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Classic M.D.M., Inc (Medical Dispenser Manufacturers), A.K.A. MEDISPENSE™, manufactures products that assist people of all ages with accurate compliance of daily medication intake and pill/vitamin storage. Over the years we have added many features and products to our selection to better serve an individual’s needs. Whether it is a daily vitamin or medication in form of a pill or liquid; these requirements differ from one person to the next. We take pride that our product line offers the options to fit most any medication routine. Just take a look through our catalog pages.
Classic has formed a foundation of honesty and integrity. Our business model is based upon a strong commitment to our customers, while providing profitable solutions through teamwork, innovation, and versatility. We have a reputation for outstanding service and quality, as Classic M.D.M. has been established since 1971. Our original designs have made us one of the leading manufacturers in the Medication Compliance Market. Our goal is to be your one-stop-shop for the organization and intake-aide of medicinal products. Take a look below for a couple of our patent-pending, innovative ideas.

•    Easy-Scoop: A Classic M.D.M. original product design developed in 1980 creating the ease of medication and vitamin removal from our organizers.
•    Sure-Grip: Thought up and designed in 1996 to firmly hold a variety of medical and vitamin tablet shapes within our pill-splitter (Item #: PS7345). The reverse holding, serrated flaps grip the area to prevent the tablets from being ejected during the splitting process. You no longer have to worry about wasting another costly pill. Crumbling of the pill is also practically eliminated with this design

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