Sharps Containers
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Sharps Container

Sharps containers are used for the proper disposal of needles and syringes which are used both by the medical profession and the home insulin user.

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Biomed Recovery and Disposal Ltd.

Our range of SHARPS CONTAINERS conform to the current and proposed CSA specifications and standards.  All sharps containers are yellow colored for high visibility and are labeled with the red Biohazard symbol to provide accurate identification throughout all facility areas.  A variety of different types of lids are available for different uses.  Their rugged construction makes these containers highly durable and puncture resistant.  All products are manufactured in Canada using a percentage of recycled material.  Plastic material used in the construction is safe for incineration and leaves only CO2 and water when burned. 

This company has a variety of sizes of sharp containers
as well as other medical waste disposable products.

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