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Blickman Health Industries, Inc.
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Blickman Health Industries, Inc. presents quality crafted stainless steel and chrome equipment which provides for the storage, transport and utility of instruments and equipment used in the healthcare industry. Product lines

- Bassinets- stainless steel Built- in and Freestanding 
  Cabinets in stainless steel 
- Warming Cabinets- stainless steel ( for warming blankets and saline) 
- Case Carts- all stainless steel
- Exam Lamps- chrome
- Material Handling Carts- stainless or chrome
- Hampers- stainless or chrome
- Receptacles- Waste, Kick buckets
- Scrub Sinks- all stainless steel
- IV and Mayo Stands- stainless or chrome
- Solution Stands- stainless only
- Foot Stools- stainless or chrome
- Adjustable Stools- includes revolving and 
  pneumatic stools in chrome
- Revolving Stools- stainless
- Utility Tables- with and without drawers
- Stainless Steel Utensils
- Non-Magnetic Equipment
- Privacy Screens
- Overbed Table

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GST Corp.
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GST CORPORATION was set up a Proprietary concern in the year 1959 dealing with scientific & medical/surgical equipments. Manufacturing activities started since 1982 with the sole intention of serving the hospitals/ clinics, scientific and educational institutions with high quality and standard and hygenic scientific and medical/ surgical equipments. This dynamic company is associated with medical/scientific industries for the last four decades.
A vibrant work culture was implemented with brilliant accumen to articulate the scientific and medical ideology conceived, by the setting up of GST Corporation.
To adhere to quality norms, the Company uses the best quality of raw-materials/semi-finished products for manufacturer/assembling of the products, with supervision of highly professional personnel talent, keeping eye to the 21st Century demands besides maintaining state-of-art technology and highest level of quality management.
The Company is manufacturing a wide range scientific equipments like Slotted Weights, Pendulum, Bunson Burner, Retort Stands, Barguage, Burner Base, amd medical/surgical equipments such as Laryngoscopes, Air Cushion, Killy Douch Pads, ICE Bags, Breast Pumps, Asepto/infant Syringe, Dissecting set, B.P. Bulb, ECG  Elcetrode D & C Set and Bed pans.
The Company maintains a high quality vendor profile for sourcing products for export of a number of items with strict quality control/inspection, such as Suture Needles, Stethoscope, Mircoscope, Resuscitator Bags, Auto Claves, Suction Apparatus, Vacuum Extractor etc.. After achieving specialization it contemplates for future with custom built products to meet the requirements of Hospital/Laboratory/Educational Institutions.

Jars (Dressing, Forcep & Thermometer

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This is just one of the types of Stainless Steel products offered by this company.  Click on the link below to visit their web site and view a full listing of products.  Thank you.

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Lakeside / DSI International

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Product Description
Ideal for moderate weight loads and all-purpose back-of-the-house duties as well as constant use over various standard floor surfaces. Tubular frame incorporates handles with U-frame construction for structural strength. 20 gauge stainless steel shelves have reinforced edges for heavy loads. Easy to clean and sanitize, simply steam clean or wipe down. NSF listed.

Product Specification
20 gauge stainless steel shelves: UPS-NO: Over all Size: 20 W 30"L 35 3/4H: 400lb.capacity: 4" swivel casters.

This is only one of many products available to you.  Visit our site or use the request form at the bottom of this page for more information.

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