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Advanced Biosensor
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Advanced Biosensor, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of diagnostic monitoring products for General Practice, Internist, Cardiologist, and Hospitals worldwide. Our products include; Holter, Ambulatory Blood Pressure; Combination Holter/ABP; and Exercise Stress Testing equipment. We also carry a PC based Spirometry product. 

Our systems and products are based on years of research and development. We combine user friendliness with state-of-the-art technology to produce accurate results. Our experienced technicians streamline the diagnostic process making it more convenient, accurate, and affordable for our dealers and our customers. Advanced Biosensor's blend of high performance with attractive pricing results in an outstanding value for end users.

BioStress 2000

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Advanced Biosensor's compact BioStress 2000 is a software-driven, computer-based 12-lead resting ECG and Stress testing system. THe complete system includes the QRS-232 BioStress ECG Module, BioStress Computer workstation including an optional CRT touch-screen feature, BioStress Mobile workstation cart, and a superbly manufactured medical treadmill.

The software program is easy to use and facilitates real-time ECG viewing, permanent ECG storage and retrieval. Comprehensive ECG reports can be instantly printed on virtually any printer.

Software flexibility allows you to select desired Stress parameters and protocols, Chart speed, Gain and ST measurement points are also adjustable. Treadmill speed and elevation can be manually or automatically controlled. The informative main screen displays ST deviations, ST trends, Heart Rate and Blood Pressure along with real-time ECG. Data is easily visualized, thereby enhancing your ability to evaluate the patients' condition during Stress testing.

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DelMar Reynolds Medical

both stress test systems are available with treadmill or ergometercardiodirect12 s, stress testing systemcardiodirect12 s, stress testing system

CardioDirect12 S

Stress Test System
CardioDirect12-S is the stress testing system from Del Mar Reynolds Medical. Available as a turn-key system including treadmill or bicycle ergometer, PC, Cart, isolation transformer and a non-invasive BP option. It uses the same CardioDirect patient interface module that is used for resting ECG.

The system is also available using the CardioCollect as the patient interface module, allowing you to disconnect the CardioCollect from the stress test and use it in its mobile role as a hand held 12-lead ECG collection system.

CardioDirect12-S is seamlessly integrated with CardioNavigator, the Del Mar Reynolds Cardiology Information Management System enabling you to establish one central database for all your department's non-invasive procedures.

Treadmill or Bicycle Ergometer
CardioDirect12-S is available in either treadmill or bicycle ergomerter versions. It is compatible with most of the popular bicycle ergometers Ask your representative if your existing ergometer is compatible.

Integrated NIBP
Automatic NIBP measurement for treadmill use is available using the Tango NIBP unit. Bicycle ergometers with integrated automatic BP are available as standard.

Set your Own Testing Protocol
With CardioDirect12-S you can set the testing protocol you want, defining levels, end of test and alarm criteria, duration of stages and the patient workload. Treadmill and bicycle protocols are fully configurable.

12-Lead Full Disclosure available during the Test
CardioDirect12-S can show 3, 6 or 12 channel ECG display, or all 12 channels on the monitor. At any time you can pause the display and page backwards through the ECG to examine any arrhythmias that may occur. This full disclosure is available for all 12-leads, during the test, while the current ECG rhythm trace (single channel) and median QRS complex showing worst-case ST are displayed in real time.

Additional ECG strips can be printed at any time from the full disclosure on a laser printer, so there is no need to catch the arrhythmia before it goes off the screen in real time, and no need to invest in an expensive thermal printer. The cost savings in thermal paper alone are tremendous.

Integration with ECG Data Management
CardioDirect12-S produces a detailed report which is stored together will the results of all the other tests for that patient in the CardioNavigator data management system.

Multiple users can access Stress reports in CardioNavigator networked systems. : CardioNavigator

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Spacelabs / Burdick

Quest® Exercise Stress System





Spacelabs fully integrated exercise stress system, Quest, combines innovative touchscreen technology with leading-edge diagnostic capabilities. Combined with a 15" color monitor, users can control the system by just touching the screen to program or select specific functions. Quest even thinks ahead for the user with LogiStep™, highlighting the step usually taken next. No more searching for the right key, knob or toggle.


  • Programmable 3-, 4-, or 6-channel report formats
  • Touchscreen operation provides unmatched ease of use
  • 11 preprogrammed stress protocols
  • Program up to 30 custom protocols, including RAMP
  • Arrhythmia detection throughout the stress test
  • Baseline and current medianized beat and ST measurements available throughout the test
  • 8 user-selectable trend graphs are available for on-screen display or printout
  • Digital subtraction filter eliminates wandering baseline without effecting ST measurements
  • Software upgradable
  • Treadmill or ergometer operation

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Spacelabs / Burdick Treadmill

T600 Treadmill

Burdick T600 Treadmill




Streamlined design, "whisper quiet" operation. The T600 treadmill utilizes a brushless DC motor and direct drive technology – a unique system that operates on standard AC power. This results in smooth operation, remarkably low motor noise and unsurpassed performance.


  • 62" x 20" patient walking surface
  • Wide, non-slip sideboards
  • Easy-grip front railing
  • Optional emergency stop switch
  • Exercise stress testing or stand-alone rehabilitation operation with the optional Burdick TA620 controller

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Spacelabs Burdick Ergometer

Bicycle Ergometer

Bicycle Ergometer




The new Bicycle Ergometer utilizes an electromagnetic braking system which guarantees years of reliable service while providing whisper-quiet operation. The hyperbolic workload control provides consistent patient workload regardless of pedaling speed.


  • Flexible seat and handle-bar adjustment for optimal patient comfort
  • Digital and analog interfaces
  • Digital handle-bar mounted control unit offers fast and easy parameter changes
  • Easily interfaced to Burdick exercise stress systems

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