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Alco Sales and Service Co.
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In today's competitive market, it is really hard to know who to trust. There are companies that tell you they have the lowest prices, or they are the largest in their field, or can offer the fastest service--usually at a premium. However, ALCO can make the following promises and keep them:

1. Alco promises to earn your trust by providing superior service and products.
2. Alco promises to make your job easier by providing schematics or drawings to you to help you order the correct part.
3. Alco promises to treat every order, large or small, with your complete satisfaction in mind.


alco stethoscope.jpg (5484 bytes)

The most popular style of stethoscope on the market today, the MABIS Legacy Spraque Rappaport-Type Stethoscope, offers unlimited flexibility while maintaining outstanding acoustical qualities. The stethoscope includes five interchangeable chestpieces; three bells (adult, medium and infant) and two diaphragms (small and large) for custom user design, plus three different sized eartips for maximum comfort. The heavy-walled 22" vinyl tubing blocks out extraneous sounds. Overall stethoscope length is 30". Available in 16 popular colors and two packaging styles: Deluxe four-color box and slider pack.

MABIS Legacy Sprague Rappaport-Type Stethoscopes
-Buy 12, Get One Free!
-Outstanding acoustical quality
-Heavy walled 22" tubing
-Includes five-in-one accessory kit
-Two extra pair of soft ear tips

Click on the link below to visit this company's web site and view a full listing of stethoscopes available.  Thank you.

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Allen Medical Instruments Corp.
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AllenMedical_small.JPG (2488 bytes)Allen Medical Instruments features the Gemini Twin Channel Stethoscope.  Allen Medical Instruments has several cutting edge products backed with 34 years of stethoscope improvements.


New GEMINI E Digital Electronic Stethoscope

AllenGeni.jpg (28409 bytes)

Using the GEMINI E is simplicity itself.  Simple one button
power on with automatic shutoff after two minutes. The first position
gives maximum amplification, with additional pushes of the power
button selecting progressively lower amplitudes. The third position
is approximately equal to the level of a high performance tube 
stethoscope.  The GEMINI E chest piece is well known for its
ergonomic switching design allowing conventional use of a bell
for low frequency and a diaphragm for higher frequency. All parts
of the chest piece are non chill.

Basic: Users with average hearing can now auscultate with clarity
Hearing Aids: For the first time, without removing the hearing aid,
hearing impaired users can auscultate without removing hearing aid
by using a lightweight headphone set.
Teaching: May instruct up to four students simultaneously using the 
optional headphone driver box.
Second Auscultator: Another person (physician, student, nurse)
can easily be included in the auscultation by using a lightweight headset.

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Andromed, Inc.


The Androscope i-stethos is the next revolution in electronic auscultation. Plus, the ability to filter out ambient sounds, so healthcare professionals ó even those in noisy places like the ER ó could hear biological sounds clearly and accurately.

The upgrade to i-stethos enables the user to remotely auscultate cardiac and pulmonary sounds as well as connectivity to the i-stethos Teaching Module (iTM) so that multiple health care professionals can listen to biological sounds simultaneously. The Androscope i-stethos is even equipped with a link port to capture sounds and transfer signals to a PC or a PDA for storage and retrieval, so itís ideal for monitoring a patientís progress or sharing data with other Androscope i-stethos users.

Heart Rate Display     Link Port
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Doctors Research Group

Echoplus is the only conventional digital electronic stethoscope that can record and replay audio instantly. A patented stainless steel sound isolation chamber optimizes acoustics. A single finger activates the high fidelity audio, low noise digital processor. Three digital slow replay settings are available for your detailed analysis. 

The self-contained electronic processor offers filtering and extended battery life. Battery access is easy - just remove the diaphragm. 

This stethoscope is also available without the electronic processor. This model, the PureTone, still offers a conventional appearance and functionality but features improved acoustics with its patented stainless steel sound isolation chamber and non-allergenic tube. Both models are available with an antibacterial diaphragm. 


DRG introduces the stethoscope that allows you to measure blood pressure and
listen to the sounds of the lungs and heart more accurately than ever before. Its
conventional appearance and functionality looks and feels like an ordinary stethoscope.
The difference is inside. There is a non-allergenic tube where a patented, steel,
sound-separation coil optimizes acoustics, while reducing the ambient noise picked up during auscultation. All that you'll hear is the hard, crisp reflectivity of the sound. The stethoscope also features an antibacterial diaphragm to ensure health and safety. Minimize your chances of a misdiagnosis.

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DRG1.jpg (17791 bytes)DRG2.jpg (8561 bytes)DRG3.jpg (6356 bytes)DRG4.jpg (9372 bytes)

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Innovative Medical Supplies
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My name is Joseph A. Rybicki and I am the owner and operator of Innovative Medical Supplies. I am also a Registered Nurse and Anesthesia Provider. I have been in the healthcare profession for over 16 years, and have been in business for over 5 years. I carry all types of diagnostic equipment and I am able to offer them to you at 30% to 50% below manufacturer retail price. I understand the needs of Healthcare Professionals as well as the needs of your patients. I also understand your demand for quality products, and value at an affordable price.

Professional Cardiology Stethoscope

innovative medical.gif (18274 bytes)

The ADC 600 is comparable to the Littmann Master Cardiology, but outperforms it in every way. The stethoscope comes complete with 2 sets of soft eartips, 1 set of hard eartips, ID tag, and a spare diaphragm. The overall length is 28". This stethoscope comes in Black only.

This is just one of the products offered by this company.  Click on the link below to visit this company's web site and to view a full listing of products.

Nicolet Vascular
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Nicolet2.jpg (22429 bytes)

  Welcome to the Nicolet Vascular web
site. Nicolet Vascular (Formerly Imex
Medical Systems) is a major provider of
medical Doppler ultrasound products. We
offer a complete line of "pocket" and
desktop Dopplers, total physiologic testing
systems, and Transcranial Doppler
systems. Imex is a division of Nicolet
Vascular Inc. Nicolet Vascular is a wholly
owned subsidiary of Nicolet Biomedical.
Nicolet Biomedical is a Thermo Electron


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