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Alco Sales and Service Co.
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In today's competitive market, it is really hard to know who to trust. There are companies that tell you they have the lowest prices, or they are the largest in their field, or can offer the fastest service--usually at a premium. However, ALCO can make the following promises and keep them:

1. Alco promises to earn your trust by providing superior service and products.
2. Alco promises to make your job easier by providing schematics or drawings to you to help you order the correct part.
3. Alco promises to treat every order, large or small, with your complete satisfaction in mind.


alco phys rehab.jpg (3114 bytes)

-One-piece ABS thermo-formed top is impervious to moisture and easy to clean.
-Smooth, round edges prevent snags to clothing and nicks or scratches to wall.
-Adjustable height (32", 33-1/2", 35")
-Lightweight, easy to move and store.
-Wheelchair accessible.
-Provides full arm support for those residents that need it.
-17-1/2" wide counter; 35" x 30-1/2" overall.
-Knocked down, table can be shipper RPS.
-Shipped within 48 hours after receipt of order.

Click on the link below to visit this company's web site and view a full listing of physical therapy and rehabilitation products available.  Thank you.

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In the Beginning... The AquaJogger water exercise buoyancy belt was originally developed as a water rehabilitation tool for pre and post surgery patients and world class athletes recovering from injury in Eugene, Oregon. This unique flotation device soon captured the attention of other athletes around the world who not only found the AquaJogger valuable in recovery from injury but as a extraordinary training tool in maintaining the high levels of fitness demanded by competitive sports. The AquaJogger became the key that opened the door to the world of impact free deep water exercise and soon athletes began incorporating water workouts into their regular training regimens. Although athletes were among the first to recognize the advantages of deep water, they were not the only early benefactors. The popularity of land based aerobics was bringing high impact to the muscles and joints of people of all ages. Along with the benefits of aerobic activity came muscle soreness, stress fractures and aching joints resulting in flagging motivation and injury. People turned to special fitness shoes with air cells and gels and air pumps to cushion the impact but the effects of gravity were winning.

aquajogger.gif (13311 bytes)

Most economical model
New contoured styling
Firmer EVA foam construction
Color: Blue

Meanwhile... The AquaJogger Story Continues... ...back at the pool, the AquaJogger and deep water were taking the jolt out of aerobics. Deep water aerobics opens up a new world of fitness for people of all ages and at all levels of fitness. The forgiving water environment is not only effective, but it's fun and has inspired deep and shallow water classes to start up all over the world. This is how it works. Suspended up to your neck in deep water with the AquaJogger, you can breathe normally like you do on land as you move through the water. Your feet don't touch the bottom of the pool so there is no impact and the water provides resistance in all directions that you control by the speed of your movements. Since your body is submerged, the hydrostatic pressure around your body improves cardiac function, lowers blood pressure, assists the body in tissue healing and sets in motion a host of other benefits. Enjoy almost any activity in the water that you traditionally do on land, including running, cross country skiing, aerobics, and dance moves. You are limited only by your imagination. But the AquaJogger story doesn't end there... Now there is a family of innovative water exercise products that will help you take water fitness to a new level. By adding AquaRunners footwear, DeltaBells (water exercise dumbbells), and Webbed Pro Fitness Gloves, you can increase the intensity, the range of exercise possibilities, and the fun of your workout program. Whether your goal is to build strength and endurance, increase body tone, lose weight, or speed recovery from illness or injury, why not join the tens of thousands of AquaJogger users who have found a better way.

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Back Support Systems, Inc
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We are your resource for back & neck pain relief products. We feature sleep 
& mattress products, ergonomic chairs, traction units, cervical,
thoracic & lumbar pillows, massage tables, hot & cold packs - everything 
to help you improve sleep & relieve pain. 

The Arch

back support 2.jpg (13521 bytes)

Pull-out roll - 
Designed to support the feet and allow knees to drop creating
access to the sacrum and lengthening of spine. 

Arm rests - 
Designed to support arms so client is in a gravitationally relaxed

Split upper body - 
Designed to allow the head to rest comfortably while the body is

Slid Posts - 
Designed to support hips when client is placed sideways in an
extended or twisted position.

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Balance Systems
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Balance Systems, Inc. was established in 1996 in order to provide high-quality rehabilitation equipment for the treatment of imbalances throughout the body, with emphasis on repetitive stress injuries affecting the upper extremities.  The medical community has had little to offer in the development of rehabilitation equipment for musculoskeletal disorders, therefore, BSI has taken the initiative to create products to address these types of injuries.


flextend.jpg (7716 bytes)

FLEXTEND is a patented, multifunctional exercise system that provides relief from the symptoms associated with Carpal Tunnel Syndrom, Repetitive Strain Injuries, and other musculoskeletal disorders by correcting the strength imbalance that exists between the strong, overused flexor muscles, and the weak, underdevloped extensor muscles of the hand and forearm.

To learn more about the Flextend, click on the link below to visit this company's web site.  Thank you.

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BioEx Systems Exercise Pro

webpageBioexLogo.JPG (24632 bytes)

Exercise Pro is our most sophisticated software database of contemporary therapeutic exercises available to assist health professionals in creating Rehabilitation Home Exercise Programs and informational handouts as well as Fitness Programs.

For use by Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Rehabilitation Therapists,
Orthopedic Physicians, Chiropractors, Athletic Trainers, Fitness Centers, or other
professionals that utilize exercise in their work.

Throw away the cards and stop paying highly paid professionals to draw stick figures or waste their time at the copy machine. Now you can produce home exercise programs and other education handouts in less than a minute with the power of the computer.

Increases Revenue via Rehabilitation Exercise.
Increases Productivity of Staff.
Promotes Creativity in Exercise Programs
Saves Time and Money.
Portrays and Enhances a Professional Image.
Improves Compliance.
Improves Understanding and Follow Through of Exercises
Allows Access of Data and Reporting for Outcome Studies.

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BIOflex® Medical Magnetics, the exclusive agent for a revolutionary line of therapeutic products manufactured in Germany. BIOflex® is the registered trademark of the magnetic device that is so unique it has been protected by international patents. These permanently magnetized flexible pads cause an increase in local blood flow accelerating the body's natural healing process, thus relieving the pain and inconvenience of muscular aches, sprains, tendonitis, muscular low back injury and other nagging injuries. The magnets are intended to be an alternative to the use of such products as heating pads, electrical stimulation units, balms and liniments. Additionally, the use of BIOflex® products could aide in reducing one's requirement for oral anti-inflammatory preparations, muscle relaxants and pain relievers.

The BIOflex® product line fits into today's active lifestyle with products that can accomplish any and all of the beneficial effects of the products mentioned above, with none of the unpleasant features such as thermal or chemical sensitivity. BIOflex® truly represents the kind of “common sense medicine” that appeals to our increasingly health conscious population.

Ankle Support w/Trioxon®

bioflex2.jpg (8793 bytes)
Contains 2 BIOflex® concentric circle magnets. One size fits most, and measures 7.25" x 10.75". Ideal for foot and ankle pain.

What is BIOflex® & Trioxon®?
Unique to BIOflex® is the use of Trioxon® - a material which not only captures and retains your natural body heat, but also, unlike other products, allows your skin to ventilate and remain comfortably dry. This is the secret of Trioxon® long term comfort for the wearer.

This is just one of the products offered by this company.  Click on the link below to visit their web site and view a full listing of products offered.  Thank you.

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BTL Medical Technologies
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The Company was established in 1990, as a manufacturer of electrotherapy products. The immediate success of the products helped the Company support its further growth, both in a product design and sales. A purchase of Canadian cardiology company Arcor and the extension of the Company's product line by Arcor's products gave further boost to the Company's activities. Over several years, the Company developed a full range of products for physical therapy and cardiology and became a reputable manufacturer of medical equipment.
2 years ago the added British capital and expertise further strengthened the Company's potential and range of activities and helped the Company enter international markets.
BTL Medical Technologies currently comprises a group of companies with an international staff of 150 employees working in 7 countries. BTL has a history of standing experience in development, production and sales of medical equipment. All BTL products are manufactured under ISO:9001 norms and are CE-marked.


btl1.jpg (34602 bytes)

An outstanding magnetotherapeutic instrument that is powerful, reliable and easy-to-use.

-features two independent outputs for simultaneous therapy of two patients
-a special adapter plug allows connection of up to 4 applicators at a time
-works with 6 types of magnetotherapeutic applicators
-has pre-set programmes for commonly used therapy treatments
-maximum intensity 100 mT; mean value 20 mT
-enables continuous change of frequency within the range of 1-60 Hz

This is just one of the products offered by this company.  Click on the link below to visit their web site and view a full listing of products available.  Thank you

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dms.gif (17811 bytes)

The DMS is. . .

A new therapeutic machine researched and developed by Dr. Jake Pivaroff,  DC.Dr.
Pivaroff's goal is to fill a need for providing relief and increasing strength for people
suffering from chronic pain and restricted movement due to under-conditioned
and/or damaged muscle tissue.

Dr. Pivaroff's recommended use of the D.M.S. is not restricted to professional and amateur athletes, but also to everyday patients and performance animals such as race horses.

What does the DMS do?

Much of muscle pain stems from various conditions; strain, lactic acid build up, scar tissue, etc.. . The DMS uses percussion, mechanical vibrations that reach deep into the muscle tissue to stimulate proprioceptive functions. No other device on the market matches the effectiveness of the DMS.

The DMS provides deep muscle tissue with kinetic forms of percussion and concussion vibration, which in turn facilitates the patient or athlete with the benefits of:

-increased circulation
-increased performance
-faster rehabilitation from injury
-break up of muscular scar tissue
-reduced lactic acid build up increased flexibility, endurance and speed
-increased lymphatic flow

The DMS also concentrates on general or local muscle spasms. It increases muscle metabolism and increases the lactic acid cycle to relieve pain. Deep, rapid, short-duration percussion is the key to the elimination of pain. The DMS can be used in effective management of acute and chronic pain, not exclusive to, but including: migraine headaches, sciatica, TMJ, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, bursitis, edema and frozen joints.

Who Uses the DMS?

Dr. Pivaroff, DC has developed this piece of equipment for use by professionals in the Chiropractic, Medical and physical therapy fields. The professionals include, but are not exclusive to:

-Physical Therapists
-Massage Therapists
-Rehabilitation providers
-Medical Doctors
-Sports Trainers (Professional, Collegiate and Amateur) in all athletic disciplines

The DMS has been tested and used on a range of patients for chronic pain, and professional athletes such as...

-Professional boxers
-Professional golfers on the PGA, LPGA, and Senior tours
-Professional and amateur tennis players

The DMS has also been used on team sport athletes to increase the performance in:


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GNR Health Systems, Inc.
Click on image to enlarge

In the early years GNR focused on the design and manufacturing of
orthopedic softgoods including lumbar supports and pillows. Over time, 
in response to customer requests, the product line was expanded to 
include a vast array of high quality yet fairly priced products. Today 
GNR is recognized as a leading supplier in the physical therapy and 
rehabilitation markets.


gnr2.jpg (14311 bytes)

The Intelect® Legend Combo offers a revolutionary combination of 
electrotherapy and ultrasound for a great new product. Advanced software 
design and digital signal processing make this technology possible. Features 
include - Electronic Signature, which automatically calibrates the system to 
any size Intelect Legend soundhead. - Combination therapy available with 
Interferential, Premod and High Volt wave forms. - User-friendly. In just two steps,
you are ready for therapy. Select waveform, set intensity and press start. - Start-up power presets can be customized to meet the therapists needs.

Shown here is just one of our products. Please visit our web site by clicking on the link below or use the request form at the bottom of this page for more information. Thank you.

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Gerber Chair Mates, Inc. (Amputee Stump Support)
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gerber.jpg (356171 bytes)Gerber Chair Mates, Inc.  presents a unique patented, removable Swing-Away Stump Support for below the knee (BK) amputee to maintain comfort and proper positioning of the stump.  Helps prevent flexion contracture and edema in the stump of the amputated limb.

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Global Marketing


Click image to enlarge

  • 10 programs
  • 2x 8 minute therapy daily
  • flexible, can be rolled up for travel
  • easy-care material
  • includes travel/storage bag

Intensive Applicator:

  • 4 programs
  • for localized treatment
  • alleviates pain
  • instant and long-term effects

The human organism is created in such a way, that if it has a sufficient supply of energy, it can compensate for illness or disease with natural self-healing capacities. Illness only has a chance when your body is too weak to heal itself! Each form of illness has at its foundation an energy deficit. We know today, that the majority of the population is suffering from a chronic lack of energy caused by significant environmental stress factors and an unhealthy way of life. This is proven by the frightening increase of chronic and degenerative diseases despite all our progressive and excellent medical developments.

Because of a new and exciting development by Prof. Dr. Wolf A. Kafka, it is possible to activate energy from the outside within the body with the BEMER 3000 therapy system.

BEMER therapy builds up energy in the organism in a natural way, maintaining health and achieving positive therapeutic results with a number of acute and chronic conditions.

  • Degenerative disease, chronic pain
  • Sport injuries, healing of fractures and wounds
  • Problems with blood pressure, poor circulation
  • Sleep disturbances, stress related conditions
  • Rheumatism, arthritis, osteoporosis
  • Asthma, migraines and other headaches
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome, lack of energy
  • Age-related ailments
  • Immune system deficiencies

The basic therapy program is easy and only takes 16 minutes a day. Individualized therapy programs to address specific health concerns are available. Please contact us regarding your personal concerns.

BEMER therapy should not be considered a substitute for treatment or advice from your physician. Please note that the US Food and Drug Administration does not classify pulsed magnetic field devices as medical devices, and therefore no medical claims can be made.

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Innomed Medica, S.L.
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All vital processes, particularly the metabolism of each single cell, are based on electromagnetic energy. The self-regulating mechanisms and self-healing powers only function in a organism sufficiently supplied by energy. In our modern, high-tech civilization, lack of physical and mental exercise, mal- and overnutrition, overworking syndrome as well as considerable environmental stress lead however to an impairment of the metabolism and thus to a detrimental balance of energy. The results are a decrease in vitality, degenerative processes, chronic diseases and a higher susceptibility to infectious diseases.

The BEMER 3000

innomed.gif (41896 bytes)

The BEMER 3000 system consists of a control device, a coil mat, an intensive applicator, a carrying bag and accessories.
The control device generates an electric impulse which is exactly defined with regard to time and progression of amplitude and whose intensity is adjustable within a range of 10 steps. The coil mat and/or the intensive applicator transform this impulse into an electromagnetic field which deploys its effect. Four intensive programs for local treatment are installed in the control device.

The BMER 3000 system is based on more than 30 years of basic research conducted by renowned scientists throughout the world, the practical experience of thousands of physicians as well as the scientific findings of notable international institutions and societies. The current results of research are integrated into the BEMER 3000 system and from the basis for the energetic stabilization of the body by activating natural metabolic processes.

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Medi-Kid, Inc.
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medi-kid.jpg (15028 bytes)

The Medi-Kid Co. presents the latest in Pediatric Immobilizes. Pedi-Wraps immobilizes are ideal: In preventing self inflicted injury to patients (mentally disabled, Retts, Autism, Cerebal Palsy, Eczema) ; to cover & protect injuries, sutures and bandages; Following surgery; To support arms & legs in therapeutic exercises.

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Naturetek, LLC

It is our mission to provide the highest quality magnetic pain relief systems to athletes and non-athletes alike at an affordable price.  All of our magnetic pain relief products are considered NON-MEDICAL methods for fighting pain. 

The Original 8 Piece Full Body Kit                      

Magnetic relief for your entire body.

Everyone should have the BMI Standard Body Kit in their medicine chest.
Unfortunately a muscle pull, strain or sprain is just as common as falling and
scraping yourself.  Would you be without bandages in your medicine chest?

Contains the following 8 items:
-1 BMI Standard Back Belt
containing 16 stitched-in (not glued) BMI Magnets, carefully placed to maximize deep penetration in order to aid the body's natural healing process.  The BMI Back Belt is made of soft durable medical foam and can be worn comfortably 24 hours a day, under any condition, whether you're working, exercising, lounging, or even while sleeping.  It can be comfortably worn over or under clothing.  The streamlined, patented design offers wonderful support.  Wear the BMI Back Belt during work or play to prevent soreness the next day.
-2 BMI Large Magnetic Pads
containing 5 stitched-in (not glued) BMI Magnets

-2 BMI Small Magnetic Pads
containing 1 stitched-in (not glued) BMI Magnets

-3 BMI Body Straps
The straps provide two functions.  First, they are used to apply the BMI Magnetic Pads to the targeted pain areas.  Second they may be used to extend the BMI Standard Back Belt, according to your waist size.

This is just one of the products provided by this company.  Please click on the link below to visit their web site and view other products offered.  Thank you.

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Novel Products, Inc.
Click on image to enlarge

Novel Products.jpg (32033 bytes)Novel Products, Inc. presents it's "Figure Finder Collection".  Your source for fitness testing, therapy and health education materials.  Presented in a 46+ page catalog.  Just a sample of some items included in the catalog are: Skinfold calipers, Flexibility testers, Anatomical charts, Exercise bands, Pedometers, Pulse monitors, and more. . . .

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OMS Medical Supplies
Click on image to enlarge

OMS Medical.jpg (25866 bytes)OMS Medical presents it's newest catalog for the professional Acupuncturist, Chiropractors, Medical Doctors, Physical Therapists and Massage Practitioner.  Contents include: Painless Acupuncture Needles, Acu-Magnets, Moxa and Heat Therapy, TENS, Treatment Magnets, Magnetic Wraps, Massage Products and More. . . . .


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SAC Computer Solutions, Inc.
Click on image to enlarge

SAC Computer Solutions, Inc. is a service oriented computer Company whose primary focus is on developing customized software for specific industries. The demand for such services has sky rocketed over the past few years and with that in mind SAC has developed a dedicated staff of programmers and managers to keep pace with this niche within the computer industry. SAC also maintains a division that concentrates solely on the marketing and selling of new and used equipment, as well as, servicing their own products and that of their competitors.


sac computer solutions.gif (4897 bytes)

ezMedPics™  is a software program designed for Physical Therapists by a Physical Therapist.  The application incorporates rehabilitative exercise routines into an easy to use program.  This no hassle, easy to use program will translate into savings and a professional edge in patient care.  Custom exercise routines can be developed and added to your software to complement the existing database of exercises already included in the program.  Individual therapists can store their personal exercise routines to save time when generating exercise sets.  This 32 bit color software package will amaze you with its versatility and ease of use.

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Sportime International
Click on image to enlarge

Welcome to Abilitations. We are a catalog company whose primary focus is serving the needs of individuals with special needs. We accomplish this in a variety of ways including, but not limited to, our catalog and Thera-Talk. Our product mix focuses on movement, positioning, sensorimotor, exercise, aquatics and play. We unconditionally guarantee every product sold for up to one year. We are here to assist you and learn with you.

Physio-Gymnic® Balance Therapy Balls Are the Finest for Therapy

sportimep.jpg (6559 bytes)

Reinforces Spatial Awareness, Encourages Creative Movement

 We're bringing you Europe's finest heavy-duty, giant, roto-molded vinyl therapy balls

Order 6 of the same size, and receive a FREE Faster Blaster.

-Physio-Gymnic(r) Balls are precision roto-molded, no seams.
-Brightly colored to grab the patient's attention.
-Balls feature raised latitudinal ribs for easy handling during balance training, stretching or strengthening.
-Ideal for home exercise programs.
-Physio-Gymnic(r) Balls can safely hold 300 kg. (661 lbs).

This is just one of the products offered by this company.  Click on the link below to visit their web site and view a full listing of products available.  Thank you.

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The Back Seat
Click on image to enlarge

back seat1.jpg (6526 bytes)

The Back SeatTM (patent pending) provides  lower back and sciatica pain relief while sitting.   Wear it at home, in the office or in your car.

While sitting, a person's upper body weight produces load through the lower back. By holding the weight of the upper body, The Back SeatTM reduces load through the lower back by 69% or more.  Back pain is dramatically decreased and in many cases eliminated by wearing The Back SeatTM

back seat2.jpg (8792 bytes)

The Back SeatTM works by supporting a substantial portion of the upper body weight.  As the side boards push down into a chair, the vest lifts the upper body, reducing pressure on the lower back. This relieves back pain and sciatica.  Put on The Back SeatTM while standing.  Tighten the straps to fit your body snugly.  Align bottom of the vest with the top of the belt line.  Adjust the side board height while sitting or standing. This will decrease the weight of the upper body transferred through the lumbar spine.   Sit back and relax. 

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Therapy Machine/PDLX
Click on image to enlarge

The PDLX Therapy Machineis a motorized device to aid in exercise and therapeutic programs for people with lower limb disabilities. It has been tested and operated in clinical settings with very positive results. The Therapy Machine is the only machine on the market that is specifically designed to exercise the legs from a bed or a stationary seat. Each model functions actively or passively to adjust to different levels of therapeutic progress. The Therapy Machine exercises the lower limbs as a whole. This approach offers the user maximum efficiency and eliminates the need for several costly machines to exercise a specific area.

Deluxe Therapy Machine

therapy machine.jpg (92458 bytes)

The D.T.M. is a motorized device to aid in clinical exercise and therapeutic programs for people with lower limb disabilities and impairments.  The ability of the Pedal Assembly to be used independently (active mode) or in conjunction with the Motor Assembly (passive mode) allows the D.T.M to keep pace with the client’s muscular development and therapeutic progress. This graduation from passive to active modes adds to the clients feeling of accomplishment.  When the Motor Assembly is detached, the D.T.M functions like an exercise bike and can be safely used from a bed or a stationary seat. In a single machine, the D.T.M. combines all the features and benefits necessary for the successful therapy of the lower limbs.  The D.T.M. has been effectively used in treating the symptoms of a wide variety of disabilities and impairments.

This is just one of the products offered by this company.  Click on the link below to visit their web site and view a full listing of products offered.  Thank you.

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UPC Medical Supplies, Inc.
Click on image to enlarge

UPC Medical Supplies, Inc. dba United Pacific Company was incorporated in the state of California in 1992. Since then, it has become one of the leading firms offering a complete line of acupuncture supplies, herbal remedies, massagers, natural therapeutic devices, and general medical products to the professional practitioners and general public all over the United States, in Canada, Europe, South & Central America…

The past years witness a rapid growth of the company. Lately, its web site has been totally redesigned. Many new items are added to the web site featuring a great variety of unique and exclusive products. is your one-stop source for TCM supplies, general medical products and much more…

808II Multi-Purpose Acupuncture Machine

go acupuncture phys.jpg (86424 bytes)

This multi-purpose acupuncture machine features 5 stimulation wave forms and displays the function of electro-acupuncture, massage, magnetic therapy and acupoint detection.

 It has an indicator for sound and luminescent state, a timing switch, a power voltmeter, a music device playing when the treatment is over or before it starts and an operating output protection.


-The device is very safe in treatment because of its output pulse waves features in low voltage, low frequency and having same frequency range with body.
-There are five types of pulse waves to be selected
-Continuous wave, dense-disperse wave, intermittent wave, ripple wave and respiration wave
-Four kinds of wave combinations can be used at the same time or separately. In order to strengthen the effect, get the two output or more crossed to use.

This is just one of the products offered by this company.  Click on the link below to visit their web site and view a full listing of products.  Thank you.

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Also see Therapeutics

Manufacturers of Hygiene Adapters

Danmar Products, Inc.
221 Jackson Industrial Dr.
Ann Arbor, MI 48103
100 Spence St.
Bay Shore, NY 11706
Maddak, Inc.
6 Industrial Rd.
Pequannock, NJ 07440
Sammons Preston
4 Sammons Ct.
Bolingbrook, IL 60440
Smith & Nephew Inc.
N104 W13400 Donges Bay Rd.
Germantown, WI 53022
Sports Medical and Rehab Products Corp.
642 Anthony Trail
Northbrook, IL 60062

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Manufacturers of Recreational Adaptors

75 Mill St.
Colchester, CT 06415
Berman Leatherco., INc.
229 A St.
Boston, MA 02210
Danmar Products, Inc. 
221 Jackson Industrial Dr.
Ann Arbor, MI 48103
Denison Orthopaedic Appliance Corp.
220 W. 28th St.
Baltimore, MD 21211
Kapable Kids
PO Box  250
Bohemia, NY 11718
Maddak, Inc.
6 Industrial Rd.
Pequannock, NJ 07440
Mountain Man
720 Front St.
Bozeman, MT 59715
Sports Play Equipment, Inc.
5642 Natural Bridge
St. Louis, MO 63120

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Pedal Pal


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