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Hutchins and Hutchins, Inc.

Hutchins and Hutchins, Inc. is a master distributor offering Healthcare products throughout the USA and abroad. We offer Hospital Cleaner Disinfectant with Bleach, Hospital Foam Cleaner Disinfectant,one-step cleaning and disinfecting for any surface, Hospital Germicidal Deodorizer, ready to use kits for safe removal of infectious Body Fluidds, Bio-Hazard Spill Kits and Antibacterial Hot/Cold Gel Packs used for therapeutic relief for pain due to injury or swelling and a perfest solution for shipping temperature sensitive products such as Food,Blood Specimens, Medications,
Pharmaceuticals and Biologicals.

Bio-Hazard Spill Kits

All-Inclusive, Ready-to-Use Kits With Everything Needed for 
Safe Removal of Infectious Body Fluids*
*Blood, vomit or any other potentially infectious human waste product

-Each kit contains everything needed for safe handling of infectious spills and meets OSHA, NCCLS & CDC standards for Bloodborne Pathogen Protection.
-Multiple Uses for emergencies anywhere - ambulance service, physician office, school, health and sports facilities.
-Each kit includes one small size of either DISPATCH® or PRECISE® QTB Hospital Cleaner Disinfectant. Also included are disposable non-latex gloves, paperboard spatula, absorbent powder and towel. AlcoWIPE Antimicrobial Hand Wipe and biohazard 
bag and ties. Recommend to save time and simplify procedure writing of OSHA procedures.

This is just one of the products offered by this company.  Click on the link below to visit this company's web site and view a full list of products.  Thank you.

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Omni / ajax
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omniajax.jpg (77531 bytes)OMNI is a leading manufacturer of spill control products for the hazardous and biohazardous waste clean-up markets. Our patented line of cementatious powders are designed to meet the OSHA and EPA regulatory compliance and for the chemical treatment and true solidification, not simple absorption or gelling, of body fluids, infectious wastes, and all forms of aldehydes.
In addition, OMNI has a unique amalgamation powder that has magnetic properties, for the added simplicity in cleaning mercury bearing wastes. Once the powders are melded, reduction of the dangerous fumes has been reduced, and to easily collect using a simple magnetic tool.

BioSet (shown here) Is a combination of chemicals that cementatiously solidify body fluids such as blood serum, vomitus, etc. It is packed in a 16 oz. shaker top plastic bottle that allows complete control of flow.  Simply shake on powder until spill is dry in appearance. All free water is chemically bound NOT just gelled as in many competitive products. The final reaction product is a dry semi-loose powder in appearance. BioSet treated body fluids should be disposed of as Medical Waste.  BioSet is available in a 16 oz. Shaker Bottle or in 30 Lb. bags for industrial use.  BioSet meets the OSHA Blood and Body Fluids Standard (29CFR Part 1910.1030)
(This product is for solidification and containment)

BioSet represents CDC (Center for Disease Control) recommended technology.


FormaSet is a combination of ingredients that react with Formaldehyde and other aldehydes to suppress vaporization initially and to turn the aldehyde into a polymeric form that no longer releases vapor. Formaldehyde vapor is a health hazard and a suspected carcinogen. Spill should be cleaned up immediately! Dust on FormaSet until spill appears dry. Cover after FormaSet addition with vapor barrier sheets.  Allow sheet to remain in place for a minimum of one hour. If any Formaldehyde odor is present, add more FormaSet and recover. After complete FormaSet reaction, the resultant product is no longer hazardous. If
resultant reacted product is still liquid, it maybe thickened by the addition of SorbaSet S powder until dry in appearance.
FormaSet is available in 16 oz. Shaker top laboratory bottles and 30# bulk bags. Keep tightly sealed to prevent moisture absorption.


NOTE:For maximum effectiveness in cases of dried residue, BioSet powder will need added water to react cementatious powders. Use sprayer bottle to apply.

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