Skin Resurfacing
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Skin Resurfacing includes products used in the skin resurfacing process.




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NewApeel Skin Care
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The NewApeel™ System: A Better Way

DiamondTone™ Wands are Safe * Clean * Precise * Effective

The NewApeel™ microdermabrader and DiamondTone™ Wand system pioneered and manufactured only by Altair Instruments produces superior skin rejuvenation. This innovative skin care technology offers a clean, controlled procedure - a better way to healthier skin.

-Exfoliation occurs only as the wand is drawn across the skin.
-No loose crystals or other abrasives that contaminate you or your environment.
-Even at its highest settings, NewApeel ™ is regarded as gentler than other skin care systems.
-Achieve skin rejuvenation without the adverse effects of loose particles, burning, irritation, and skin reactions.
-The precise diamond wand chip size and vacuum settings assure the appropriate amount of abrasion that will produce uniform results. 


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