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Welcome to the Pre-Owned Equipment - Companies page on MedCatalog.Com.  This page features companies that specialize in selling pre-owned medical equipment.


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Diamond Diagnostics
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Supplier of used and refurbished pH Blood Gas, Chemistry, Hematology analyzers, system and cell counters.  Also, Electrolyte and coagulation spare parts, reagents, buffers, and electrodes.

Below are a few examples of equipment you can find on Diamond Diagnostics web site.

AVL 9180

AVL 9180.jpg (4287 bytes)

Beckman Cx7 Delta

Beckman Cx7 Delta.jpg (7477 bytes)

Click on the link below to visit this company's web site and view a full listing of products available.  Thank you.

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Diatron, Inc.
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Diatron, Inc. has been providing quality refurbished X-ray equipment to the United States and South America since 1979. We have developed our own ten-stage refurbishing process which provides as much attention to detail as did the original manufacturer and saves you 50-60% off of the cost of new equipment. Diatron also supplies parts for Siemens R&F equipment. We also provide brokering services for Siemens CT and MRI, as well as GE, Picker and Philips diagnostic imaging equipment. 

Sample of R & F Room

diatron2.jpg (10495 bytes)

This is just one example of the products available from this company.  Click on the link below to visit their web site and view a full listing of products.  Thank you.

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Integrity Medical Systems
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Our expertise and reputation for bringing you the finest quality refurbished medical equipment at competitive prices is unequaled. Each system we sell, including parts, is 100% Guaranteed.

What makes Integrity Medical Systems the industry leader?

1) Quality- Anything less than perfect is not good enough. Each and every machine we sell, parts and services too; are 100% guaranteed. With 10,000+ systems available, along with one of the largest & most diversified inventories of refurbished medical equipment in the USA, Integrity should be your first choice.

2) Reputation- Companies come and go, but since 1989 no other company can boast a better track record for excellence and reliability than Integrity Medical.

3) Service & Technical Ability- At Integrity Medical, we employ a staff of full-time engineers and technicians, something that is very rare in our industry. Brokers are o.k. to do business with--until you have a technical problem. Take it from people that have been there: Don't take chances with companies that can't show you a full service technical facility. Our Florida location has 10,000 square feet of refurbishing, crating and testing areas.

4) Dedicated Export Services- Improving global healthcare is our business. We have a dedicated staff of sales consultants that understand the logistics involved in exporting, and the subtle nuances of how you do business. No one can match our perfect international shipping record.

5) Cost Effective Price/Value- We know the market, we do the volume and we buy direct--therefore, if our prices aren't the lowest you need to ask why. The answer may be contained in items 1 through 4 above. Integrity Medical provides the highest level of assurance. Get it. It works! Just ask our customers!

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Med-e-quip Locators, Inc.
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Med-e-quip Locators, Inc. or MEQL has more than forty years of combined medical sales and customer service experience. Our Company feels that our policy of quality first and customer satisfaction have been the foundation of our business success.

MEQL, Inc. is actively involved in the buying and selling of under utilized capital equipment from and to hospitals, homecares, and leasing facilities. Our Division also offers custom rental programs to help ensure the most efficient utilization of your current and future assets during peak need times.

MEQL, Inc. also has a highly trained biomedical technical staff, working diligently to provide you with quality equipment and parts that meets your expectations and the demands of your critical care facilities.

MEQL, Inc has grown to become one of the largest distributors of preowned equipment and disposables, and by continually evaluating your needs, our company provides you with unequaled one stop value and convenience.

Ambulatory Pumps

medequip1.jpg (15289 bytes)


This is just one example of a product available from this company.  Click on the link below to visit this company's web site and a full list of products available.  Thank you.

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Meza Medical Equipment
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Meza Medical Equipment was founded in 1990 by its owner Rodolfo Meza. Back then, sales of refurbished x-ray, ultrasound, electrocardiographs, stress test, holter, surgery tables and lights were the main field, covering mostly South Texas and Northern Mexico.

Meza Medical continues with the same line of products, but now, with bigger goals and territories. Sales in the United States and Latin America started in the early 90ís and today we are one of the Major Distributor's for Fukuda Denshi America covering half of the United States.

We also carry some Refurbished and Used Equipment in the following categories:

-Diagnostic Ultrasound for OB, Abdomen, Musculoskeletal and Vascular.
-Interpretative and Non-InterpretativeElectrocardiographs.
-Interpretative Spirometers..
-Telemetry System.
-Cardiac Rehab. Telemetry.
-Intensive Care Monitors.
-Pulse Oximeters.
-Vascular Diagnostic Laboratory System.
-Minor Surgery Lights.
-Fetal Monitors.
-Fetal Doppler.
-Cryosurgical Units.
-Body Composition Analyzer.
-Welch Allyn Diagnostic Set (Oto-Ophtalmoscope).
-Welch Allyn Exam Lights.
-Physical Therapy Ultrasound.
-Muscle Stimulators.
-Laparoscopy Systems.

Nihdon Kohdon Monitor

meza2.jpg (25192 bytes)

This is just one of the products offered by this company.  Click on the link below to visit their web site and view a full listing of products offered.  Check back often because new items are added often.  Thank you.

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North West Supply
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doc2doc.jpg (37916 bytes)

Buy & Sell with Confidence 
Buying and selling on the Internet can be risky. Thanks to our unique
MedEscrow, BioMed Inspections and 90-Day Safety Net programs we can
guarantee our clients safety, security and satisfaction. 

Free Your Staff
Does your staff have time to answer phone inquires and chase leads?
We protect you and them from all that.  NWS handles the promotion,
phone calls, follow-up and collections.  We even process credit cards. 

Maximize Savings & Value 
Our fee is as much as 70% less than what many dealers get. This
allows buyers maximum savings and sellers maximum value on every

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R-Wave Medical Electronics

R~Wave is your source for buying, selling or trading, 

Do you have equipment sitting in a closet not being used or "saved as a back-up?"  Turn that unused equipment into cash towards upgrading or calibrating equipment you have now, or purchasing batteries, paper, electrodes, patient cables or other products.

R~Wave Medical is always looking to purchase or take in as trade high quality, well maintained used medical equipment.  We buy monitors, defibrillators, EKG machines, sterilizes, blood-pressure units, pulse oximeters, exam lights, and a lot more!

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Scientific Equipment Liquidators
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S.E.L. has 22 years of experience in hospital liquidations.  We are experts in pricing and determining market demand for used medical equipment.  We have several services that  makes this experience available to you.

S.E.L. liquidates used medical equipment from closed hospitals, clinics, and clients enrolled in their Medical Asset Management Program, trademarked as sur-PLUS(r). They are fluent in all areas of the acute care environment, and conduct informed appraisals of used medical equipment.  

Amsco - Ultrasonic Cleaner

scientific equip.jpg (50200 bytes)

This is just one example of the products available from this company.  Click on the link below to visit their web site and view a full listing of the products available.  Thank you.

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USA Medical International





Whole body systems, general radiology, abdominal, OB/Gyn, 
small parts, breasts, cardiac, cardio-vascular, urology

  • 40 reconditioned ultrasounds and 400 transducers in stock 
  • High-end Color Doppler and B & W Ultrasounds.
  • We sell parts for Ultrasounds (PCBs, PWR Supplies, etc.)
  • We are FDA Registered
  • We also sell reconditioned Transducers such as:
    Convex, Linear, Sector, Mechanical, Phased Array, Vaginal, Rectal and TEE
  • We sell medical grade printers, VCRs and multi-format cameras
  • We repair transducers
  • Dealer inquiries welcome

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