Medical Ventilators
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Medical Ventilators includes Ventilator testing equipment.




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Bio-Tek Instruments
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biotek.jpg (84136 bytes)Bio-Tek Instruments presents a comprehensive full color catalog of medical systems test equipment.   Bio-Tek Instruments has been dedicated to the development of biomedical test instrumentation for over 30 years. Clinical engineers around the world use Bio-Tek test equipment and software.  Bio-Tek introduces a new Equipment Management System designed to help manage the biomedical department.  Certifications include: ISO Certification, FDA compliance, CE Certification and Calibration traceable to the NIST.

VT-2 Ventilator Tester

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The adult/infant Ventilator Tester is the only device which accurately measures and documents the performance capabilities of one your potentially most dangerous medical devices.

        The Bio-Tek model VT-2 Ventilator Tester has variable compliances and resistances to simulate the spectrum of both adult and infant patient lung conditions. The present ANSI, ASTM, and ISO standards recommend that breathing machines be tested under these dynamic conditions. When attached to the VT-2, the ventilator is subject to the same load as would be present when attached to an actual patient. Volumes, flows, and pressures created by the ventilator are measured directly within the VT-2 lung models. Displayed results indicate what your patient will experience when attached to the ventilator. Any other method of testing is time consuming and risky guesswork.
        The VT-2 measures over 25 different parameters on a ventilator automatically. These include pressure, volume, flow, leak, and compliance measurements. Other features include volume, flow, and pressure waveforms on a large LCD, printout of results, and an RS232 interface with bi-directional computer control.
        The VT-2 compensates all measurements for relative humidity, barometric pressure, temperature, and gas compression; volume and flow readings can thus be displayed in the gas reference units (such as ATPD, ATPX, and BTPS) required in all calibration and performance procedures.

This is just one of the products offered by this company.  Click on the link below to visit their web site and view a full listing of products available.  Thank you.

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