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Healthplus Network of Providers
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Qdrug, a Division of the HealthPlus Network, located in Norfolk, Virginia was developed to give individuals and families an alternative savings plan when no drug coverage is available. 

With our Nationwide Network of Providers
(all major chains plus thousands of independents) we can help you with quality savings on name brand and generic drugs and never leave the Pharmacy you have come to trust.

Because we are not an Insurance Company,
you can use these savings even when you have no coverage, Pre-existing Conditions or high Deductibles and there is no limit on its use.  Use Qdrug to limit your out of pocket expenses when visiting your Pharmacy.

Save up to 60% on all your Medications
Save up to 30% on brand and 60% on Generic medications at your pharmacy.

Pre-Existing Conditions Accepted:
Once you join, no matter what condition you have, your medication is allowed under our plan. 

No Waiting Periods:
From the day you enroll you are able to use these benefits.

No Restriction:
Once you are a card holder, you are never turned down for any reason. 

No Deductibles:
As a Member, there are No Deductibles or minimums to meet before benefits can be used. 

No Limits On Use of Benefits:
From the day you enroll there is unlimited usage with no limit on the amount  you can save. 

No Prior Authorization Required:
Once enrolled, you will never have to get approval on any drug or eye wear service as a member.

No Age Limits:
No matter what age you or your children are, the coverage never runs out .   


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Prescription Discounts



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