 
training a breeze.  

DigiVoice is a state-of-the-art, voice logger that records 
up to 63 talk paths per cabinet. Offering network capability and redundant disk operation, DigiVoice stores telephone and radio conversations to a PC hard drive for easy retrieval and archiving. It provides everything needed to record, store and manage conversations with ease. Valuable data can be retrieved at the 
host unit or other networked PC’s while the system is recording and monitoring.

DigiVoice operates in a Windows NT environment and utilizes open ended architecture that allows it to be 100% compatible with all major telephone systems.

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VoiceLogger, Inc.

VoiceLogger Systems for Healthcare

Nobody makes house calls anymore. There isn’t time. Doctors, nurses and hospitals are stretched to their limits trying to keep up with the increased patient load, not to mention the mountain of paperwork involved in patient record-keeping, as well as dealing with the government and insurance companies.

Would you like your doctors to be able to pick up a phone and record patient information that can be accessed by the touch of a mouse? Would you like your conversations with patients, pharmacies, insurance firms, other physicians and health care entities to be recorded securely? And would you like this system to be able to store all this data securely in a fraction of the space of the old recording technology?

With a digivoiceXE voice logger, those demands can be met with the click of a mouse. digivoiceXE uses cutting edge technology to record and store all outgoing and incoming calls. There are no tapes to change, label or store. Recordings of calls can be accessed instantly. Time, date, duration of the call, identity of the caller and the identity of your employee are available search options, depending on system configurations.

Calls can be monitored after the fact, or in real-time, using digivoiceXE, thus enabling instant access to information. digivoiceXE produces e-mail ready WAV files for quick delivery to transcriptionists. In addition, digivoiceXE has mirrored disk drive capability that provides a robust platform of redundancy for any health care application. A multi-level password system provides security against unauthorized entry and deletion, and assures the accuracy and credibility of all recordings.

digivoiceXE is more than a voice logger, it’s a solution. It helps solve the problems of training, call monitoring, quality control and secure, accurate documentation, and it does it in conjunction with all existing phone systems. digivoiceXE provides a top end solution to help ensure customer satisfaction for the health care industry. 

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WEBeDoctor® is an Internet based solution for Physicians and their practices, regardless if they work as individual or a managed care, and helps them in completing their normal daily routine in a practice. It is complete software for a facility, which includes setting up appointments, insurance verification, scheduling, patients Electronic Medical Records (EMR), and their electronic billing. It is designed to save personnel time, keep expense down and gives the physician better control managing the facility.

In today’s world where everything is going toward the computers and Internet for a fast and easy accessibility, healthcare industry is still facing a disadvantage of having paper behind every step. Today’s physician needs an inexpensive, reliable, and efficient system to complete the complex administrative, financial and clinical tasks involved in running a medical practice. They need a user-friendly tool, where they can look up any of the patients’ history or medical records without having to worry about the security issues. WEBeDoctor® is the ultimate answer; it is the most easy to use, reliable product in the market, which provides the security demanded by both patients and HIPAA regulations. WEBeDoctor® is using the highest security possible at this time, currently this system is available on 128 bit secured socket layer in combination with a firewall at the physical location in Diamond Bar, CA.

WEBeDoctor’s aim is to significantly reduce administrative cost of managing a practice, including streamlining patient registration, patient medical history, insurance verification, drug search, health plan formularies, prescription services, powerful physicians customization for diagnoses and procedure codes, and easy accessibility to a patients Electronic Medical Records. Other services provided by WEBeDoctor® are as follows:

-State of the art Online Practice Management Software.
-Patient EMRs available online and accessed by the selected physician.
-Connectivity between a large numbers of physicians for referrals.
-Online Transcription with 800 Toll Free number or Digital Recorder.
-Online Claim Filing.
0Faster reimbursement with fewer rejections.
-Online status available on claims input by the biller.
-Free Email access to all members.
-Personal Homepage for physicians for WEBeDoctor’s members.
-Updated news, CME Information, and connectivity with medical journals & associations.
-Dynamic link between physician and all the other providers e.g. pharmacies, labs, radiology, and hospitals.

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