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Ludvig M. Stabholz Book

Book By: Ludvig M. Stabholz M.D. :  Low Back Disorders: Innovative Ambulatory Treatment, Self Treatment, and Prophylaxis

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Ludvig M. Stabholz M.D. has for many years been Chairman of the Clinic for Treatment of Spinal Disorders in Tel Aviv, Israel, and in his near-half-century of dedicated scholarship and service, has helped thousands of patients with serious back problems.

He has invented the very effective traction device, Vertetrac , usable by ambulatory patients, and shown to produce a high rate of recovery from a variety of back problems.

Although this is an extremely thorough scholarly work, which draws upon the research, conclusions, and surveys of many hundreds of specialists whom Dr. Stabholz cites, it is also a very clearly written, logically arranged, and understandable book.

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