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kneeGRIP, click to zoom in.

The kneeGRIP is designed to secure the position of the lower extremity with the knee flexed.  This allows the Surgeon and Assistant Surgeon to direct their skills toward the surgery rather than holding the lower extremity. The kneeGRIP system replaces the "sand bag".

Order No Description
D-070-100 kneeGRIP Complete Set
D-070-001 kneeGRIP - Foot Support
D-070-002 kneeGRIP - Carrying Case
D-070-003 kneeGRIP - 8" Upright Thigh Support
D-070-004 kneeGRIP - Upright Thigh Support Bar
D-070-005 kneeGRIP - Foot Support Foam Pad 
D-070-006 kneeGRIP - 8" Upright Thigh Support Pad 
D-070-007 Support Coversets (25 set-ups)
D-070-008 Support Coversets (125 set-ups)
D-070-009 Support Coversets (250 set-ups)
D-070-010 Thumb Screw

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