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ABSolute Business Software, Inc.

ABSolute Business Software, Inc., Medical Online: Medical Software for
Clinics, Medical Services, and Billing Services! 

ABS., Inc. Medical Online is one of the leading medical billing software
companies. We supply and design medical software for medical practices,
billing services, and the health care industries. With our electronic
claims processing software almost ALL medical software packages can be used
to submit claims electronically. All of our products are designed to help
medical practices and billing services increase productivity, reduce
account receivables, and increase cash flow. 

Our featured product is Medical ProClaim! an original, powerful, yet
easy-to-use medical billing software, claim processing, and office practice
management software package. Medical ProClaim is one of the leading medical
billing software packages on the market TODAY.

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HIPAA Privacy & Compliance made simple. ArticSoft products protect patient records, health information, or any type of file, folder, document, disk, email or instant message to the strength needed to comply with the HIPAA privacy rule.

Our low cost, Government strength, easy to use, encryption & digital signature products use the strongest available industry standards to ensure the integrity, accountability and privacy of your healthcare information.  

Store or send confidential information with the knowledge that only authorized business associates can view it.  Securely delete information to US Government DOD standards so that it cannot be recovered.  Verify who sent you information and know whether it has been tampered with.  Plus secure audit trails, key management, token authentication and much more.  Be up and running in less than 5 minutes from only $39.

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BioEx Systems Exercise Pro
Click on image to enlarge

BioEx.jpg (24632 bytes)

Exercise Pro is our most sophisticated software database of contemporary therapeutic exercises available to assist health professionals in creating Rehabilitation Home Exercise Programs and informational handouts as well as Fitness Programs.

For use by Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Rehabilitation Therapists,
Orthopedic Physicians, Chiropractors, Athletic Trainers, Fitness Centers, or other
professionals that utilize exercise in their work.

Throw away the cards and stop paying highly paid professionals to draw stick figures or waste their time at the copy machine. Now you can produce home exercise programs and other education handouts in less than a minute with the power of the computer.

Increases Revenue via Rehabilitation Exercise.
Increases Productivity of Staff.
Promotes Creativity in Exercise Programs
Saves Time and Money.
Portrays and Enhances a Professional Image.
Improves Compliance.
Improves Understanding and Follow Through of Exercises
Allows Access of Data and Reporting for Outcome Studies.

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CCA Medical

CCA Medical offers Practice Management andElectronic Medical Records Software.   We combine 20 years experience in the Medical Software Industry with the latest technology to create cutting-edge products for the next 20 years. Our Practice Management application and fully integrated Electronic Patient Records application have been created with ease of use and productivity in mind.

-Enterprise-wide scheduling
-Express registration for new patients
-Automatic alert messages for collections, dismissal, plan benefits and eligibility
-Generate appointment reminders to reduce no-shows
-Security by physician, location and group
-Appointment duration can vary by physician
-Multiple resource scheduling
-User-definable appointment slots per time period
-Wait list and recall

Patient Administration/Check-in
-Quick and easy entry of patient data
-Visit-centric with unlimited insurance plans
-Automatic eligibility verification for managed care plans and demographic   information
-Multiple provider view
-Multiple day view
-Duplicate verification on patient entry
-Color codes for under/over booked times on book
-Automatic alerts for collections, recalls and eligibility
-Displays account balance on registration screen
-Scan image of insurance cards, driver's license or bad checks
-Notes attached to patient, account or collections with actions if desired
-Screen tiling

-Automatic calculation of co-pays and adjustments by plan, physician and procedure
-Integration between check-out and electronic medical record clinical data
-Lookup windows for CPT, ICD-9 and provider codes
-Detailed end-of-day journals

-Electronic claims processing (direct and clearing house)
-Statement generation with multiple selection criteria for processing
-Automatic generation of secondary claims
-Payments and adjustments to individual visits

-Automated collections process for private pay and insurance responsibility
-Comprehensive collection module for inside and outside collection activity
-Prioritization of accounts in collections by age and collection balance
-Automatic generation of collection letters
-Tickler system for phone calls
-Automatic write-off of collection balance
-Provides assignment data for collection agencies

-Multiple parameter driven reports designed in the system
-Relational database technology allows quick query data retrieval

Managed Care
-Referral tracking in and out of network
-Fully integrated referral management for scheduling, check-out and registration
-Tracking of PMPM dollars
-Trends and analysis

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Fox Meadows Software, Ltd.

Incorporated in May, 1994, Fox Meadows Software, Limited, provides medical management software for practice and clinical management needs. Our robust management software allows your medical office to run smoothly, integrating many functions including insurance billing, patient scheduling, charting, and many other features you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about while visiting our web site. We’re here to meet your medical office software needs, and we hope you’ll take this opportunity to learn how we can help your medical or clinical practice utilize software to keep your practice running smoothly.  Physicians, nurses and medical office staff will find the medical records captured and the accessibility of this information invaluable for patient care today and in the future.  We serve all medical healthcare specialties.  

-Windows 95, 98, and NT 
-Imaging and Retrieval: Photos, Scanning, Documents, etc . . . through Microsoft products 
-Document Management to Provide Informative Cross Reference of Word Processing -Documents using Microsoft WORD
-Voice Recognition Ready
-Insurance Coverage
-Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, Worker's Comp. and Auto Accident Insurance
-Supports Effective and Expiration Date Logic. Tracking of effective and expiration dates for policies. 
-Supports all Medicare, Medicaid and Tricare Regulations
-Pop Up Recall and Appointment Scheduler 
-Unlimited Physicians, Offices and Rooms
-Unlimited Fee Schedules
-Medicare, Medicaid, Standard, etc. Provide latest Medicare charge and allowed amounts.
-A/R Management Module that is Revolutionary in Account Problem Resolution
-Retrieve Management Reports for Insurance Carrier Rate Analysis, Zip Code Analysis, -Capitation Reviews, Procedure and Diagnostic Analysis, etc.
-Capture Medical Records 
-Chart Notes, Medication, Immunization, Vital Signs, Allergies, Reactions, Diagnostic  Tracking, Encounter Forms
-Generate Electronic Data Interchange for Claims, Statements, Laboratory
-Disburse Insurance Remittance Payments Based Upon Insurance Type
-Electronic Diary Notes for Patient Action, Account, Patient, Charge and Payment Notes
-Procedure Code Cases (Grouped) for Simplified Data Entry
-Open Item Accounting
-No More Balance Forwards
-Look up Account and Patient Names
-Exact Name, Name Contains, Phonetic Search, SSN, Birthdate, and Address and more
-Create Point of Service Statement (Super Bill)
-View On-Screen Accounts Receivable Balances
-Practice, Physicians, Accounts
-Comprehensive Payment Screen for Specific Charges
-Tracks Referring Physicians, Providers, Nurse Practitioners and PAs.
-Create Treatment Plans for Pre-Approvals
-Pop Up Help Windows for Data Entry Assistance and Ease in Learning
-Security and Password Protection by User and Function
-Relational Database Design

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Infectious Diseases Medical System

As is well known to medical practitioners, HIV/AIDS patients are treated by a variety of physicians and infectious disease specialists generally within a clinical environment using the patient's medical folder as the "catch all" for the patient's initial and current health history, medications and treatments that have been applied to-date. This folder may contain hundreds of pieces of paper, including the Doctor's SOAP (Subjective, Objective, Analysis, and Plan) notes, and lab and diagnostic tests, which are often commingled with patient appointment information and financial data. Considering that the average patient visit may last only 20 minutes for the review of the patient's history, physical evaluation, diagnosis, and recommended treatment plan, the ability to quickly review this patient data at a glance is absolutely essential for the correct diagnosis and treatment of the patient.

Due to the difficulty of finding critical patient data, expensive orders for lab and diagnostic tests are often duplicated, causing unnecessary confusion and expense. T-Cell Tracker was developed specifically to provide a method for entering patient data for HIV-Positive and AIDS patients into a feature-rich but simple to use computer system.

The system is managed from a unique Master Choices Menu which NEVER LEAVES YOUR VIEW. There are no annoying pull-down menus or hidden features which are difficult to find, at best. All features are always available from the Master Choices Menu, simply by clicking on the desired feature.

Master Choices Menu

Once patient data is entered, it can be displayed in both graphic form, as in the case of viral load and RNA log values, and in the form of a Patient Medical Record, in order to display all patient-related data. The system provides the ability to capture every conceivable type of patient data which may be desired by clinics and hospitals. Thousands of hours of painstaking work have gone into the design of the system such that a medical practitioner with only the most minimal computer knowledge can be extremely comfortable working with this system within a few hours. No feature is more than four mouse clicks away. The system will work with a very minimal set of basic data, but then the power of the system is then not being utilized to its fullest capability.

Using the "Find Any Data" feature, your staff can fill in group data status reports that are required by supervisory agencies, such as the CDC, JCAHO, and the Department of Health. Where before it might take days to complete these reports, it will now take only a matter of minutes to have T-Cell Tracker quickly tell you how many patients you have in total, how many active patients are taking AZT, and any other combination of statistical data you may desire.

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InfiMed, Inc.
Click on image to enlarge

InfiMed: History of Vision in Imaging

DICOM Cardiac Viewer Personal PC Software Solution 

infimed.jpg (30296 bytes)

Bring full DICOM Cardiac Review to ANY Pentium home, 
office or even a laptop!

-Reads DICOM CD-Rs from any manufacturer
-WindowsTM 95/98 and NT 4.0
-Image processing includes: edge enhancement, brightness/contrast zoom and more
-Copy single frames .bmp images for export (PowerPoint, etc.)
-Print still frames to any Windows printer
-FREE 3-day trial
-Credit card purchase on-line from or traditional purchase procedures
-Can be upgraded to CV1000 for increased productivity and connectivity

Instantaneous DICOM Acquisition / Conversion

infimed2.jpg (10348 bytes)

Converting your existing Cardiac Cath Labs to filmless is now effortless with the new technology of the CWS from InfiMed Cardiovascular Solutions.

With a simple one cable connection, the CWS delivers instantaneous, real-time ACC/NEMA DICOM 3.0 output from any existing cardiac 1024 high-resolution video signal.

Once converted, patient images may be written to CD-R media for DICOM patient interchange and sent to a network for permanent archive.

In addition, the CWS provides DICOM image review including multi-modality imaging to support diagnosis and therapy of cardiovascular patients. MR, CT, Nuclear, Ultrasound and CR imaging may be compared to cath lab cardiac and peripheral vascular angiography to enhance clinical analysis and save physician time. Images may be formatted for multi-modality display and printing on laser cameras and hardcopy printers.

The CWS is compatible with standard network technology and is conformant to DICOM standards.

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Insight Management, Inc.
Click on image to enlarge

For over a decade, Insight has been successfully providing hundreds of nationwide clients with computer software, support and consulting. Our solutions are ideal for almost any healthcare environment.

The Mammography Patient Manager

Insight's Mammography Patient Manager (MPM) is a total patient management solution to help breast centers meet FDA/MQSA accreditation requirements and improve patient tracking, follow-up, communications and quality assurance auditing.

Whether your practice is hospital based, free standing or mobile, MPM is an affordable, "management friendly" system.  Our program is designed to compliment your current workflow and maximize efficiency.  MPM does not require radiologists to spend time in front of a computer or filling out long handwritten forms.

The Mammography Patient Manager helps build better relations with referring physicians and patients, improves quality assurance and provides an added level of protection against legal liability.

This is just one of the products offered by this company.  Click on the link below to visit their web site and view a full listing of products available.  Thank you.

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Lightning Bolt Solutions

Automatically generates accurate schedules for medical staff.
Equitably distributes assignments for call scheduling.
Collaboratively create schedules over the internet or intranet.
Enforces complex rules and scheduling policies.
Supports multiple facilities or parallel schedules.
Automatically schedules temporary staff and temporary shifts
 Try the new JustInTime 4.3  Reduce the time to generate schedules by approximately 90%.
View full list of benefits here or view/download the PDF version.
View JustInTime Scheduler feature list here.
Online Demo
Take a short product tour of JustInTime here (w/ Internet Explorer).
View sample schedules here.
Evaluate JustInTime Scheduler (click here)





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Meds PDA

MedsPDA's vision is to provide a convenient and comprehensive single resource for the busy mobile medical professional. We aim to deliver:

-Efficient resource navigation
-Downloadable pocket medical software
-New mobile devices and products
-Helpful articles - make the most of your mobile device
-Convenient handheld utilities

Our Background…

Meds PDA has brought together the very best from both the medical profession and the IT industry to deliver the very highest quality mobile medical resource.

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Paperless Medical Solutions

Paperless Medical Solutions, formed in 1999, markets, sells and supports software solutions developed by McNeil Consulting Services, Inc. The vision of the company is to combine the skills and knowledge of the engineers at MCS with various professionals in the medical industry to produce software solutions never seen before. By combining the talents and vision of a proven software development firm with the knowledge and insights of doctors in various medical industries, Paperless Medical Solutions has the knowledge and tools to revolutionize the medical software industry.

PSChiro Single-User 

The Single-User Edition is a fully functional copy of the software products which may be used on a single computer. This system is ideal for small offices where a single PC at the front desk is adequate.

The PSChiro application suite consists of two software applications.


The ChiroDesk application is used to configure and customize the software system for your particular office. Features found in the application include:

-Definition and maintenance of doctor profiles, including working hours.
-Definition and maintenance of examination rooms.
-Definition and maintenance of service charges.
-Definition and maintenance of diagnoses.

ChiroTouch - Front Desk

The ChiroTouch - Front Desk application is used on a daily basis by the front desk staff to maintain patient activity. Features found in the application include:

-Scheduling of appointments.
-Checking patients in for a visit.
-Assigning a patient to a doctor and examination room.
-Checking a patient out, including scheduling future appointment, accepting payments.
-Insurance form processing.

ChiroTouch - Doctor

The ChiroDesk - Doctor application is used on a daily basis by the doctor to enter patient diagnoses and treatment data. Features found in the application include:

-Ability to view patient information, including insurance data. 
-Ability to maintain chart notes in standard SOAP format.
-Ability to enter diagnoses.
-Ability to enter charges.
-Ability to define treatment plan or submit request for next appointment to front desk.

For a full listing of software and services offered by this company please click on the link below to visit their web site.  Thank you.

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Physician Micro Systems, Inc.

circle.jpg (36391 bytes)

Physician Micro Systems, Inc is a leader in the development and marketing of
innovative practice management products designed to provide comprehensive
solutions for the automation of medical offices and large health care
enterprises. The Practice Partner suite of modules include Patient Records,
the nations leading EMR; Appointment Scheduler, a sophisticated multi-clinic
scheduler; and Medical Billing, a complete practice management system.

We invite you to visit our Resource Center at where you will
find a variety of educational resources designed to help practices make
informed choices about their software projects. Resources include EMR 101: A
Beginner's Guide to EMRs and The Dollars and Sense of Electronic Medical


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Premier Medical Group

OEHC services are designed to holistically approach 
the protection of the workforce, the environment, 
and the public through consulting, training, and program 
development. We anticipate the potential, and go 
beyond the obvious to exceed the client’s expectations.

Interactive Training Software

Occupational & Environmental Health Consultants, Inc 
library of interactive software is offered to employers as 
another tool to assist in protecting the health of the workforce, 
the public, and the environment while at the same time 
reduce liabilities/cost and meet regulatory compliance.

OEHC offers training & solution software for:

-Safety & Health Professionals
-Environmental Compliance Officers
-DOT Training
-Computer Software Training

The listed interactive software has been carefully reviewed 
by the OEHC graduate trained safety, health, environmental, 
and engineering professionals too ensure compliance and 
accuracy and to offer our clients the best in interactive curriculum 
design on the market. We are able to offer a wide variety 
of software at different price levels dependent upon the need 
of the clients.

OEHC also offers the ability to customize your software for your 
facility to include pictures, video, and specific procedures 
(SOP’s, ISO 9000 etc..). All software products offer the latest 
in interactive technology to include:

-Networking capabilities
-Automated record keeping and testing
-The ability to customize the product

Sample Demos for up to 30 days with no obligation.

OVER 300 Separate Titles To choose From.

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QA Solutions, Inc.
Click on image to enlarge

QA Solutions is based in San Antonio, Texas, and has a strong presence in California.   Our current focus is the medical insurance field, with both medical billing services and insurance and IPA claims payers as clients.  

Our strengths are personalized service and software products that are easily customizable to meet your immediate needs.  This, combined with strong standard products and in-depth knowledge of medical billing gleaned from years in the software industry, provides an unbeatable combination.

MBS - Medical Billing System

Everything you need in radiology and multi-specialty practice management software, at one low price.

Sample Screen

If your practice is growing and your billing staff can't keep up, you need MBS.   MBS allows fewer people to handle more claims.  Using our software, our clients average one data entry operator for every three doctors, with practices of up to 50 attending physicians.  If your software can't keep up, don't hire more people -- call QA Solutions!

MBS Key Features:

-Line-item posting
-Electronic claim submission (Medicare, NEIC, Medi-Cal, Medicaid)
-Automatic posting of EDI Medicare remittances
-Up to 998 practices with 98 sites per practice
-Site-specific account numbers, but with consolidated patient database (based on SSN) for all practices
-Managed Care processing
    automated capitation payment posting
    Primary Care Physician statistics
    exam result reporting
    procedure reporting by procedure and/or modality with work units
    charge, payment, and adjustment volume by:
        - type of contract (e.g. HMO, PPO, IPA)
        - specific contract (e.g. XYZ IPA contract)
        - individual contract payer (e.g. XYZ Insurance Company)
    Aged contractual A/R
    Contract Collection Ratio
   member gender and age analysis

-Patient cycle billing

-Flexible service fee schedule:
    by site, insurance company, and/or type of insurance
    also allows shared fee schedules across site

-Custom hospital EDI interfaces available.  (These allow you to import demographic information on new patients from the hospital's computer to MBS electronically.)

-Track RVUs by physician
-Powerful reports
-Batch oriented charge and payment entry
-Automated write-off to collections
-Prints refund checks
-Collection agency EDI transmission available
-PC-based Off-line Purge Index subsystem
-Source code access
-Runs on industry standard platforms (RS/6000, SCO UNIX, Windows NT)
-Workstations may be terminals or PCs

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Founded in 1988, QuickPractice has invested over 12 years in the research and design of practice management software and has gained users nationwide. We update our software regularly by monitoring client needs, changes in computer technology, healthcare regulations and office management techniques. This constant research, development and programming will keep QuickPractice ahead of the industry.

QuickPractice Professional

Windows Compatible - All Microsoft Windows versions supported: 95/98/NT/2000/ME.
Customizable to Your Practice - With specialty type, billing preferences, patient numbers, user defined fields, plus many other settings you can tailor QuickPractice to work the way you want.
The BEST Electronic Billing - No third party products, no charge for re-submissions, complete error checking, and an audit report for claims submitted.
Appointment Calendar - The Appointment Calendar is a sophisticated method of keeping track of all data related to scheduling. Setting an appointment is as simple as clicking on the date and time. Set as many appointments as you wish for any time slot or interval.
Memorized Transactions - Repeat visits are a snap with Memorized Transactions. Combine Charge & Payment Entries in a single one-step process.
Graphical Practice Statistics - Get a comprehensive look at the health of your practice with a full range of graphical statistics. QuickPractice's colorful graphs and charts correlate and display data from every segment of your practice. They let you visually identify trends so you can gain more timely control of areas that need strengthening or correcting.
Patient-Relationship Marketing - Show patients you care about their health and well-being. Specialized marketing routines will in seconds create postcards, mailing labels or a telephone list to help you build patient relationships.

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Sun MicroMedical Technologies
Click on image to enlarge

MediTracker™ - Medicare Claims Tracking Software is
designed to assist medical professionals manage their denied
and/or rejected Medicare claims. The MediTracker program
systematically manages, automates and tracks your claims
through each of Medicare’s five appeal levels, prints the
appropriate forms for fast, easy submission and provides you
easy-to-understand reports.


meditracker.gif (41637 bytes)

EASY ONE TIME PATIENT ENTRY: With MediTracker™ you need to enter the patient claim information only once! SAVES WORK & TIME!

INTELLIGENT MEDICARE CLAIM TRACKING: MediTracker™ is designed to process and format claims using same criteria defined by Medicare. MediTracker™ follows each claim through each appeal level the same way Medicare does. THE MOST ACCURATE WAY OF PROCESSING!

AUTOMATIC INTERNAL CLAIMS FORWARDING: Enter a claim's sent and denial
dates.. MediTracker™ forwards the claims according to Medicare guidelines automatically! STAY MORE ORGANIZED USING THE MEDITRACKER™ SYSTEM!

These are just a few of the features of the Meditracker program!
Click on the link below to go to our website for more details!

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Unicor Medical

Unicor Medical, a leader in the coding industry, offers ICD-9 and CPT
coding books, software, a newsletter, and our exclusive coding hotline. Find
out why our coding products are becoming the most popular in the country,
catch up on some of the latest news in medical coding, drop in on our coding forum, and pick up some hints and tips while you are here.

Alpha II (Windows, Unix, Dos)
Unicor's powerful standalone coding software. Features include full procedure and diagnosis code search, E/M generator, CCP bundling edits, medical necessity validation, "can't miss" 4th and 5th digits, modifier edits, RVUs, coding tip of the day, and more. Includes coding hotline access.

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VantageMed Corp.
Click on image to enlarge

VantageMed is a leading provider of healthcare information systems and services, distributed to over 11,000 customers through a national network of regional offices. Our suite of software products and services automates administrative, financial, clinical and management functions for physicians, dentists, behavioral health professionals, other healthcare providers and provider organizations. We provide our customers with:

-Windows-based, Internet-enabled software products
-Hardware and supplies
-Product maintenance and support services
-Electronic transaction services


vantagemed2.jpg (49994 bytes)

eMCee is a software and services solution specifically designed to assist network based managed care organizations in managing the complexity of the "informational" relationships that exist between payers, providers, and members and the varying contexts in which they operate.

We have created one of the most powerful benefit plan and provider/facility contracting utilities in the industry to ensure that your organization can accurately replicate complex benefit terms and conditions as well as accommodate your various reimbursement methodologies.   Our adjudication engine expedites the processing of professional, facility, and dental claims as well as authorizations and referrals.

Having easy access to clear and concise information is of paramount importance. That's why we have integrated Seagate's Crystal Reports runtime environment into eMCee, providing a powerful and easy to use reporting mechanism to get at all your mission critical data.

This is just one of the products offered by this company.  To learn more about this company and their products check out their listing under Medical Records or click on the link below to visit their web site.  Thank you.

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WEBeDoctor® is an Internet based solution for Physicians and their practices, regardless if they work as individual or a managed care, and helps them in completing their normal daily routine in a practice. It is complete software for a facility, which includes setting up appointments, insurance verification, scheduling, patients Electronic Medical Records (EMR), and their electronic billing. It is designed to save personnel time, keep expense down and gives the physician better control managing the facility.

In today’s world where everything is going toward the computers and Internet for a fast and easy accessibility, healthcare industry is still facing a disadvantage of having paper behind every step. Today’s physician needs an inexpensive, reliable, and efficient system to complete the complex administrative, financial and clinical tasks involved in running a medical practice. They need a user-friendly tool, where they can look up any of the patients’ history or medical records without having to worry about the security issues. WEBeDoctor® is the ultimate answer; it is the most easy to use, reliable product in the market, which provides the security demanded by both patients and HIPAA regulations. WEBeDoctor® is using the highest security possible at this time, currently this system is available on 128 bit secured socket layer in combination with a firewall at the physical location in Diamond Bar, CA.

WEBeDoctor’s aim is to significantly reduce administrative cost of managing a practice, including streamlining patient registration, patient medical history, insurance verification, drug search, health plan formularies, prescription services, powerful physicians customization for diagnoses and procedure codes, and easy accessibility to a patients Electronic Medical Records. Other services provided by WEBeDoctor® are as follows:

-State of the art Online Practice Management Software.
-Patient EMRs available online and accessed by the selected physician.
-Connectivity between a large numbers of physicians for referrals.
-Online Transcription with 800 Toll Free number or Digital Recorder.
-Online Claim Filing.
0Faster reimbursement with fewer rejections.
-Online status available on claims input by the biller.
-Free Email access to all members.
-Personal Homepage for physicians for WEBeDoctor’s members.
-Updated news, CME Information, and connectivity with medical journals & associations.
-Dynamic link between physician and all the other providers e.g. pharmacies, labs, radiology, and hospitals.

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