Rescue Blankets
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Rescue Blankets




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Rapid Intervention.Com
RIT Rescue Blanket/Stretcher

Safety Central
This 54" x80" disposable emergency blanket is inexpensive yet strong

Doctor Down
The RESCUE WRAP is a innovative all-weather emergency wrap designed for medical transports. This patented system was designed in conjunction with a variety of air and ground ambulances to specifically address the challenges of providing patient comfort, easy and unlimited access to the patient; environment protection for the patient, durability and versatility.

FSI North America
Fire Rescue Blankets

Omark Safety
Fire rescue Blanket

Wilderness Medical Associates Gear
Mylar Disposable Rescue Blanket

Fire Rescue Outfitters
The HOTSTOP RIT Rescue Blanket is designed to assist in the rescue and removal of downed firefighters

Senior Shops
This "Space" type first-aid blanket is used by Ambulance, Police and Fire units that must work outdoors in all types of weather.
A disposable product which provides high insulation in a very small package. Made from the original Blizzard material, it is aimed primarily at rescue teams and medical services, enabling injured casualties to be instantly warmed and protected, yet providing the access needed to monitor a casualty's condition. Made extra-wide to wrap around a casualty.