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Appraisal of medical equipment


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American Health Care Appraisal

We Are  Specialists.    "We Know Healthcare" from the ground up because we have approximately 80 years of experience as healthcare professionals operating health care facilities and providing health care services to communities. 

We are not general appraisers who don't know a Medicare Cost Report from a income and expense statement.  When we make recommendations or provide reports, we do so with an inside understanding of their generation and  their practical implications in the organization.  Also because of our healthcare provider background, we know how to communicate to healthcare executives and trustees in ways that make the most sense and provide them the direction they need.

Why is That Absolutely Vital? Because of the rapid changes going on in the many aspects of healthcare delivery you cannot stay on top of changes if you don't dedicate your full time to it.  You wouldn't use a general practitioner for a specialty medical procedure and you shouldn't use a general consultant or appraiser to determine values or solutions for your healthcare organization. 

We Offer a Wide Range of Healthcare Industry Appraisal and Program Evaluation Services.
To afford our clients maximum convenience and continuity in expanded appraisal and consulting assignments, we have the professional capability to appraise, evaluate and respond to all equipment, property, and organizational information needs.   

What does that mean for you, the client?  It means there is no need to seek out different firms for various kinds of appraisals, evaluations, analyses or consulting assignments.  As a comprehensive healthcare consulting firm, we provide: 

-Medical Equipment Appraisers
-Business Valuation
-Healthcare Real Estate Appraisal
-Feasibility Studies
-Fairness Opinions Strategic Planning
-Performance Appraisal
-Program Evaluations
-Private Health Care Systems Consulting
-Healthcare Consulting in Health Care Administration
-Healthcare Strategic Planning
-Healthcare Market Analysis
-Hospital Operations Management
-Healthcare Financial Management Consulting
-Human Resources and Employee Satisfaction Audits  ... to name a few.

Medical Equipment Appraisals For:

Purchase - When you purchase medical equipment, you want to know beforehand its' value.  Many times organizations sell for too little or buyers pay too much.  We can provide the fair market value of medical equipment and health care furnishings.  The cost of medical equipment for the strained budget of a healthcare organization always represents a significant line item on the budget.

Sale - As with the above purpose, it is important to receive a fair value for your old equipment.  Our involvement and appraisal insures that you will get a representative value for that equipment.  Medical equipment varies  greatly in condition, age and amenities.  The proper value can be elusive. We can help overcome that.

Insurance Replacement Cost - Our insurance appraisals are important for our clients when natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, tornados or other sources of damage cause loss of equipment, supplies, or facilities.   Insurance replacement costs can be just or unfair. Our appraisal of the full and appropriate replacement cost insures that our clients.  Insurance companies do not always estimate the full and appropriate cost to replace the lost items.  We can also assist clients to meet with and negotiate problem areas.  In other words, we can handle it all and you can do what you do best, manage your organization.  

Donations - In-kind donations of medical equipment or other tangible and intangible assets by the public, by physicians or others represent a significant annual supplement to health care organizations.  Donors are eligible to receive significant tax relief for their donations to non-profit organizations.  We provide appraisals which document the value of the donation at the time of bequest.  

Updating Balance Sheet - Periodically health care organizations update their balance sheets by obtaining a fair market value of their equipment and other tangible assets.  Typically accountants use depreciation tables which is not necessarily reflective of "market value".  We can provide appraisals of equipment, furnishings and other assets to insure that the organizations balance sheet is current and accurate on the equipment (assets) section.

End of Lease Values - Occasionally hospitals and other health care organizations purchase equipment from expired leases.  When this happens the lease companies sell the equipment on the open market but first usually discuss the option with the lease holder.  Usually the medical equipment is 5 or 7 years old and possesses a fair market value of some significantly decreased value.  We provide these values. 

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