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Home Health Care includes lift systems, bath products, walkers, ostomy and much more.

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Biofeedback Instrument Corp (Alpha-Stim)

Biofeedback Instrument Corporation has been a medical products VAR and has provided accredited training programs (APA CE sponsors, BCIA certification) since 1972.

Alpha-Stim 100

biofeedback instrument.jpg (139633 bytes)

Absolutely nothing relieves pain, anxiety, depression, and/or insomnia like the Alpha-Stim 100. Inspired by recent advances in our understanding of biophysics, the Alpha-Stim 100’s therapeutic abilities have been acclaimed by health care professionals and patients world wide. Results gained from the Alpha-Stim 100 have been repeatedly verified through more clinical studies than with any other device in its class.

The Alpha-Stim® 100 uses microcurrent electrical therapy (MET) for those suffering from acute, chronic or postoperative pain. The Alpha-Stim® 100 works with the body on a large variety of ailments, including difficult-to-treat problems. Alpha-Stim® 100 microcurrent technology produces residual and cumulative results, far superior to previous traditional milliampere transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) devices. Turn a TENS off and the pain returns. Although broadly classified as a TENS, the Alpha-Stim® 100 is significantly superior because MET works with tiny currents, closer to the type and amount of electricity that naturally occurs in the body. By comparison, the electric current used by typical TENS devices is thousands of times greater than natural body current. Although a slight tingling sensation is sometimes felt under the electrodes, it is not necessary to feel this in order to achieve results. Many people feel nothing at all with the Alpha-Stim® 100 except positive results. MET is applied through easy to use probes or self-adhesive electrodes. Specific treatment protocols are included with the Alpha-Stim® 100 and technical assistance is readily available by telephone, fax, e-mail or mail. Alpha-Stim® technology is backed by more independent research than any other device in its class. Electromedical Products International, Inc. has been in business since 1981, treating a wide variety of medical disorders with Alpha-Stim ® microcurrent technology during that time with no reports of significant side effects. 

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Biofeedback Instrument Corp.

watchminder.jpg (35811 bytes)WatchMinder is a reminder device to assist people with attention deficit disorder (A.D.D.), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (A.D.H.D.), learning disorders, (L.D.) and chronic diseases such as diabetes, asthma, AIDS and hypertension. It can be programed as a medication reminder for home health care patients or the elderly and can assist in weight loss, smoking cessation and behavior modification programs.

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Biofeedback Instrument / Somatron Recliner

Somatron is the Sole Manufacturer of Somatron Products
and will match any catalog price

The Somatron Clinical Recliner connects easily to any stereo system or VCR/TV with 10 to 100 watts of power.  Incorporated in the Clinical Recliner is one Somatron Vibrotactile system in the center of the upper section (body), and the same in the center of the lower section (leg).  Both utilize the patented Somatron Second Diaphragm Vibroacoustic System.  The back section also has two full range high fidelity stereo head speakers protruding from the headrest.  These speakers provide quality stereo sound and excellent stereo separation.

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Galveston Medical Supplies, Inc.

Galveston Medical Supplies was formed by Paul and Patsy Judia May 2, 1988 in a one thousand square foot showroom, office and warehouse combined. We now have a spacious nineteen thousand square foot facility to fulfill the dream of bringing back the "Mom and Pop" type business where we are all family. Working as a team member with nurses, referal sources, discharge planners, physical therapist, occupational therapist, third party payers, doctors, home health agencies, family members and friends we strive to achieve the best affordable, quality products and services.

While visiting our store you will have a chance to meet some of the friendliest, understanding and caring professionals in the world today. Here we are customer friendly and willing to help you with your medical equipment and supply needs. If you need a product that we do not have in stock, there is a high probability we can order it for you. Open since 1988 we have roots which date back to 1969.

The original owners are still advisory consultants today. Over the years we have earned the respect of not only the local and surrounding community but also the medical community as a whole. Earning the respect of the world wide market will take a little longer but we are well on our way.

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HealthDevices.net makes it possible to conveniently and securely access the latest products in healthcare technology from the privacy of your home.  Our products are used by millions of people and recommended by health professionals across the world.

As the general population of the United States ages, so does the demand for home health care products. HealthDevices.net is determined to be your source for home healthcare products!

Products that we carry:
- Air Purifiers
- Blood Pressure Monitors
- Body Fat Devices
- Electrotherapy
- Fitness Products
- Glucose Monitors
- Heart Rate Monitors
- Massagers
- Nebulizers
- Pedometers
- Relaxation Devices
- Sound Machines
- Stethoscopes
- Thermometers

Let us help you with your goal of achieving a healthy body, mind & lifestyle!

We will do our best to make certain that you are receiving the highest in quality products at the lowest prices.  

Thank you for your visiting us!

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Home HealthComfort Medical
Click on image to enlarge

When it comes to providing medical supplies for the home-care client, no company is more committed to the needs of healthcare professionals and their client's than Home HealthComfort. We carry hundreds of items for: allergy care, ambulatory, bathroom, blood pressure, bras, breast enhancers, breast forms, diabetes care, electrotherapy, foot care, IV supplies, incontinence, lifts, neck and back care, nursing products, orthopedic, ostomy, respiratory, skin care and much, much more.

Pride Allante Lift Chair

home healthcomfort.gif (12961 bytes)

Pride's Allante collection features the look and feel of soft leather while also being much more durable and easier to clean. It's also much less expensive. Available in four attractive colors. Other options available.

This is just one of the products offered by this company.  Click on the link below to visit their web site and view a full listing of products.  Thank you.

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We are helping the world onto its feet with unique low cost, alternative products that ease daily living. Standers' products offer you greater independence, freedom, and mobility. Our mission is to make affordable, high quality, assistive products that enhance your life.


standers1.jpg (10001 bytes)

  Getting in and out of a vehicle can be a difficult task. The CarCaddie, attached to the frame of a car window, makes it easier, by offering balancing support as the person rises to a standing position. Ideal for exiting and entering tall vehicles or vehicles with deep seats. People who have a limited range of motion and weak lower body joints will benefit from the CarCaddie.

-Cushion grip
-Contoured buckle
-Adjustable handle height
-Quality nylon construction
-Economically priced
-Retail packaged


standers2.jpg (9857 bytes)


The BedCane make movement in and out a bed easy with it's steady support. The wood base fits between the mattress and box springs. The BedCane offers a way to maintain balance while rising to a standing position. Ideal for people with balance problems, or any lower body joints or mobility limitations.

-Cushion grip
-Collapsible for easy transport
-Powder coat finish
-Adjustable handle length
-Reversible handle
-Wood base included
-Safety strap included
-Quality components
-Classic or Wide handle styles
-Economically priced
-Retail packaged

These are just a few of the products offered by this company.  Click on the link below to visit their web site and view a full listing of products available. Thank you.

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The Wright Stuff
Click on image to enlarge

Our Mission is to be the leading provider of unique health care
products for people with varying physical needs. We search
for and deliver useful tools, appliances, equipment, and
rehabilitation products that make accomplishing daily tasks
less difficult.

Our goal is to provide people with arthritis, bursitis,
osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis,
tendonitis, back pain, muscle pain, joint pain, diabetes,
stroke, hypertension, impaired vision, poor grip strength, poor
balance, carpal tunnel syndrome, have undergone joint
replacement surgery, or most any physical ailment with
products to make your life easier.

Our products include kitchen accessories, walkers, canes,
walker accessories, wheelchair accessories, magnets,
exercise videos, gel cushions, gel mattresses, bathing and
dressing aids, joint supports, splints, wraps, adapted
utensils, Reachers, bathroom safety equipment, skin creams,
.........and more!!!

E-Z Bathe

wright stuff.jpg (11246 bytes)

Enjoy the relaxation of a tub bath in the bed. Deflated tub can be rolled under an individual, then inflated using the wet-dry vacuum. Tub inflates to 80'' long, 32'' wide, 10'' deep to fit individual up to 6'2'', and has an inflatable pillow for added comfort. The hand held shower connects to any tap up to 25' away. Drain hose can be closed for soaking in the tub, or left opened for showering. Tub is emptied and deflated using the drain hose and vacuum. A conventional garden hose may be attached to the drain hose if additional length is needed. Delivered complete with the pillow, 25'' reinforced drain hose with on/off valve, 25'' hose with shower head, wet & dry vacuum. Made of heavy duty 20 gauge vinyl, specially formulated to protect against microbacterial attack.

Shown is only one of many products available
from The Wright Stuff.  Click on the link below
to visit our web site or use the request form at
the bottom of this page for more information.

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