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Lift Systems Patient Lift Systems

Patient lift system includes portable and permanent sling lifts, 
wheelchair lifts, and entry systems.



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Alco Sales and Service Co.
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In today's competitive market, it is really hard to know who to trust. There are companies that tell you they have the lowest prices, or they are the largest in their field, or can offer the fastest service--usually at a premium. However, ALCO can make the following promises and keep them:

1. Alco promises to earn your trust by providing superior service and products.
2. Alco promises to make your job easier by providing schematics or drawings to you to help you order the correct part.
3. Alco promises to treat every order, large or small, with your complete satisfaction in mind.


alco lift.jpg (4690 bytes)

-400 lb. capacity
-High-durability powder coat finish
-Rear caster brake
-The following applies to the HPL 400 (power Unit) only:
-Battery: 2 - 12 Volt Rechargeable Sealed
-Charger Input: 120V AC
-Charger Output: 24V DC
-One Speed Bi-directional Operation
-Emergency Lowering
-Soft Stop; Emergency Stop
-LCD Display for Battery Life
-Acoustic Battery Alarm at 50% Battery Capacity
-Hydraulic Patient Lifter
-Accommodates Hoyer 4-point slings and traditional slings
-Ergonomically placed hydraulic pump handle is easy to use
-Legs adjust to fit around furniture and wheelchairs
-Convenient rotating pump handle allows operation from both sided of lifter

Click on the link below to visit this company's web site and view a full listing of lift systems available.  Thank you.

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Arjo is dedicated to delivering quality products, solutions and programs that enhance the daily living of the elderly and sick, and provide a safe and healthy working environment for the people who care for them.

Arjo has gained unrivalled knowledge of the practicalities of caring for the elderly and sick from over 40 years of contact with all aspects of nursing worldwide. By refining and channelling this knowledge into developing and manufacturing products, Arjo makes life easier and safer for resident, nurse and caregiver. With its unique overview, Arjo is committed to spreading its findings and helping to raise the standard of care for residents and caregivers.

Opera Lift System

arjo lift.jpg (12460 bytes)

Opera is available with a choice of attachments and accessories to cover many of today's handling and moving needs. The model illustrated is fitted with a four-point tilting spreader bar or Dynamic Positioning System - DPS. This combination meets most everyday lifting requirements involving the support of patients weighing up to 200 kg (440 lbs). Touch button controls on the handset and mast give complete control to the operator. The lightweight construction and large diameter castors are designed to reduce resistance and improve maneuverability when transferring the patient. The Opera V-shaped  base  can be widened or narrowed simply by pressing the touch-sensitive button on the handset. This feature enables access around large chairs or wheelchairs, or allows base positioning to clear obstacles under a bed. The unique tilting spreader bar allows gentle repositioning of patients when raising and lowering from a bed, chair or even from the floor.

This is just one of the product offered by this company.  Click on the link below to visit their web site and view a full listing of products available.  Thank you.

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EZ Way, Inc.

EZ Lift

EZ Lift battery powered electric patient lift
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  • Reduces workers compensation
  • Reduces employee absenteeism and turnover
  • Increases productivity
  • Increases patient comfort and safety
The EZ Lift is a battery powered electric patient lift which, in most cases, can be operated by one person. Its primary function is to lift patients from the bed, chair, toilet and floor. In addition, it is able to transport patients around the facility. EZ Lift battery powered electric patient lift EZ Lift battery powered electric patient lift

A built-in digital scale displays the patient’s weight with a touch of a button.



EZ Lift patient lift - a minimum of handling.
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The sling is designed to be put on or removed with a minimum of handling and lifting of the patient. The sling does not have to be left under most patients.

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Liko Inc. Lifts and Slings

Lifting in motion

A mobile lift offers several advantages, but comparing mobile lifts and stationary lifts is difficult. Both are excellent, but for different reasons.

Liko has a wide range of mobile lifts. All models have special features that help to meet your needs in different ways. Liko’s sales representatives, all qualified occupational therapists or physiotherapists, will help you to analyze your needs.



Over Head Lifts

With a stationary or overhead lift system, you can lift and transfer patients with minimal effort and maximum safety, regardless of how the room is furnished.

An overhead lift is always there when you need it and it’s safe and easy to use, both for the patient and the caregiver.

Liko’s overhead lift systems cover a comprehensive range of needs and consist of many different components to meet a broad diversity of installation requirements.

These lift systems are appropriate in all care environments and meet the highest demands for function, safety and availability.

Our staff will help you to find the right solution for your particular situation. Contact one of our technicians or function experts. They’ll help you to analyze your needs and suggest a functional, long-term solution that stands up to any cost comparison.


It started with a sling made entirely of textile fabric. At the time, this was revolutionary.

Now Liko has the world’s largest assortment of slings and lifting accessories. Together with our many varieties of slingbars in different widths and with different functions, slings can be used to lift patients in all types of situations.

For nearly 25 years, we have been developing functional, easy-to-use lifting accessories in close collaboration with caregivers and patients.

With growing demands for lifting and as knowledge in this area increases, Liko’s development process continues.


Moving Solutions


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Whole House Access, Flexible Desig, Blends Into Any Environment

  • Safe, Comfortable & Reliable
  • Simple Installation -
         Freestanding, Wall
         Or Ceiling Mounted
  • Weight Capacities up to 775 lbs.
  • Battery Operated
  • Four Models Available
         Single Strap "Local" Lifting Cassette
         Two-Strap "Interstate" Lifting Cassette
         Faaborg "Heavy" Lifting Cassette
         Faaborg "Ultra" Lifting Cassette
  • Most Comfortable Slings In the Industry
         Walking Harness Available!

With The "InterState" Model
Room To Room Transfers Are As Easy As 1,2,3!

A Patented System That Allows Transfers From One Room To Another Without Any Doorway Modifications!


1) When reaching the doorway, simply extend second strap and attach to rail on other side of door...



2) Next, press the control button to effortlessly transfer individual into the next room.



3) Finally, you can detach the back strap and proceed into the next room.


Faaborg Person Lift

Tri Hanger Bar Is safer and more comfortable to use

Utilizes Faaborg Slings - made of comfortable poly/cotton
 material that is machine washable/dryable, features color 
coded attachments and are designed without chains or 
metal/plastic plates

Magnetic Hand Control
Is capable of being attached to any flat surface on the 
lift and permits total hands on assistance during transfers

Provide soft start/soft stop technology for no jarring starts 
and stops and can sense obstructions and stops

Have the lowest rolling resistance on any on the market, 
include color-coded "total" directional-lock rear brakes and 
front rubber bumpers to prevent wall damage

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Barrier Free Lifts, Inc.

BarrierFree.jpg (5412 bytes)Barrier Free Lifts® are patient lifts which provide a variety of safe and effective ways to lift and transfer people from almost any position to just about anywhere they desire. Specializing in the production of lifts for homes and hospitals, we are dedicated to helping people achieve greater mobility. Our lifts are free of gadgets and clutter, and are built for dependable and safe use.
Whatever your personal lifting needs may be, Barrier Free Lifts® will have a variety of solutions to offer.


Shown Here
The Portable PC-2 is our most popular installed ceiling lift. It is a small lift that weighs 18.5 lbs. and is designed to be carried between separate tracks in different rooms . For individuals
weighing up to 300 pounds, the Portable PC-2 is ideal in situations that require lifting assistance in multiple locations. The PC-2 will save you money, since small sections of track are installed wherever a lift or transfer is needed.
Other models available

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Platinum Healthcare Equipment
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Platinum Healthcare Equipment specializes in innovative, high-quality, patient handling and patient care products designed specifically for nursing homes, hospitals and assisted living facilities. All products are designed to maximize ease-of-use as well as promote a safe and comfortable patient care environment. With decades of experience, the experts at Platinum Healthcare Equipment can assist you in selecting the right equipment for your facility. Allow us to show you how to increase patient comfort levels while reducing healthcare worker injury. 

Pinnacle Electric Ceiling Lift

platinum2.jpg (4987 bytes)
The most advanced electric ceiling lift on the market today. The state-of-the-art control system provides the user with ultimate control and convenience. Effortless electric raising and lowering is smooth and quiet. Maximum lifting capacity of up to 600 lbs. means even the heaviest of patients are safely lifted. Color coded hand controller switches control right and left travel providing a truly effortless transfer. One touch return to charge will never leave you stranded with dead batteries. The smart charge sensor will automatically send the lift back to the charging station without intervention, after 15 minutes of inactivity and a 3 short tone notification.

This is just one of the products offered by this company.  Click on the link below to visit their web site and view a full listing of products available.  Thank you.

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Portable Entry Systems

· OSHA Compliant Steps & Ramps
· Full Line of Portable Steps
· Handicap Accessible Ramps - ADA compliant
· Entry Systems to comply with any code
· Consultation available on Code Compliance
· Full Variety of Sizes available
· Custom Steps and Ramps available

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Rand-Scot, Inc.
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Rand-Scot manufactures products to help the disabled and other products for various needs.

EasyPivot Patient Lift

rand scot.gif (27492 bytes)

Just imagine: a smooth pull on the handle and you are up and out of bed. Totally self-supporting, the EasyPivot's wide wheel base and low center of gravity make it virtually impossible to tip.

Just imagine: a smooth pull on the handle and you are up and out of bed. Totally self-supporting, the EasyPivot's wide wheel base and low center of gravity make it virtually impossible to tip.

Once lifted, your assistant easily rolls you to a chair. Upon reseating, you are properly placed with your sacrum positioned all the way back in the chair.

All four wheels swivel to negotiate tight areas with ease. The EasyPivot is so comfortable that many users stand for a few moments each evening simply to stretch out from a long day of sitting.

An Award Winner - The EasyPivot received the 1994 Silver award from the American Society on Aging for being an innovative product for seniors in the home.

This is just one of the products offered by this company.  Click on the link below to
visit their web site and a full listing of their products.  Thank you.

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T.H.E. Medical

T.H.E. Medical manufactures and distributes the world's most comprehensive family of innovative, cost-effective patient handling and bathing products specifically engineered and carefully crafted to enhance patient safety and comfort while significantly reducing caregiver injury.

The Ultralift 2000X
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the medical ultralift.jpg (322085 bytes)

The Ultralift 2000X electric patient lifter allows for easy bed, chair and floor lifts and features a lifting capacity of 600lbs. Additional features include a comfortable 4-point sling attach system, power base widening, wide selection of slings, optional digital weigh scale attachment and an industry leading 3 year warranty. Safety features include emergency manual lowering , electronic anti-entrapment, safety stop and heavy duty battery system with integrated charger.
 Pinnacle-Portable electric ceiling lift
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 the medical pinnacle.jpg (348659 bytes)
The new Pinnacle-Portable electric ceiling lift by T.H.E. Medical permits caregivers to effortlessly transfer patients to and from bed, chair, toilet etc. with the push of a button.  This institutional-quality lift features a 440 lb. lifting capacity, a 4-point sling attach for superior comfort and safety, a removable battery pack system and a unique through-door capability that allows for room to room transfers without lowering the patient to a chair and without having to perform structural modifications to doorway headers.  Additional features include an optional hand controller, emergency lowering and a built-in carry handle. The Pinnacle Portable can be easily transported from room-to-room allowing multiple ceiling track installations to share one lift motor.

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V. Guldmann A/S

V. Guldmann A/S develops, produces and distributes products and services, which makes daily life easier for the disabled and their careers.  Guldmann was founded in 1980. Through a focused effort in a limited number of product areas and with the help of ongoing development, the company has achieved a significant growth throughout the years.  Today Guldmann is an international company with its own distribution companies in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, the UK and USA, as well as partners and distributors in many countries within and outside Europe.


Guldmann lifting- and handling systems
A wide range of ceiling mounted and mobile hoists with a complete range of slings and accessories.

Flexus nursing- and hospital beds
Comfortable and flexible beds for nursing homes, home care, and hospitals.

Stepless ramps and lifting platforms

Products that makes daily life easier for users of wheelchairs and other persons whose mobility is limited by differences in levels.

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Wy'East Medical Corporation
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prod_tlppl.gif (54473 bytes)Portable Lift. The TotaLift-PPL, a vertical patient
transfer system, is designed for use outside the
hospital environment. Use it when you need it, then
easily store it in a convenient closet or in the trunk of
your car.

Weighing only 70 pounds itself, the TotaLift-PPL offers
a generous weight capacity. The base width adjusts
simply to chairs, toilets, or tubs. The balanced center
of gravity disperses weight equally for ease of mobility.
Easy-to-use controls include an integrated push bar
and steer handles. Add three sling sizes and a built-in
overload protection system and you've got a powerful
tool for patient transfer.

Completely portable. After use, the
TotaLift-PPL folds up for transport and storage.

Easy assembly. The boom/mast detaches
easily for transport purposes.

Absolutely manageable. When disassembled, no part of
the TotaLift-PPL weighs more than 20 pounds.
Assembly is nearly effortless.

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Additional Lift System Companies

Sanderson Plumbing Products, Sani-Med Div.
PO Box 1367
Columbus, MS  39703
Sperzel Industries, Inc.
1030 N. Osage Blvd.
Nevada, MO  67772
SPRI Medical & Rehab Products
642 Anthony Trail
Northbrook, IL 60062
SR Instruments, Inc.
600 Young St.
Townsanda, NY  14150
SSC Medical Products
PO Box 48329
Atlanta, GA  30362
Stand Aid of Iowa, Inc.
PO Box 385
Sheldon, IA  51201
Sunrise Medical Inc.
2382 Faraday Ave. Ste. 200
Carlsbad, CA 92008
Surehands Lift & Care Systems
982 Rte. 1
Pine Island, NY  10969
Vancare, Inc.
1515 1st St.
Aurora, NE  68818
Waupaca Elevator Co., Inc
1050 S. Grider St.
Appleton, WI  54914
Wheelchairs of Kansas
204 W. 2nd St.
Ellis, KS  67637
World Class Motor Specialists
9920 Painter Ave.
Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670
Andermac, Inc.
2626 Live Oak Hwy.
Yuba City, CA  95991
Apex Dynamics, Inc.
1900 W. Oak Circle, Ste.C
Marietta, GA  30062
Apria Healthcare
3560 Hyland Ave.
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Aqua Motion, Inc.
14320 Longe Peak Ct.
Longmont, CO  80504
Barrier Free Lifts, Inc.
9230 Prince William St.
Manassas, VA  20110
Clarke Health Care Products, Inc.
1003 International Dr.
Oakdale, PA  15071
Columbus McKinnon Corp. Mobility Products Div.
140 John James Audobon Pkwy, Amherst
Buffalo, NY  14228
Concord International DL
120 Harrogate Pl.
Longwood, FL  32779
Crest Health Care
195 S. 3rd St.
Daasel, MN  55325
Dalloz Fall Protection
1355 15th St.
Franklin, PA  16323
Drive-Master Co. Inc.
9 Spielman Rd.
Fairfield, NJ  07004
Econol Elevator Lift Corp.
2513 Center St.
Cedar Falls, IA  50613
Garaventa (Canada)Ltd
PO Box 1769
Blaine, WA  98231
Giant Lift Equipment Mfg. Co., Inc.
185 Lafayette Rd.
North Hampton, NH  03862
Gould Athletic Supply Co.
3156 N. 96 St.
Milwaukee, WI  53222
Grant Airmass Corp.
144 Prospect St.
Stamford, CT 06901
Health O Meter, Inc.
7400 W. 100th Pl.
Bridgeview, IL  60455
Hill-Rom (Long-Term Care Div)
4349 Corporate Rd.
Charleston, SC  29405
Home Hospital Equip. Co.
3634 Central Ave. NE
Minneapolis, MN 55418
I.E.D. Inc.
1938 Sanford St.
Muskegon, MI  49441
International Industries
5500 Muddy Creek Rd. 
Cincinnati, OH 45238
Invacare Corp.
1 Invacare Way
Elyria, OH  44036
Lift Aid, Inc.
38281 Schoolcraft Rd.Ste B
Livonia, MI  48510
Linak U.S. Inc.
11001 Bluegrass Pkwy. Ste. 100
Louisville, KY  40299
Lumex Medical Products
100 Spence St.
Bay Shore, NY  11706
Medical Supplies of America DBA Medapex
PO Box 915
Tucker, GA  30085
National Wheel-O-Vator Co.
509 W. Front St.
Roanoke, IL  61561
Nor-Am Patient Care Products, Inc.
PO Box 543
Lewiston, NY  14092
Porto-Lift Corp.
6376 W. Higgins Lake Dr.
PO Box 5
Higgins Lake, MI  48627
Rifton Equipment
PO Box 901
Rifton, NY  12471

Additional Company Text Listings

BHM Medical


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