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21st Century Medical

21stmed_1525.htm (12473 bytes)Medical Scales

By Health o meter®.

Rugged, chrome-plated zinc die cast beam with
engraved, paint-filled, easy-to-read graduations.
Simple in-field recalibration. Steel base with
DURA-TOP cover eliminates peeling. Durable
baked enamel. Weight capacity: 350 lbs. 5-year
manufacturers warranty.

Shown here is only one of many scales available from
21st Century Medical


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Alco Sales and Service Co.
Click on image to enlarge

In today's competitive market, it is really hard to know who to trust. There are companies that tell you they have the lowest prices, or they are the largest in their field, or can offer the fastest service--usually at a premium. However, ALCO can make the following promises and keep them:

1. Alco promises to earn your trust by providing superior service and products.
2. Alco promises to make your job easier by providing schematics or drawings to you to help you order the correct part.
3. Alco promises to treat every order, large or small, with your complete satisfaction in mind.


alco scale.jpg (5558 bytes)

These Lightweight Waist-High Scales are light but rugged and highly portable. Each has easy-to-read weight indicators and slip-resistant bases (with removable covers.)
Dial model capacity 300 lb. x 1 lb.

Click on the link below to visit this company's web site and view a full listing of scales available.  Thank you.

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Algen Scale Corp.
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    Serving our valued customers since 1984. We design custom systems for Batching, Filling, Inventory control, data collection, special software.  Algen tests and calibrates all weighing equipment with certified weights traceable to the National Bureau of Standards.
    Algen Scale Corp. serves all of Long Island, NY, New York City and all areas within 80 mile vicinity of New York City. We can arrange service in other areas of the U.S. with affiliated company's. All our products carry a minimum of one year warranty. 5 Year extended warranty available with service contract.

Model 6495

algen.jpg (33110 bytes)

Designed specifically for the wheelchair bound patient, these scales feature floor-hugging non-skid ramps. The Model 6495 digital scale offers the speed and accuracy of electronic weighing with the dispaly selectable in either pounds or kilograms. 

Ideal for the Physician's Office, Ambulatory Care Centers, Skilled Nursing and Health Related Facilities, and Group Practice Centers. The Wheelchair scale ensures that the patient remains safe in their chair and this simple procedure remains simple while protecting health care personnel and patient from potential injury. The right wheelchair scale can also protect your practice from liability claims!

This is just one type of medical scale offered by this company.  Click on the link below to visit their web site and view a full listing of products.  Thank you.

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  • Choice of 4 capacities: 120g, 200g, 300g and 500g
  • 3 weighing units, including: gram, metric carat and troy ounce
  • Easy access, draft shield included
  • Specific gravity measurement possible
  • Built-in RS-232 universal two-way serial interface
  • Two modes for the parallel data output: timing output and indefinite timing output
  • Weighing can be automatically calibrated
  • Integration time can be adjusted and sensitivity can be selected
  • Three year warranty

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Click on image to enlarge

Every Scale-Tronix weighing system has been designed with the
input of clinicians to provide the needed ease of use, maximum patient comfort and safety, along with the highest degree of accuracy and repeatability. Responding to the need for higher capacities and ease of use, the latest generation of scales from Scale-Tronix boast numerous unique features. Many of our scales have been designed to operate on standard disposable flashlight batteries. This eliminates the need for recharging and the disposal problems associated with ni-cad batteries. 

Scale-Tronix is the only scale company providing a full line 
of scales with ISO-9001 certification.

ScaleTronix.jpg (21180 bytes)
Scale-Tronix 4002 is the only state-of-the-art infant scale designed
to fit all popular incubators and radiant warmers. The 4002
employs a new computer-enhanced digital readout that displays
step-by-step instructions. The scale cycles automatically through
the weighing process, leaving the nurse free to attend to the patient. Current weight, previous weight and time lapse since last weighing are all displayed automatically. Shortly after completion of weighing, current weight is stored in memory as previous weight.
The 4002 can be custom-programmed on site to offer an
alphanumeric display in English, Spanish, French or German as well
as accuracy of 1 gram, 5 grams or 10 grams. The program can be
altered to provide only those options you wish, and in the sequence
you favor.

Another exclusive feature allows reweighing without disturbing the
infant. The advanced digital readout also includes a screen-saver
display. An optional RS 232 data port allows connection to a
computer, remote printer or central station.

Our unique 1" high, open weighing frame allows x-rays to be taken
without moving the scale or patient. And we’ve designed a
shock-absorbing system into the unit to prevent jolts and excessive
weight from affecting accuracy and reliability.

This is only one of many quality scales we manufacturer.
Please visit our web site by clicking on the link below
or use the handy request form at the bottom of this
page for more information.


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Since developing the world's first pharmaceutical balance in 1871, Sartorius has been the world's leading innovator in products for the determination of weight, mass, moisture, quantity, and density. Since partnering with Sartorius in 1987 Data Weighing Systems has sold, serviced and rented thousands of Sartorius scales and balances.

METTLER TOLEDO analytical balances stand for the highest resolution and measuring quality, as well as for flexible, user-friendly and ergonomically optimized operation.

Balance Depot

Balance Depot is your one stop shop for scales and balances on the Internet. We are a key distributor for most major brands, which allows us to offer you the lowest prices possible. Below is just a sample of the quality products we offer for sale online.

Science Kit & Boreal Laboratories
Ohaus Scales
Each weighs in grams or pounds/ounces and features full-tare, a large high contrast display, low battery indicator, overload and under load indicator, auto-shutoff, tactile feedback keypad, and rugged plastic construction. Ease of operation and great performance make these Compact Scales a truly remarkable value. All models operate on 3AA batteries (included) or an AC adapter.

Analytical Balances Balances
High Precision Measuring for laboratory applications requiring 0.1 milligram to 10 micrograms readability.  Perfect for university, pharmaceutical, and high precision manufacturing applications.  We offer A&D, Adamlab, Ohaus, Sartorius and Scientech at deep discount prices. 

When you need high precision measurements required to make work in your laboratory or manufacturing operation faster, easier and more reliable, Cole-Parmer offers a wide selection of analytical balances. Analytical balance models are available from Sartorius, A&D, Ohaus and others.
Postal Scales, Bench Scales, Bathroom Scales, Counting Scales, Crane Scales, Digital Scales, Balances, Food Processing Scales, Handheld Scales, Industrial Scales, Laboratory Scales, Medical Scales, Money Counting Scales, Portable Scales, Platform Scales, Shipping Scales, Doctor Scales and many more scales and balances


Used Analytical Balances

Meidian Scale and Balance
Discount pricing. Large selection. Quality service.

Science Projects
Analytical balances. Discount prices. More than 30 styles

Lab Depot
Our feature – rich Analytical Balances will meet the most demanding accuracy requirements. These balances feature high speed weighing with better than average response time and multiple weighing modes. A perfect choice for users who demand high performance in a dependable, easy-to-use line of Analytical Balances


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