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Concord Elevator

The CONCORD's I.P.L.-RE Lift is a residential Inclined Wheelchair Platform Lift designed to provide a means of access along a stairway for persons with physical disabilities.

Versatile design and ease of installation make the I.P.L.-RE the perfect solution to accessibility problems in the home. The I.P.L.-RE can be installed in existing stairways with minimal modifications, with the aluminum track either wall mounted or installed on optional support towers.   A unique design allows the I.P.L. Lift to be "folded" neatly out of the way when not in use, leaving the stairway clear for pedestrian traffic. Many optional features, such as fully sequential "auto-fold" platform/barrier arms and 24 Volt emergency operation with automatic battery recharging allow you to customize the I.P.L.-RE.



STAIR LIFTS are designed for people who experience physical difficulty ascending/descending stairs

LIBERTY II is equipped with a 90° swivel seat for easy exit at the top landing


Elevator Products - ORION Commercial LU/LA Elevator

Concord’s ORION is a fully enclosed commercial elevator that makes code compliance fast and easy. Completely redesigned, it meets all current American and Canadian Code requirements (American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) A17.1, Canadian Standards Association’s CSA B44-00 Section 5.2.) for limited-use/ limited application (LU/LA) elevators. It is also suitable for residential use.

Our innovative cable hydraulic drive system delivers reliable, quiet, and smooth operation while serving two to four floors. With several door and gate options, and a wide variety of cab colors and interiors to choose from, ORION can be personalized to complement any décor. The Concord ORION is a user-friendly, cost-effective solution for both new construction, and when adding an elevator to an existing structure. Easily installed, and requiring a shallow 14" pit depth, the ORION can be applied to nearly any low-rise application. At Concord, our focus is on quality assurance, reliability, and attention to detail. Our top priority is always customer satisfaction. When you choose the ORION, you can feel confident you are selecting the best accessibility LU/LA elevator on the market, built by the name you’ve trusted for over 30 years.

Standard Features:
bullet1:2 Cable Hydraulic Drive System provides smooth, quiet, safe, and dependable operation.
bulletProven Virginia Controls PLC controller
bulletProven ECI two-speed door operator
bullet1400 lb/636 kg load capacity.
bulletQuiet and efficient Submersed Hydraulic Pump Unit
bulletEmergency Battery Power Backup system for powered lowering and door operation in the event of a main building power failure.
bulletManual Lowering Valve located at the pump for added convenience.
bulletCar Top Inspection Station.
bulletOverspeed Governor.
bulletPhase 1 and 2 Firemen Recall Service
Standard Cab Features:
bulletVertical Brushed stainless steel control panel
bulletRigid Fire-rated steel birdcage cab design
bulletSolid ceiling with superior incandescent down-lights
bulletDigital floor indicator mounted in the control panel
bulletAutomatic cab interior lighting
bulletCar directional indicator and floor passing signal mounted in the cab
bulletStainless steel handrail
bulletBraille button indicators and car floor plates
bulletIlluminated hall and car call buttons
bulletEmergency alarm and stop buttons
bulletEmergency Cab Lighting

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For Your Convenience
Click on image to enlarge

For Your Convenience is a unique company totally dedicated to
enabling independent living by solving accessibility and mobility problems.
Our experienced crews can work within your budget to customize access
according to your needs. The same level of service and expertise that is
applied to major construction and renovation projects is available to
private parties who may require only a ramp or grab bars. For Your
Convenience specializes in projects with unique challenges. If you've been
told that "it can't be done" you should be talking with us. Whether you need a
source for handicap access equipment or a complete install . . . . .

Acorn® stairway lift 

for your convenience.jpg (8946 bytes)

Glide upstairs in comfort with just a push of a button. The Acorn® stairway lift provides easy access to your home, upstairs and down. This basic stairway lift features a wide, flat seat for easy transfer at either landing.

This is just one of the products offered by this company.  Click on the link below to visit their web site and view a full listing of products available.  Thank you.

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Manufacturers of Elevator Products

Access Industries
4001 E. 138th St.
Grandview, MO 64030
Econol Elevator Lift Corp.
2513 Center St.
Cedar Falls, IA 50613
Inclinator Co. of America
2200 Paxton St.
Harrisburg, PA 17111
Triad Technology
219 Lamson St.
Syracuse, NY 13206
Waupaca Elevator Company, Inc.
1050 S. Grider St.
Appleton, WI 54914

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