JJ-Enterprises Pull Cords
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Nurse pull cords




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JJ-Enterprises Pull Cords


Replace those old dirty nylon cords with a truly cleanable cord. Please call or email for a working sample you can install and try in you facility before you buy.

Our Germ Cleanable Pull Cord is made from a nylon center core incased in ABS plastic. These cords are made to be cleaned and disinfected. Our cord can be installed on all Lighting and Emergency switches for all nurse call manufactures.

Key Benefits

  • Benefit 1  A proactive, rather that a precautionary approach to infection control.
  • Benefit 2  Our cords can be cleaned and retain the strength of the existing nylon cord.
  • Benefit 3  Replacing these cords will improve the cleanliness of your toilet shower and overhead lighting areas and the safety of our patients and staff.


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