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Medi-Ject Corp.
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For millions of people throughout the world who live with diabetes and many other medical conditions, daily injections with needles are a fact of life. For over twenty years, Medi-Ject has helped improve the quality of life for thousands of individuals and their families. That’s because they’ve discovered the advantages of Needle-Free Injections.

 At Medi-Ject, our guiding mission is to provide people with a better way to take injections. Since the original Medi-JectorÆ was sold in 1979, we have made tremendous progress in developing more advanced and easier to use Needle-Free injection systems. Today, our seventh-generation Injector: Medi-Jector VISIONTM, offers unparalleled simplicity, comfort, and reliability – a convenient alternative to needle syringes and pen injectors.

Medi-Jector Vision
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Take your insulin injections without using needles! The Medi-Jector Vision is a precision needle-free drug delivery system with an advanced design and modern styling, making it smaller, lighter, and less expensive than previous models. The Medi-Jector Vision uses pressure to create a micro-thin stream of insulin that penetrates the skin and is deposited into the subcutaneous (fatty) tissue in a fraction of a second.

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