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Medigroup, Inc.
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Medigroup, Inc. is a developer, manufacturer, and marketer of proprietary medical devices. Founded in October, 1979, the company offers dialysis products, including the proprietary  Y-TEC[R] minimally invasive catheter placement procedure and related disposables. Products are marketed through normal channels, including direct and specialty stocking distributors. The company occupies an FDA registered, 20,000 square foot facility including a class 10,000 clean room, located in a suburban industrial park in Aurora, Illinois. The company has several new products in R&D with considerable upside potential.

The only catheter designed to allow you to choose the exit site direction for your patient!
Fastest flow rates
Caudally directed exit sites
Best value in peritoneal catheters

Designed to Meet Specifics Outlined by Dialysis Leaders

Made of a special silicone with superior flexibility for variable exit-site choice   Same outside diameter (5.0 mm) as standard peritoneal dialysis catheters with a larger inside diameter (3.5 mm) for faster inflow and outflow than standard diameter catheters  Four straight rows of alternating diameter holes (.75 mm to 1.1 mm) assure consistent, quality flow rates  Rectus cuff size 7 mm (adult) and 5 mm (pediatric) means that the cuff can be totally encapsulated within the rectus
muscle for better anchoring Uniform radiopaque stripe for accurate placement 20% to 25% more distal holes for faster flow rates 1-3/4 turns per coil vs. 1-1/2 turns per coil for increased
patient comfort

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