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Belson/Hanwright Video, Inc.

Belson/Hanwright has been a leading producer of medical educational materials for home health professionals and family caregivers since 1988. Whether you wish to place an order for one of our award-winning productions, would like more information on the home healthcare industry, or have an exciting idea for a new production, our helpful staff looks forward to hearing from you.

We are proud to announce:

"The Home Health Care Intial Visit:
Key to OASIS Data Collection and PPS Success"

This comprehensive new video production explores all aspects of the home health nurse's initial visit, focusing on the OASIS elements to be considered during that visit. The video provides a reality-based opportunity for clinical staff review of OASIS assessment skills to achieve appropriate HHRG classification for accurate and maximum reimbursement under PPS. In addition, the video shows how the initial visit lays the foundation for care and services the patient receives and establishes the relationship between the patient and the agency. Details addressed include: correct completion of OASIS items, environmental evaluation, plan of care development, after-hours accessibility, emergency preparedness, handling complaints, patient/caregiver education, consent and financial forms, rights and responsibilities, advance directives, physical and psycho-social assessment.

This is just one of the products offered by this company.  Click on the link below to visit their web site and view a full listing of products.  Thank you.

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Food Safety First

handwashing1.jpg (19685 bytes)Do you need a way to get workers interested in food safety?
Do you need resources based on current food protection concepts?
Do you need resources that are realistic and appealing to workers?

Let us introduce the future in Food Handling training programs put together by a highly educated group from Drexel University. This brand new educational package is designed to be a "hands free" approach for you in training your employees about proper food handling. The Top Ten Causes of Foodborne Illness is based on research by Frank L. Bryan, a leader in the development of the HACCP model, and a former director of the Centers for Disease Control. A creative team with years of food service experience produced these unique, practical tapes.

"Food Safety First!" shows innovative, reality-based resources for
training kitchen workers in the fundamentals of food safety. These tapes
focus on the practical, behavioral aspects of food safety: how food
handlers can make food wholesome-or hazardous. You get 5 complete
programs that present short, stand-alone segments allowing you
maximum flexibility in when and how you train your workers and holding
your workers' attention. Because of its versatility, the program can be
used on a continuing basis for training and to correct long-term behavior.
The program is divided into five modules, each 10 minutes long, covering
the following topics:

The Top Ten Causes of Foodborne Illness
(Introduction and Overview)
You: The Food Surgeon (Personal Hygiene and
Mission Possible (Prevent Cross-contamination)
Fighting Invisibles (Cleaning and Sanitation)
If You've Got the Time, the Food's Got the Bugs
(Time and Temperature Abuse)

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In The Know LLC

In recent years latex allergy has become a serious problem for workers who come in contact with latex products in their daily environment and for certain predisposed patients. This newly recognized allergy has been called an "epidemic" by many in the
medical field. For every individual who knows of the allergy, many more are unaware. This is causing more people to become unnecessarily sensitized. Additionally, latex allergic patients require special medical precautions for safe treatment.

We want everyone to be "in the know". We offer the following services to assist you:

Educational Videotape
Consultation Services
Latex Protocol Development

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Leo Media
Click on image to enlarge

Leo Media is a multimedia company located in Urbana, Illinois, the home of the University of Illinois. We specialize in the design, development and marketing of media-based products and custom services, particularly in the areas of training, education, and information sharing. Our team possesses tremendous skills and experience in all phases of multimedia production and implementation.

Effectively getting your message across, whether it is for training, education, advertising, or marketing purposes, is key to the success of your organization. Leo Media does not believe in one solution to respond to all needs. If it's print media, CD-ROM software, intranet or internet applications, web pages, or videotapes, Leo Media has it all and can do it all.

Multimedia Training and Development

Leo Media specializes first and foremost in multimedia training and development. We can work with you to create training from scratch, take existing paper-based material and design effective multimedia training, or enhance existing training.

We utilize various design and development tools, whether it's for graphics design, instructional design, authoring, programming, testing, or packaging.

Our emphasis is on ensuring that the training and education we create is instructionally sound. We place importance in prudently utilizing "bells and whistles" to enhance education. We do not believe in flash over substance, though we understand the importance of aesthetic appeal. Learning is enhanced through effective stimuli, and our experience in balancing sound instruction with media helps to create the most effective training and education available today.

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Mammatech, Corp.
Click on image to enlarge

The only scientifically validated system
for teaching physical examination of the breast.

For years people believed that it was possible to learn the skill of breast examination by reading pamphlets or watching videos. If tactile skills could be acquired by visual or auditory means, then one could become a pianist by reading instructions or watching others perform. Because breast examination is also a tactile skill, it requires special training of the sense of touch. The Mammacare Method of Breast Examination is highly effective because MammaCareís tactually accurate breast models teach fingers what to feel for.

Our fingers must learn the feel of normal, nodular breast texture and of any changes such as lumps or tissue thickening that might require attention. MammaCare accomplishes this with the aid of a model that is so lifelike it has been used to calibrate mammography machines! After receiving MammaCare training and practicing your tactile skills on the MammaCare breast model, you will be able to perform a thorough and proficient breast examination. Unless you have been trained with this model
and had the opportunity to practice on it, you have not learned MammaCare and you will not be as skilled as you could be. 

Mammatech.jpg (10647 bytes)


A patented breast model that teaches your fingers to feel the difference
between normal nodularity (the natural lumpiness that every woman has) and
potentially harmful changes. 

A 45-minute video tape that teaches the skill of breast self-examination
through a series of carefully designed exercises, first with the
model and then on your own tissue. The tape is divided into convenient
sections so you can proceed at your own pace and review certain
portions as often as you wish. 

The videotape is available
in English, Japanese,
Korean, Mandarin
Chinese, and Spanish. 

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Premier Medical Group

OEHC services are designed to holistically approach 
the protection of the workforce, the environment, 
and the public through consulting, training, and program 
development. We anticipate the potential, and go 
beyond the obvious to exceed the clientís expectations.

Interactive Training Software

Occupational & Environmental Health Consultants, Inc 
library of interactive software is offered to employers as 
another tool to assist in protecting the health of the workforce, 
the public, and the environment while at the same time 
reduce liabilities/cost and meet regulatory compliance.

OEHC offers training & solution software for:

-Safety & Health Professionals
-Environmental Compliance Officers
-DOT Training
-Computer Software Training

The listed interactive software has been carefully reviewed 
by the OEHC graduate trained safety, health, environmental, 
and engineering professionals too ensure compliance and 
accuracy and to offer our clients the best in interactive curriculum 
design on the market. We are able to offer a wide variety 
of software at different price levels dependent upon the need 
of the clients.

OEHC also offers the ability to customize your software for your 
facility to include pictures, video, and specific procedures 
(SOPís, ISO 9000 etc..). All software products offer the latest 
in interactive technology to include:

-Networking capabilities
-Automated record keeping and testing
-The ability to customize the product

Sample Demos for up to 30 days with no obligation.

OVER 300 Separate Titles To choose From.

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