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Magnifiers for low vision

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The patented Book Holder by Adapt-a-Lap is the easiest-to-use reading-aid because it's adjustable. There is nothing like it.

Since it is supported by an extendable leg and the user's body, it holds your book or magazine at exactly the right height and position that is best and most comfortable for you without requiring the use of your hands.

The Adapt-a-Lap is a portable desk. It's great for taking notes and for holding your Laptop computer or WebTV keyboard. 

This lightweight (22 oz.) reading and writing support measures less than 12x14 inches. It will fit into most briefcases, backpacks and lap-top computer bags. 

The Adapt-a-Lap's two elastic straps hold your reading material in place, and its see-through filaments hold your pages open and flat. It even supports books of over 900 pages and oversized
books such as an atlas.

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Clarity Solutions

What makes Clarity Special?

  • Auto Focus
  • Portable 
  • Modular
  • Flexible
  • Distance Viewing
  • 60X Magnification
  • Connects to TV, Computer, LCD or Glasses
  • Advanced Modes
  • Ergonomic Design
  • User Friendly
  • Affordable

Clarity Solutions manufactures Clarity video magnifiers. Choose between our traditional Discovery Inline product line and our versatile Flex product line. Both lines magnify images up to 60 times or more and project the magnified images onto a monitor so that the image is easier to read or see.

Clarity Solutions is a leading innovator in the low vision assistive technology field. We are dedicated to developing solutions to help people with low vision retain their independence. Clarity video magnifiers have been designed based on extensive feedback from clients. Our systems are all Auto Focus and offer an unprecedented amount of flexibility so you can find the perfect combination to suit your individual needs.

Clarity Solutions offers Clarity Auto-focus Inline video magnifiers as well as modular portable Clarity Flex video magnifiers that offer the same clarity and image quality as our Inline systems as well as outstanding flexibility.

If you have been having difficulty reading, writing, doing hobbies, working at your job or school, going to the theater or sports events, then a Clarity video magnifier is the solution for you! Our video magnifiers are easy to use and provide much greater magnification than hand-held magnifiers, in addition to many extra features like distance viewing, line markers and freeze frame to make your life easier.

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