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Welcome to the Hearing Devices site on MedCatalog.Com.  Here you will find all types of medical products and supplies for the deaf and hard of hearing person as well as products for their families and friends.



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Audex Assitive Listening Systems
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At Audex, we are dedicated to providing the most functional and effective assistive listening devices for hearing impaired individuals.  We also provide this level of excellence for facilities required to offer assistance by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  Our emphasis is on quality, ease of installation and use and reasonable cost.  Our product features reflect our in-depth knowledge of the needs of hearing-impaired people as well as the problems experienced by facilities providing these devices under the ADA.  If your needs include hearing accessibility, Audex stands ready to offer complete solutions!

Neckloop Infrared Receiver
audex.gif (17368 bytes)

    The Audex Infrared battery powered receiver is a lightweight, convenient receiver for 95 kHz infrared reception. This unique unit uses a top mounted volume control and a separate on/off switch to adjust for hearing losses ranging from mild to profound. Designed with a hearing aid type frequency response, the REC-T3 produces balanced high and low frequencies to provide a clean, clear, understandable signal. Coupled with improved signal-to-noise ratio, this frequency response provides significant improvement for almost any type of audible hearing loss.
    Unlike other 95 kHz infrared receivers, the Audex LighthLink, features a built-in neck loop, is resistant to electronic ballast lighting interference, and can be successfully used with Audex infrared emitters in out of door locations in full daylight conditions. Sensitivity to transmitted signals has been increased by 25%, while rejection of indirect sunlight has been improved by almost 50%. This means the REC-T3 is the only infrared receiver to offers these advantages while remaining compatible with other broad band 95kHz systems. This means all of the advantages of 95KHz broadband technology is available with this product for courts, universities, and other government facilities.
    The REC-T3 is powered by two alkaline or NiCad rechargeable batteries, providing up to 150 hours for alkaline and up to 40 hours between charges for NiCads. The charge jack is located on the side of the unit, allowing the wearer to listen to the receiver while the batteries are being charged.
    The comfortable, permanently attached neck strap, functions as a highly efficient neck loop when no transducer is plugged into the headphone jack, providing a computer designed magnetic field with a shaped frequency response for maximum speech discrimination results. Plugging in headphones, cochlear implant patch cord, or other transducer, disconnects the loop, causing the neck loop to revert to a sturdy neck strap. The red on light on top of the unit doubles as a battery monitor, only lighting when the battery voltage is sufficient to provide a distortion-free signal.

This is just one of the products offered by this company.  Click on the link below to visit their web site and view a full listing of products.  Thank you.

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Hear USA
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We offer the highest level of personal care in the industry . . . quality, technology, customer satisfaction and reasonable cost are the benchmarks of service . . . and our promise . . . at HearUSA. 

Within an hour, a HearUSA Audiologist will find the nature of your hearing loss, evaluate your situation and recommend the most appropriate action. With today's technology, most hearing losses can be treated effectively, and improve your quality of life . . . forever! 

hear usa.jpg (37988 bytes)

Today's hear wear comes in many different types and sizes. 

The modern technology is sophisticated and amazing! The quality has changed dramatically since the days of Alexander Graham Bell, who invented the telephone in an attempt to produce an amplifier for his hard-of-hearing mother!  And, the size has gotten smaller and smaller since the days when the hearing aid was so large, the battery had to be strapped to the wearer's ankle! 
Today's hear wear has achieved CD quality sound and the size of
hearing aids are about the size of a contact lens and are virtually undetectable. 

Programmable and digital hearing aids are so sophisticated they can automatically adjust the volume of sound without having to manually adjust the volume controls, allowing you to experience soft sounds as well as making loud sounds more comfortable . . . and allowing you to enjoy unlimited freedom!


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MED-EL has developed a system of service second to none. The needs of cochlear implant users are the focus of our efforts. 

This system is based on upon five key commitments: 
-commitment to patient support, 
-commitment to professional support, 
-commitment to training and education, 
-commitment to maintenance and service, 
-commitment to research and development.

The services provided in each area are tailored to the specific and individual needs of the clinic and their cochlear implant users.

The COMBI 40/40+ System

med el.jpg (3959 bytes)

The COMBI 40/40+ System consists of an implanted part and an external part. The implanted part of the COMBI 40+ System comprises a small ceramic implant package, an electrode array, and a reference electrode. The implant is placed permanently in the bone behind the ear, the electrode array is inserted into the cochlea, and the reference electrode is placed outside of the cochlea. The surgical placement of the cochlear implant takes two hours on average. 

All materials used in the construction of the implant have been tested extensively for biological compatibility and durability. The energy required by the implant is sent from the external speech processor through the intact skin. Therefore the implant contains no batteries or other parts that need replacement. 

Ceramic Housing 
The implant housing is very small with all of the implant's electronic components contained in a robust and compact ceramic case. There is no need for a mechanically stressed coil outside the housing. Although ceramic implant housings are very expensive to manufacture, they are increasingly becoming the material of choice in many modern medical and electronic applications.

Unlike metallic materials, the ceramic case of the implant does not interfere with signal transmission and allows the transmission of a large amount of information with low energy requirements. In addition to favorable electrical characteristics, the ceramic material used in the implant also has very high mechanical strength and is similar in hardness to the surrounding bone.

The electronics of the implant contain a powerful custom-made chip that is capable of processing large amounts of information at a very rapid rate. It can generate over 18,000 sequential stimulating pulses per second and has been designed according to highest safety and reliability standards. This makes the implant compatible with a wide range of pulsatile processing strategies and future developments in speech processing. An advanced telemetry feature enables the clinic to verify the functional status of the implant within seconds. 

Electrode Array 
The electrode array is attached to the ceramic implant package and is inserted into the cochlea during surgery. The electrode array has been designed to enable deep placement into the cochlea with minimal trauma (approx. 31 mm) The special mechanical features of the array facilitate bending in the desired direction during surgical placement. The 24 COMBI 40+ contacts (electrodes) are arranged as connected pairs for 12-channel high-rate stimulation. The contacts are mounted on the electrode array in such a way that they are well positioned for stimulating the auditory nerve. The reference electrode is placed in a well protected spot outside the cochlea.

This is just one of the products offered by this company.  Click on the link below to visit their web site and view a full listing of products.  Thank you.

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Microsonic, Inc.

Established in 1964, Microsonic sets extremely high standards to produce quality service, craftsmanship, products and materials. As a result, Microsonic is widely recognized as one of the world’s leading full service earmold laboratories. Microsonic subscribes to a policy of mutual cooperation to guarantee satisfaction and to make every effort to share in the responsibility of assuring customer satisfaction in a quality fitting.

Microsonic’s reputation was built by supplying hearing aid dispensers with superb quality earmolds in a multitude of styles and materials, and this product line continues to be a major portion of today’s business.

The earmold is truly the most important link in the fitting of a hearing aid system, since it must routinely and simultaneously fulfill numerous functions. If it fails in any one of them, the hearing aid fitting can fail. 
It must:
-Provide a satisfactory acoustic seal 
-Acoustically couple the hearing aid to the ear 
-Retain the hearing aid on the pinna 
-Modify the acoustic signal produced by the hearing aid 
-Be comfortable to wear for an extended period of time 
-Be aesthetically acceptable to the patient, and 
-Be of a style that the patient can physically handle 

Microsonic’s Custom Earmold Manual and Instructional Video Earmold Selection and Acoustics detail the selection of materials, styles, acoustic options and applications. You can learn more about materials and styles here by going to Guide to Earmold Material Selection and Guide to Earmold Style Selection. First, though, you may want to review the Patient Evaluation for Earmold Selection. Additional information is provided on Acoustic Options, as well. 

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Audiological Engineering Corp

Dudley Hearing Aid Products

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