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OEM Components includes companies that manufacture OEM components for the medical industry such as pumps, fabrics, disposables, switching devices, and more.  You can  request free informational catalogs.



Aberdeen Technologies, Inc.
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Since 1972 Aberdeen management personnel have been successfully engaged in producing small insert molded parts of exacting critical tolerances. Today we continue to be called upon by leading companies in the medical, electronics/electrical and automotive industries for manufacturing and design expertise.

aberdeen1.jpg (32701 bytes)

In recent years insert molding has become more popular in the manufacturing of medical devices because of its ability to replace less desirable processes such as heat staking and solvent bonding. Quality is also improved because precision mold tooling coupled with stringent process control guarantees product uniformity, reliability and adherence to mandated product standards. Aberdeen has extensive experience in supplying cutting edge technology and practical solutions demanded by leading health care companies. We can provide assistance throughout each stage of your program, from design recommendation through mold tooling fabrication, prototyping, first article approval, process validation and full scale production. Our goal is complete customer satisfaction for even your most challenging projects.

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Ace Wire Spring & Form Co., Inc.
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The bustling business that is Ace Wire Spring & Form Company began in 1939 in McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania, founded on the design creativity of an ambitious father and the business acumen of an aspiring son. Using this harmonious blend of ingredients as their springboard to success, the enterprising partnership laid a solid groundwork for growth, adding generous measures of innovation and diligent attention to customer needs.

While Ace counts as its valued customers many of the giants of American industry, it pledges to give every order the same attentive service, regardless of how large or how small.

Compression Springs

ace1.gif (52655 bytes)

A compression spring is an open-coil helical spring that offers resistance to a compressive force applied axially. Compression springs are usually coiled as a constant diameter cylinder.

In Ordering Give the Following Information as Completely as Possible:

-Free Length, Maximum, Minimum.
-Controlling Diameter, Outside Diameter Maximum. Inside Diameter Minimum. Pitch Diameter. Works Inside (Dia. Hole). Works Over (Dia. Shaft).
-Number of Coils.
-Wire Size. Decimal size if possible. Material, Kind and Grade.
-Loads at deflected positions.
-Style of Ends, (see illustrations). Right or Left Hand Wound.
-Finish. Plain unless otherwise specified.
-Maximum Solid Length.
-Frequency of Compression.

This is just one of the products offered by this company.  Click on the link below to visit their web site and view a full listing of products available.  Thank you.

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Anko Products
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Anko Products, Inc., founded in 1980, maintains total commitment to manufacturing excellence, product quality and customer satisfaction, recognized with our ISO9001 Certification.

Anko designs and manufactures a compete line of MityDrive® fractional horsepower gearmotors and MityFlex® peristaltic pumps. As components in literally thousands of OEM products, Anko pumps and motors are engineered and built for rugged dependability, efficiency and reliable operation.

Anko serves a worldwide base of customers from our corporate headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Bradenton, Florida. Our most recent expansion includes the addition of a complete R&D Engineering and Testing lab.  Customer inquiries and comments are always encouraged. We welcome requests for prototype development and custom orders.

Our Peristaltic Pumps...move materials cleanly, efficiently, quietly and cost effectively.

anko products.jpg (13551 bytes)

-Flow rates from .4 to 3,800 mL/min.
-Contamination free pumping
-Lift up to 29 ft.
-Variable speed drives
-Unique self-locking roller assembly
-Custom designed features to suit your application
-Prototypes or production runs
-Off the shelf units available

Anko Products has recently added two new peristaltic pumps to the inventory list, the Model 1000 and the Model 2000.

Anko has produced a peristaltic pump with flows to 3800 mL/min., the Model 2000. This unit is variable speed using a 90 VDC motor with replaceable brushes. It also has a reversing feature. OEM units also available.

Anko's Model 1000 variable speed pump may fit your application at a lower cost than our 913 model. This unit is enclosed in a highly durable Thermofil case. The flow rate is 1.5 - 230 mL/min.


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Anthem Switching Products, Inc.
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Anthem is the exclusive North American distributor for Herga, Electric, Ltd. (UK). Herga Electric has been a world leader in the design and manufacture of electric footswitches, airswitches, and fiber optic contact sensors for more than a quarter of a century.

  The wide range of Anthem products is used in a great number of applications including swimming pools, medical and dental devices, dairy and food industry equipment and wherever safe, reliable, remote switching of an electrical device is desired.

  Anthem has produced many special products from simply providing a custom color to the complete design and manufacture of a custom product. Our goal is to provide you with high quality products and world class service.

Heavy Duty Footswitches

anthem switching.jpg (39688 bytes)

The combination of the award winning design and durability make this a pefect addition for any application. This footswitch was specifically designed to enhance the look of any application and yet be in the worst of climates. Available in a variety of color and actions.

Bellows Hand Control

anthem switching2.jpg (49459 bytes)

This  is a tough all plastic hand control, available with a mounting strap and chain. All models come with standard directional arrows. Also available in an electric model.

These are just a few of the products offered by this company.  Click on the link below to visit this company's web site and view a full listing of products.  Thank you.

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Cuda Fiberoptics
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CUDA Products Corp. is an established, leading manufacturer of high quality, high technology fiber optics, equipment and instruments welcoming the opportunity to offer our products and services to you on the Internet. Over the next several pages you will find a partial list of our standard medical and dental products which we offer world wide. Please keep in mind that we also have additional products available and a full staff of engineers on hand to custom design products to your specifications. All products are manufacturered in full compliance with all FDA regulations and Good Manufacturing Practice requirements.

Our high quality fiber optic cables are autoclavable and deliver bright white light (optimized for the visible spectrum). These cables can be custom manufactured to fit any manufacturers' lightsources or instruments. Cuda cables are well known for their quality and high performance, engineered for long lasting service and designed to comply with high aesthetic standards. Cuda fiber optic cables are widely used by physicians, surgeons and Dentists in many procedures including: Plastic Surgery, Gynecology, Urology, Arthroscopy, ENT, Cardiovascular, Oral Surgery, Opthalmology and many others.

We also offer a complete line of lightsources which are described in detail on the pages to follow. Our lightsources range in intensity from 100 watt Quartz Halogen up to 300 watt effective Xenon. Cuda Products Corp. also has available advanced fiber optic headlights and several styles of Endoscopes for the following specialities: Laparoscopy, ENT, Plastic Surgery, General Surgery and Hearing Aid Industry, Dental and many other applications.

Fiber Optic Cables

cuda2.jpg (31234 bytes)

The above high performance bifurcated, autoclavable fiber optic cable is only a small example of the wide variety of CUDA Products' manufacturing expertise, which starts with the melting and extruding of our own special high performance proprietary glasses, and drawing our own large variety of glass fibers, 50,000 feet (15,240 meters) each minute, in our 27,000 square foot modern facility. Having supplied fiber optic cables, components, instruments and ancillary products to original manufacturers (OEMs) for the last 20 years, we have the complete engineering and technical 'know-how.' For complete selection of other products manufactured by CUDA, please see our catalog on the Internet or ask our sales representatives to fax or mail it to you. From prototype development to large volume production our expertise and our manufacturing facility are at your service. We have quick turnaround with most prototypes being delivered in five working days and price quotes provided within 48 hours.

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Epoxy Technology Inc.
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epoxy.jpg (42127 bytes)    

    Epoxy Technology was founded in 1966 as the world��s first supplier of electrically conductive epoxies for use as die-attach adhesives in hybrid microelectronics, semiconductor packaging and assembly. Chemical engineer Frank W. Kulesza, our President,
first formulated these precious-metal-filled materials as a consultant for IBM.
    Since then the growth of Epoxy Technology has been fueled by the rising use of die-attach epoxies. But our expertise in manipulating epoxy compounds has also resulted in a continual broadening of our product line over the years. In addition to our comprehensive family of materials for the semiconductor
and hybrid fields, we now offer products suited for a wide array of
applications in fiber optics, optoelectronics, medical devices, and solder replacement.
    During recent years, our continuing commitment to develop innovative adhesive and coating technology for high-tech manufacturers has resulted in the patented polymer flip chip (PFC®) technology, as well as numerous new materials optimized for uses in the industries we serve.

Epoxy Performance
Medical device manufacturers have multiple options for bonding and coating.  Depending on the application, critical disparities between materials may exist in areas such as bond strength, curing characteristics, flexibility, and gap-filling capabilities.

In many instances, the toughness and versatile properties of biocompatible epoxies make them the superior alternate Epoxies form strong and durable bonds, fill gaps effectively and adhere well to most types of substrates. Since they are easy to apply and cure, epoxies lend themselves to automated, cost-efficient manufacturing solutions. And their excellent optical qualities make them particularly well suited for medical fiber-optic applications. 

Range of Application
Besides encasing injection access ports, EPO-TEK 301 is preferred for
bonding lenses to fiber-optic termini in endoscopes, attaching plastic tips to tubing in disposable catheters, bonding prisms and lenses for instrumentation, and coating implantable neural prosthetic devices.

Other biocompatible epoxies, such as EPO-TEK 353ND and EPO-TEK 301-2, are used to terminate optical fibers for laser angioplasty and bundle optical fibers n 3D endoscopes. Dental hand tools, otoscopes and laryngo-scopes, bonding balloons to catheters for balloon angio-plasty, and bonding diamond scalpel blades for coronary bypass surgery are many other applications.


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Rubicon Medical
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Rubicon Medical, Inc. is a medical product manufacturing and technology firm located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Founded in December, 1996 by Richard J. Linder and David B. Berger, Rubicon was formed to meet the demands of an established and growing local and national medical device community.

Rubicon Medical, Inc. develops new medical device technologies and prepares them for commercialization.

rubicon.jpg (57075 bytes)

Our niche is to identify and acquire novel technologies that have large market potential, patent and develop the technologies to a logical end-point, and then create marketing relationships with large medical device companies to sell the product globally.

Focusing on endovascular and interventional technologies for minimally invasive surgical techniques, we are an intellectual property clearinghouse for larger medical device manufacturers. Our device technologies are useful throughout interventional cardiology, interventional neuro-radiology, and peripheral interventional radiology. Rubicon’s Medical Advisory Board oversees the development and testing of new devices and works with our R & D engineering staff in all aspects of design and evaluation.

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Saatitech SpA
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        The Saati Group established SaatiTech as a company specializing in high technology applications.  Industries requiring high performing fabrics such as medical, diagnostic, automotive, chemical process, textile, and electronic, rely on SaatiTech for innovative solutions for their demanding applications.
        In addition to providing high performance fabrics, SaatiTech offers semi-finished and finished parts engineered to meet your requirements and custom fabricated in the most cost-effective way.
     SaatiTech is committed to providing quality products and service to its customers. Parts requiring strict cleanliness properties are manufactured in Class 10,000 clean room. Fabrics intended for medical use are cleaned in a non-water based proprietary system. From the incoming fiber to the finished fabricated part, quality is precisely monitored.
        The fabrics provided by the Saati Group are enhanced by SaatiTech to meet the needs of today's industries. SaatiTech provides innovative solutions for demanding applications.


saatitech.gif (6456 bytes)

Saatifil® fabrics are available in wide range of sizes, in many different types of fibers and can be custom fabricated into just about any shape or form imaginable.

Choose an Open Weave or close Weave fabric

Open Weave
Open weave fabrics have uniformly spaced filaments that provide a straight flow path. This ensures a high flow rate with minimal clogging.
Open Weave fabrics are ideal for sieving, surface filtration and where precise particle removal are required.

Closed Weave
The fibers of Closed Weave fabrics are woven tightly together with a combination of large and small fibers. This results in a restricted flow path and a strong sturdy fabric.
Closed weave fabrics are typically used in filtration applications that require a very strong fabric or where high flow rates are not critical.

Saatifil fabrics are precisely woven with monofilament fibers that enable uniform opening to be produced. Unlike multifilament and staple fibers, the smooth surface of a monofilament is easily cleaned and is non shedding.
SaatiTech's precision fabrics provide a narrow aperture size distribution leading to accurate and predictable filtration. The weave pattern ensures a low pressure drop and consequently an uninterrupted flow.

Choose the aperture size and open surface area that is best for you.
Saatifil fabrics are readily available in aperture sizes from 2000 microns down to 5 microns. Choose the fiber size and open area that will provide the best performance.

Choose the fiber type that's best for your abrasion, chemical, temperature or other environmental condition.
Saatifil fabrics are available many different polymers. For more information on selecting the best fiber for your application, please request our Fiber Properties charts.
SaatiTech can supply you with a endless variety of fabrics to meet your exact needs. Furthermore, we can custom fabricate them into finished or semi finished components. For product specifications or information on fabrication, please contact us so that we may send you our complete catalogue.

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Select Engineering, Inc.


Cross-Hatch Style

With a special cross-hatched post to simplify ultrasonic welding to the lead wire, the S-7001/CF is ideal for medical diagnostic and monitoring equipment and other applications in bioinstrumentation. The S-7001/CF also features a 0.1 mil Ag/AgCl coating evenly distributed over a conductive molded plastic substrate to facilitate a positive electrical contact with the lead wire. A proprietary deposition process, completely designed and engineered in-house, ensures an extremely uniform coating that will not flake or peel under even strenuous use. The S-7001/CF is available in an x-ray transparent version, the SRT-7001, with a .06 mil coating thickness. Like all of Select's standard and custom sensors, including x-ray transparent models, the S-7001 also offers exceptional electrical performance, routinely recording mere fractions of accepted industry limits for DC offset, impedance and defibrillation recovery. For example, although specific values vary with the type of conductive gel used, the company's stringent "zero defect" QA program produces DC offset readings consistently below 1 mv, with minimal sensor-to-sensor variation, compared to an AAMI ceiling of 100.

Metal Snap and Eyelet

These superior quality Sensors which are used in Heart Monitoring and Bioinstrumentation Electrodes feature a non flaking coating that is uniformly distributed over the molded plastic substrate. Part No. S-9001 as shown has a 0.1 mil Silver thickness. Other coating thicknesses are available. The S-9001 is used in a Two-Piece type Electrode and is electrically tested for DC Offset, Impedance, and Defibrillation Recovery to meet AAMI Standards. The S-9001 mates with the S-9000 metal top snap, available in nickel brass and stainless steel, to form a Two-Piece Electrode assembly.

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Shoney Scientific, Inc.
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Shoney Scientific Inc. is a Wisconsin corporation established in 1986. Registered with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), ours is an OEM medical device manufacturing company working to develop and supply devices in various specialties from Anesthesiology to Urology.

Hi-vac Tubing & Disposable and Resuable Cannulas

shoney1.jpg (27422 bytes)

Control Syringe & Nasal Speculum

shoney2.jpg (17396 bytes)

Our product range is not limited to the selection listed above.  We produce instruments and devices for almost all medical specialties. We also offer product development and manufacturing services for newly designed or invented medical devices. Shoney Scientific can make that product in your mind a reality — at prices that please.

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Tailored Label Products
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We look at labels differently than others do. Labels are more than
letters, numbers or graphics applied to products. They are a constant reflection of the quality and image of your company. We engineer labels to meet your specifications and perform as if they are part of the products.

Tamper-Evident "VOID" Labels for Difficult Surfaces 

tailored label.jpg (14812 bytes)

Tailored Label Products, Inc. introduces new SecurGuard™ Tamper-Evident Label Thermal Transfer Labels.  SecurGuard™ VOID pattern Label Stock is ideal for labels as secure and durable as your products.

Cold Temperature Label Material 

tailored label2.jpg (7769 bytes)

Tailored Label Products, Inc. announces Cold Temperature Label
Material. TLP 866 is a pressure sensitive material designed specifically for labels exposed to extreme cold temperatures. This material has  excellent conformability characteristics when applied to small diameter surfaces, making it very well suited for vial marking. A special topcoating allows labels made of TLP 866 to be preprinted with static information and then imprinted with variable information, i.e. bar codes, serial and lot numbers. The end user can imprint the labels using a thermal transfer printer. When imprinted with a resin based thermal transfer ribbon, the 
durable topcoating on TLP 866 will be resistant to smudging, abrasion and chemicals.

Shown here are only a few of our products. Please visit our web site by clicking on the link below or use the request form at the bottom of this page for more information. Thank you.

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TUA Systems Inc.
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TUA Systems is a FDA Registered, ISO9001 and 9002 registered
company that specializes in lubricious coatings to include hydrophobic, hydrophilic, anti-microbial and anti-clotting coatings and treatments for the medical, industrial and aerospace industries. All coatings meet CLASS VI biocompatability criteria.

Medical applications include:
Catheters, introducers, guidewires, stylets, needles, stents, drainage tubes, feed tubes, temporary and permanent leads, orthopedic devices and surgical instruments.

tua.gif (18444 bytes)

TUA has recently entered the ophthalmic industry in an
attempt to maximize comfort and clarity for contact lenses. 
Steps have been taken to acquire the assistance and vast 
knowledge of the ophthalmic industry and its products through 
one of the leading eye-care practitioners in the Tampa area 
and other industry leaders throughout the country.

TUA has also been instrumental in barrier coatings to eliminate 
protein extraction on latex gloves and devices, while also increasing lubricity. 

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