Pulse Oximetry
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Pulse Oximetry

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Generra Medical, Inc.
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Generra Medical, Incorporated, located in Clearwater, Florida, was established in 1989 for the purpose of manufacturing and globally distributing medical equipment. Generra has recognized and addressed the needs of the steadily changing healthcare environment by providing a diverse product-line. Generra's innovative utilization of core technologies provided by affiliated companies has resulted in International acceptance of its products. The company's success is an outcome of efficient high volume production and excellent customer service. Generra's motto, Nothing is Permanent Except Change, illustrates the company's focus on flexibility and inventiveness in meeting the constantly changing demands of its customers.

Generra Cardiotron

generra1.jpg (11293 bytes)

Adult * Pediatric * Neonatal
ECG * Respiration * SpO2

A Light Weight in Portability, But A Heavy Weight in Durability Plus . . .
Serial Autocorrelation Technology (SAC™)
-Selectable 3 or 5 Lead ECG
-Pacemaker Detection
-Artifact Rejection Software
-Impedance Respiration
-Serial Interface
-Bright, 2 Channel EL Display
-Optional Strip Chart Recorder

Generra's Latest Alternative in Affordable Monitoring 
For the New Millenium.

This is just one of the products offered by this company.  Click on the link below to visit this company's web site and a full list of products.  Thank you.

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Medical Cables
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Medical Cables will exceed our customers expectations in repair
services, products and customer service.

SpO2 Probes

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-Clip constructed of high impact plastic 
-Superior strain reliefs extend cable life 
-Strong double shielded cable 
-Full 1 Year Warranty


-Design of finger clip automatically adjusts to fit any finger 
-Soft, easy to clean silicone finger pads 
-Easy placement for fast accurate readings 


-Meet original manufacturers' specifications 
-Tested and Proven Accurate 
-Wide range of probes available

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The 8500 is an extremely reliable portable pulse oximeter, requiring no periodic maintenance or calibration.


  • Simple-to-Use - Bright LED displays,
  • Reliable - Proven Nonin pulse oximetry technology and accuracy
  • Efficient - 100 hours of typical battery life
  • Flexible - Numerous documentation options
  • Compatible - An array of Nonin sensors can be used to conveniently monitor neonates, infants, children and adults

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QRS Diagnostic
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    QRS Diagnostic, LLC is a privately held development and manufacturing company in the healthcare industry.
    QRS has expanded this line of spirometers, the MedicAIR line, to be some of the most advanced, yet cost-effective solutions for pulmonary function screening in the world.
    QRS Diagnostic continued to be on the cutting edge of medical technology when in November of 1998 the Company unveiled the SpiroCard, the world's first PC card spirometer.  And in March of 2000 QRS released the next generation of software for the SpiroCard.  Office Medic software, designed to help you get the most from your SpiroCard.


qrs1.jpg (22512 bytes)

Consider for a moment owning a device that not only measures how well your patient is breathing, but also how well the oxygen that they are getting is being utilized by their body. Now imagine that this device was attractively priced and easy to use.

The SpirOxCard®, a type II PCMCIA card for your computer that will allow you to not only perform spirometry tests, but will also do pulse oximetry.

The SpirOxCard is a full-fledged spirometer capable of pre and post bronchodilator studies and measurements of FVC, MVV and SVC tests. And using our patented, cost effective disposable pneumotach system, cleanup is a snap. Just use the mouthpiece and toss it, no costly cleanup, and no hassles.

These features alone have proven to be very popular with our customers as our SpiroCard® system has confirmed. Now add pulse oximetry in the same device. Just plug the data cable into the card and attach the finger clip to your patient and you're ready to both spot check and record a patient's pulse and %SpO2. You now have a powerful adjunct to your spirometry testing data, pulse oximetry data!

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