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Medical Monitoring and Medical Locating System for Wanderers

















































AlertOne® providing Emergency Response Solutions for the Home and Medical Facility

AlertOne® 8000 Series Voice Dialer

AlertOne® 8000 Series Voice Dialer

Is a wireless activated all-purpose emergency calling system that upon activation automatically calls up to 6 telephone numbers and plays a recorded emergency message.

After the emergency message is played or anytime during the message, the recipient can acknowledge and stop the message by pressing a key on their telephone keypad.

After the call is acknowledged the recipient is able to communicate with the protected location in a 2-way voice full duplex operational mode.

The recipient can either terminate the call, or escalate the call to the next emergency number by a simple keystroke on their telephone handset.

 Table Top and Wall Mountable!

  • 20 Second Message (total capacity) safely EEPROM stored so once the message and data is entered it is not lost. Up to 5 separate messages can be played based upon the emergency situation or individual transmitter being activated. Messages can be re-recorded perpetually for new resident/clients.

  • High Quality Full Duplex two way voice communication allows the emergency call recipient to listen and talk to the protected person or location.

  • 6 Programmable outbound telephone numbers including pagers can be stored in the order of emergency priority.

  • Call Acknowledgement requires that the emergency call recipient to acknowledge the emergency call by pressing a key on their phone set or the system will continue to place calls until the emergency is acknowledged.

  • Automatic Battery Backup provides 8+ hours of battery backup during a power failure for proper system function and automatically recharges after the power is restored.

  • Programmable Dialing Patterns provide access to "PABX","KEY", and Centrex telephone systems and extensions as well as paging services.

  • Accessory Monitoring for smoke detectors, gas detectors, medication dispensers, and door and window contacts.

  • Liquid Crystal Display provides complete system operation status reporting in clear, readable text.

  • Programmable Mobility Inactivity Timer ensures client activity by requiring a "check-in" at predetermined times if desired. Optional wireless motion detector will automatically reset the Mobility Inactivity Timer.
  • Auto-Learn super-heterodyne receiver transmitter system provides simple addition and removal of up to 20 transmitters and auxiliary transmission devices.
  • Central Station Monitoring of the 8000 Series Communicator is a simple programming option that can be used in conjunction with the AlertOneâ ResponseAlert® monitoring computer for complete on-site emergency activation call processing.
  • Remote Telephone Answering the telephone is as easy as the push of a button from the wearable transmitter allowing an amplified full duplex speakerphone conversation with the caller.
  • Auto Answer provides for the ability to call into the Series 8000 Communicator from a standard telephone.
  • UL/CSA/CE Listed power supply for regulatory compliance.

The 8000 Series Voice Dialer includes:
One pendant transmitter, phone cord and power supply.

All this for only $295.00 for the complete system!

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American Medical Alert Corp.
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American Medical Alert Corporation is one of the leading providers of Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) in North America. Since 1981, AMAC has been dedicated to enhancing quality of life for people with health limitations by providing communication services that allow for independent living and peace of mind. Revolutionizing the PERS industry with the first system to incorporate two-way voice communication, the company continues to set industry standards with innovative technology and new services to better meet the needs of subscribers and health care providers. The Company markets its PERS to health maintenance organizations, state social service agencies, hospitals, home health care providers, ambulance companies, licensed distributors and directly to consumers.

american medical alert.JPG (10090 bytes)

When you have VoiceCare, a personalized file is created containing your medical history and the names and phone numbers of the important people in your life...your family, friends, neighbors and doctors. Instant access to this vital information ensures that you receive the right care at the right time and keeps you and your loved ones in close, continual contact.

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Care Electronics
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Patient Care Wanderer Monitoring System

care electronics.jpg (21519 bytes)

PatientCARE is a simple and affordable approach to wanderer monitoring.


The Patient CARE Wanderer Monitoring System is a simple, affordable, and effective way to monitor residents who tend to wander. The system consists of door monitoring receivers capable of monitoring up to 50 patients and wrist worn transmitters - each with a unique digital code. The PatientCARE System notifies staff when a monitored patient attempts to leave through a protected exit.


When a patient approaches a monitored door (wearing a transmitter), the system is alerted and waits for the patient to open the door. When the door is opened and the patient is within the range set by the staff, an audible alarm sounds and the ID number of the patients transmitter is displayed. Up to four transmitter alarms are held in memory in the event that several patients are leaving together. In addition to the audible alarm at the door, a PatientCARE 64 transmitter can be connected to send the alarm information to a console at the nurse's station (optional). The location of the alarm is provided at the nurse's station and the patient's ID number is provided at the door. When the staff responds, they can reset the door monitoring receiver using a key.


PatientCARE is designed to be installed by your maintenance personnel with only a few tools. The system is pre-wired to mount next to the exit door and operates from an existing 1lOVAC plug. Decorative molding is supplied to cover any exposed wiring.

This is just one of the products offered by this company, please 
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Micro-Tech Enterprises
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Micro-Tech Enterprises is a leading manufacturer of fall monitoring devices that has been serving the long-term care industry for over 10 years.

Our goal is to provide high quality products at a reasonable price with excellent service to our customers.

Informer-Mate™ Deluxe

informer_mate_deluxe.jpg (12307 bytes)

Informer-Mate™ Deluxe is designed to monitor residents at risk of falling.  This light weight, versatile control unit can be moved easily from chair to bed to wheelchair as the patient moves.  Will easily interface with most nurse call systems.  

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Diabetes Response Service is the Only Scheduled Pro Active Medical Alert System using Personal Phone Call Management with Live Operators to Monitor, Alert and Prevent Severe Diabetic Hypoglycemia (insulin shock) Resulting in Passing Out, Fainting, Seizures, Brain Cell Death and Physical Death in Type 1 Diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes. Are you a potential subscriber? Request Information


Diabetes Response Service provides Customized Scheduled Support (CSS) to paid subscribers seeking daily support, alarms and medical alerts. The Diabetes personal medical alert system can alert anybody with type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, hypoglycemia, or anyone with health or medical conditions that require live support, security alarms, daily monitoring, wake up calls, medical alerts and medical emergency response. Who can benefit from the security of Diabetes Response Service support? Children with diabetes. Parents with diabetes. Mothers with diabetes. Fathers with diabetes. Teenagers and college students with Diabetes. Single diabetics. Married diabetics. Elderly or senior citizens with diabetes or alzheimers disease. Divorced diabetics. Diabetics in the workforce. Retired diabetics. Traveling diabetics. Business people with diabetes. Anyone in need of a scheduled security system.

  • CUSTOMIZATION: Update Your Information with an Online Control Panel or Call Representative

    • Select Your Contacts:
      Add Up to Two Personal Contacts in Case of Emergencies
    • On/Off Feature:
      Schedule Service Calls to Start and Stop at Anytime
    • Mobile Text Message Feature:
      Scheduled Daily Text Message Alerts to Your Cell-Phone

  • SCHEDULED TELEPHONE ALARM CALLS: A Live Operator Monitoring Your Diabetes 24/7

    • Additional Phone Call Alerts:
      Add as Many Alert Calls as You Need Per Day to Suit Your Situation

  • SECURE SUPPORT: Eliminate Medical Costs, Prevent Complications of Diabetes and "Dead in Bed" Syndrome

    • Calls to Your Contacts:
      To React to Your Emergency in a Timely Manner, Saving you Ambulance Fees
    • Ambulance Dispatch:
      Ambulance Dispatch to Your Location on File in The Event Your Contacts Cannot be Reached
    • Independent Security:
      Independent Subscribers Receive three(3) Calls in three(3) minute intervals Before An Ambulance is Dispatched


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