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Welcome to the ECG Machine also know as EKG Machine products used to provide an electrocardiogram page on MedCatalog.Com


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  • Common Heart Tests - Offers information about diagnostic procedures used to identify conditions and diseases. Features discussions and links to related articles.
  • American Heart Association: Diagnostic Tests and Procedures - Features overviews of current detection methods used for diagnosis. Features short articles and links to related publications.
  • Atlas of Perioperative Echocardiography - An on-line database of over 400 high-resolution still and video echocardiographic images, together with explanatory text and live ‘pubmed’ abstract links. A separate database describes the echocardiographic parameters of over 300 prosthetic heart valves in the mitral and aortic positions.
  • ECG Library - A collection of electrocardiograms, categorized by condition or abnormality as well as an overview of ECG axis and history.
  • HeartScan - Information on Electron Beam CT Scanning that can detect coronary artery disease in its earliest, most treatable stages. Provided by Abbott Northwestern Hospital/Minneapolis Heart Institute.
  • The Merck Manual: Cardiovascular Tests and Procedures - Concise descriptions detailing diagnostic procedures used in the detection of cardiac disease.
  • RadiologyInfo: Heart and Vascular System Procedures - Offers information about radiology techniques used for diagnosis and detection. Features images, FAQ's and benefits versus risks.
  • - Site for physicians offering information on rapid interpretations of EKGs with an interactive learning tool.


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Biofeedback Instrument Corp.

Heart Rate Variability Analysis System

Patent pending

(For Educational And Research Purposes Only)

BC1500 1.jpg (72815 bytes)

The HeartScanner is a versatile instrument for measuring and evaluation of the heart rate variability (HRV) in the way you need this HRV data. It does live recording  electrocardiograms of PPG or ECG signals, computing of the instantaneous changes of heart rate, and provides full analysis of heart rate variability after session is done.

The HeartScanner was developed to the standards and mathematical procedures for short-term HRV evaluation set by The European Society of Cardiology and The North American Society of Pacing and Electrophysiology. (1996)

It is designed with a flexibility to create your own protocols of data recording with respective full HRV analysis and data comparisons.

The HeartScanner provides a sophisticated Autonomic electrocardiogram Balance Report showing detailed results of both Time- and Frequency-domain data analysis.

The HeartScanner provides easy-to-understand verbal interpretation of the autonomic function condition on per-trial basis.

Key Benefits

  • Measuring sympathetic and parasympathetic activities of the autonomic nervous system
  • Compliance to the Standards of short-term HRV analysis
  • Real-time monitoring of the Heart Rate changes
  • Online ability to create and change multi-trial HRV evaluation protocols
  • Autonomic balance report including standard time and frequency domain HRV analysis
  • HRV data comparison to the population norms
  • Autonomic balance Zone diagram for multi-trial comparison
  • Various HRV session report capabilities (Graphs, Bar Charts, Power Spectrum and Table Sheets)
  • Easy-to-read interpretation of the autonomic balance status
  • HRV progress reports (Bar Charts and Table Sheets)
  • Built-in database system for ease of keeping track of clients, protocols, and sessions
  • Backed by 30 years of documented medical studies
  • True Windows 95/98 physiological monitoring software
  • Easy software installation and automatic hardware detection
  • Online help screens
  • Reserved for future enhancements, including animated pictures, physiologically driven games, etc.

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BTL Medical Technologies
Click on image to enlarge

The Company was established in 1990,  as a manufacturer of electrotherapy products. The immediate success of the products helped the Company support its further growth, both in a product design and sales. A purchase of Canadian cardiology company Arcor and the extension of the Company's product line by Arcor's products gave further boost to the Company's activities. Over several years, the Company developed a full range of products for physical therapy and cardiology and became a reputable manufacturer of medical equipment.  2 years ago the added British capital and expertise further strengthened the Company's potential and range of activities and helped the Company enter international markets.
BTL Medical Technologies currently comprises a group of companies with an international staff of 150 employees working in 7 countries. BTL has a history of standing experience in development, production and sales of medical equipment. All BTL products are manufactured under ISO:9001 norms and are CE-marked.

BTL-08 Win

btl2.jpg (14597 bytes)

12-lead ECG system for Windows.



-advanced PC based ECG system for recording, printing and detailed analysis of the ECG curve

-user-friendly software

-features a simple and easy-to-use system of patient cards  organised in user-made databases
-built-in accumulator enables the instrument to be used with a portable computer outside a physician's office
-records an unlimited number of 10-second long strips from all 12 leads and up to 9 minute record from 2 selected leads
-displays numerical values of intervals and measured amplitudes in all leads, RR value, heart rate frequency and graphical and numerical data processing of heart axes
-enables to compare any two ECG curves and QRS complexes of one patient
-features, in addition to standard filtering methods, a new "fuzzy" filter for perfect filtration of common disturbing noises while limiting negative effect on ECG curve to a minimum

This is just one of the electrocardiogram products offered by this company.  Click on the link below to visit their web site and view a full listing of products available.  Thank you.

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Del Mar Reynolds Medical

ekg machine

Mobile Resting ECG Collection System

CardioCollect is the new mobile 12 lead ekg machine component of the Del Mar Reynolds Medical CardioNavigator information management system. CardioCollect integrates ECG's from the hospital ward or home visit with the central ECG data management system, CNAV.

Features include:
  • Monitor 3 or 6 leads simultaneously on the LCD display
  • Display switches to show other 6 leads with one key press
  • Storage capacity for up to 40 ten-second strips
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Direct laser printing via LPT port / via infra red interface
  • Integral re-chargeable battery

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Midmark Diagnostics Group (formally Brentwood Instruments)

ECG Machines
Click on images to enlarge

IQmark™ Digital ECG

Midmark Diagnostics Group (formally Brentwood) IQmark™ Digital ECG converts your computer into a real time 12-lead ECG machine with Interpretation. Our proprietary ECG Interpretive Algorithm Telemed®, in development since 1972, has been tested using a database of 20 million ECGs reviewed by cardiologists. The result is a great interpretation every time.

ECG NurPat_2.jpg (11462 bytes)

Key Features and Benefits:
-Simultaneous 12-lead Interpretive ECG analysis
-4 or 12-lead simultaneous live on screen viewing
-12-lead printout in various formats
-Simple operation and installation
-Battery operated - defibrillator protected
-Digital filters for AC, Muscle and Drift
-Data management capabilities - archive and restore
-Plain paper ECG's save as much as $700 per year in paper
-Endless storage capabilities – based on the size of your hard drive
-One year parts and labor warranty (extended warranties are available)
-Fax and Modem capabilities

Linked with our IQmark Diagnostic Workstation software, the software lets you use the same patient database to obtain Spirometer, Holter and Vital Signs data digitally.

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Dr. Lee ECG102B Single Channel ECG $995.00

Dr. Lee ECG-120B Single Channel ECG Only $995.00

Primary Competitive Advantages:
Custom-made high performance ECG
- Thermal array printer to ensure more quality than ECG tracings produced by mechanical stylus.
- Color coded keys and extremely simple configuration to make easy automatic operation by one touch.
- Light weight and compact design to allow convenient carrying by hand.
- Convenient free AC and rechargeable battery operation with automatic power-off
- Easy paper loading mechanism to eliminate time-consuming loading of paper
- Audible alarm sound and LCD message for improper electrode contact, low battery and paper tray empty
- Digital filter to eliminate AC interference, muscle tremors and baseline drift
- ECG-120B complies with IEC601-1/EN6060-1 for safety and AAMI requirements for performance

Safety/Quality Approvals Details: CE, GM Mark, Gost Mark, ISO 9001, FDA

Pricing subject to change without notice

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Dr. Lee ECG-310A 

12 Lead ECG with 6 Channels
With Interpretation only $1595.00

Primary Competitive Advantages:
High Performance Custom-Made ECG

Accurate Analysis:
Based on the micro-computer analysis including pediatric and post-stress ECG against resting ECG, ECG-310A is provided for those who demand the best to produce high rankings for automatic diagnostic. Concise report of detailed measurement and interpretation, acts as quick reference for the physician's in depth analysis. To assure the accuracy of interpretation and clear ECG printing, digital filters eliminate AC power interference, muscle tremor and baseline wandering. Thermal array printer technology provides clear and sharp ECG traces and alphanumeric patient data that reads easily.

Cost-Effective Performance:
ECG-310A incorporates all the high qualities of performance, yet it is inexpensive with 6-channel performance. After an ECG acquisition of 12-lead have been completed, simultaneously, the captured ECG complex can be reprinted in any of the multi-format printer without a patient. Care in production and attention to design make the ECG-310A both reliable needing only low-maintenance.

Comprehensive ECG complex is printed with automatic optimum gain and baseline adjustment at the touch of one key. ECG-310A checks and indicates if the paper tray is empty, printer open, improper electrode contact and low battery level automatically. A simple numeric keypad and on-screen instructions make operation easy to learn and enter the patient's ID number, sex, age, height, weight and blood pressure for physician's consideration. The rechargeable battery powered and compact design and lightweight ECG-310A ensures true portability. To ensure maximum patient safety, ECG-310A is engineered to meet type CF according to IEC601-1/EN6060-1 standards.

Safety/Quality Approvals Details: CE, GM Mark, Gost Mark, ISO 9001, FDA

Pricing subject to change without notice

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CMICS Medical Electronics
Click on image to enlarge

Being a subsidiary of China National Corporation of Medical Equipment Industry, CMICS Medical Electronic Instrument Factory is a leading manufacturer in P. R. China specialized in manufacturing and marketing of medical equipment, especially single channel & multi  channel ECG machines .

32AE11Web.jpg (34541 bytes)

-High Resolution Thermal Printer
Anti Drift Filter
Multiple Print Format
-AC/Rechargeable Battery
-Simultaneous 12 Lead Acquisition
-LCD Display
-ECG Measurement/Interpretation
-Powerful AC and EMG Filter

This is just one of the products offered by this company.  Click on the link below to visit their web site and view a full listing of products.  Thank you.

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Med-Electronics, Inc.
Click on image to enlarge

Since 1978, Med-Electronics, Inc. has provided medical professionals with bargains on all new and some used medical equipment, surgical and therapy equipment. Plus expert repairs and quick service.

Here Are 7 Reasons Why You Should Try Med-Electronics:

  1. Free lifetime loaner
  2. 2 week risk-free trial period on any equipment you buy (except special order)
  3. Authorized service and repair for all major manufacturers
  4. Six month warranty parts and labor on all used medical equipment (that's double the typical used equipment warranty)
  5. You can pay by Master Card and Visa
  6. Low cost monthly leases are available
  7. Payment plans for qualified clients

AT-1i Electrocardiograph, Interpretive

medelectronics ekg.jpg (2826 bytes)

Powerful, compact, and low-maintenance, the AT-1i is perfect for a variety of applications. The AT-1i offers 12-lead ECG analysis in a three-channel format at a surprisingly low price. Perfect for office use, hospital bedside, and ambulatory fieldwork. Features and Benefits The AT-1i is fully automatic with easy-touch keyboard and one-button operation. Fast and accurate analysis can be done using Welch Allyn's proven measurement and interpretation program. Easy to use, it provides true simultaneous 12-lead acquisitions. It prints crisp, clear, accurate ECG tracings on 3 1/2 Z-fold thermal paper and perforated reports are ready to file. It comes with a built-in rechargeable battery with low-battery indicator and meets all industry standards including AHA, ACC, and AAMI. Key Components ECG Electrode, Resting Universal Alligator Clips (set of 10) Power Cable Paper: SP-1, 3.5 x 3.5 (400 sheets/pack; 10 packs/case).  Additional documentation available.  

This is a sample of available products on the Med-Electronics, Inc. web site.   Please click on the link below to visit their web site and view a full listing of products available.  This listing will change  so check back often.  Thank you.

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Meza Medical Equipment
Click on image to enlarge

Meza Medical Equipment was founded in 1990 by its owner Rodolfo Meza. Back then, sales of refurbished x-ray, ultrasound, electrocardiographs, stress test, holter, surgery tables and lights were the main field, covering mostly South Texas and Northern Mexico.

Meza Medical continues with the same line of products, but now, with bigger goals and territories. Sales in the United States and Latin America started in the early 90’s and today we are one of the Major Distributor's for Fukuda Denshi America covering half of the United States.


meza1.gif (22320 bytes)

The FX-3010 combines carrying convenience, fully automatic 12-lead ECG recording, and ease of operation in a unique compact unit.

Key Benefits

-Downsized Design.
-12-Lead Recording with a Touch of a Switch.
-Clear Waveform Recording.
-AC/DC Operation (Optional Battery).
-3 Years Parts and Labor Warranty

This is just one of the products offered by this company.  Click on the link below to visit their web site and view a full listing of products offered.  Thank you.

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Mortara Instrument
Click on image to enlarge is the e-commerce storefront of Mortara Instrument, Inc. Mortara Instrument has been a leading provider of diagnostic ECG technology for the past 20 years, providing our expertise, as well as products, to customers and companies alike.

Throughout its history, Mortara has been driven to deliver high quality diagnostic ECG solutions that are economically accessible. With e-commerce emerging as a new medium for the sale of products, we see a tremendous opportunity to pass savings on to the medical community we serve. Rather than utilizing distribution networks for the sale of our electrocardiographs, Mortara has chosen to provide these products directly through our site. By eliminating the distributors from our transactions, we provide you with the lowest possible price coupled with the convenience of secure, on-line ordering.

Mortara Instrument ELI 100

mortara.gif (45009 bytes)

Mortara Instrument’s ELI 100 is a portable interpretive electrocardiograph designed to be fast and easy to use. It acquires and prints a 12-lead ECG at the touch of a single key. The printout, on 108mm wide paper, offers a variety of formats: three or four channel in automatic mode and three or six channel during rhythm recording.

The lead fail detection and signal quality check better assure the recording of clear ECGs, reduced re-acquisitions and reduced operating costs.

The user interface is a clearly-legible LCD display that presents all commands and the unit’s status.

The internal storage of up to 40 ECGs, the sealed and easy-to-clean alphanumeric keyboard for patient data entry, and the standard RS 232 port for data transmission (optional modem available) make the ELI 100 one of the best values in electrocardiographs.

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QRS Diagnostic

Founded in 1994 and privately held, QRS designs, develops and distributes a broad range of diagnostic and monitoring medical devices for healthcare providers and chronic disease management in the home.  The Company's medical device platforms are used worldwide as a cost-effective and portable means of acquiring and transmitting physiological data.  The Company specializes in designing software-based medical devices that seamlessly integrate with off-the-shelf PCs, palmtop and Internet appliances.  

 QRS Diagnostic has released a new USB electrocardiograph monitor.  The palm-size ECG device connects to the Universal Serial Bus (USB) port on Windows(R)-based laptop and desktop computers to provide an easy and inexpensive method of performing real-time cardiac monitoring.  The new USB version comes in 6-channel and 12-channel configurations, with the 6-channel version designed specifically for remote monitoring applications, telemedicine, and home disease management programs.

"Our ECG devices already have a reputation for being the smallest and lightest on the market", states David Lerner, QRS Director of Engineering.  "With the addition of USB support our devices can connect to virtually any Windows-based computer running our Office Medic software – instantly turning it into a full-functioning electrocardiograph.  The plug and play capabilities of our devices allow healthcare practitioners the ability to hot swap peripherals without leaving our software.  The cost savings and convenience of performing spirometry, pulse oximetry and electrocardiography on one computer are significant."


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Spacelabs Burdick
Click on image to enlarge

A wholly owned subsidiary of Spacelabs Medical (Redmond, WA),
Spacelabs Burdick is the leading provider of electrocardiographs to
the physician's offices in the U.S., and has sold over 400,000 ECGs
worldwide over the past 40 years. Located in a new facility on 16
acres in Deerfield, Wisconsin, the Company develops,
manufactures and distributes not only electrocardiographs, but
ECG management systems, Holter monitoring systems, exercise
stress equipment, spirometers, pulse oximeters, defibrillators, fetal
monitors, ambulatory blood pressure monitors and a full
complement of associated supplies and accessories.

Eclipse™ 850

spacelabs burdick2.jpg (4345 bytes)

The Eclipse™ 850 Electrocardiograph provides features and performance typically found on units costing much more. A large preview display saves time and money by reducing retakes. Battery operation gives the unit enhanced mobility. Computerized interpretation, using the well-respected Glasgow
interpretive program, provides a silent second opinion with documented accuracy. Additional options for internal storage, fax and communications, and exercise stress, allow you to configure a system that meets your needs for today and


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Technology Transfer, Inc.
Click on image to enlarge

PAM® Cardiac Monitor 
Models CM4000 and CM5000

technology transfer.jpg (11226 bytes)

Fast & Economical 
Extraordinary technology has opened the door for a cardiac monitor small enough to fit in a suit pocket, lab coat, or EMT kit. PAM, weighing just over 1 pound, has rechargeable batteries and
possesses memory for 1 to 15 patients. lt is ideal for medical professionals' use in the office or on rounds. PAM, with its dry electrode technology, displays an immediate feedback of digital
ECG data on its liquid crystal display without wires, patches or gels. Users may also print the ECG tracing on paper strips or store them in PAM's internal memory. A conventional 12 lead ECG harness can be used, if desired, and PAM meets all applicable AAMI standards. 
    Doctor-directed use of PAM can yield significant economies in the managed care of home-bound patients through avoidance of costly or inconvenient office visits. 
    EMTs can save critical seconds with PAM It is ideal for use in commercial, industrial, home or athletic emergency situations. 
    Nursing home and insurance physical providers using PAM can efficiently incorporate ECG screening without time consuming preps, gels, patches, and lead setups. 
    Exercise and physical conditioning facilities can use PAM to easily monitor cardiovascular improvement. 

Advantages & Features 
-Enables cost-effective managed patient care
-Displays ECG in seconds
-Dry contacts provide "quick look" ECGs without wires, gels, or patches
-Lightweight, pocket-sized, portable
-Easy to use, fast, menu driven controls
-Unique swing arm fits body contours
-Quickly reveals dysrythmias
-Stores ECGs with immediate feedback
-Records ECGs of 1 to 15 patients
-Stores 9 minutes of data
-Records 12 lead input in 60 seconds
-Identifies accident survivors quickly
-PAM accommodates connectors for: 
         battery charger 
         3 & 12 lead ECG cables 
-Rechargeable batteries 

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Manufacturers of Electrocardiograph, Multi-Channel
Apcot Medical Systems
3624 Market St.
Philadelphia, PA  19104
Biosensor Corp.
7001 E. Fishlake Rd.
Osseo, MN  55311
Cardioline, Inc.
3200 Dutton Ave.
Unit 312
Santa Rosa,CA 95407
Circadian Systems
33427 Western Ave.
Union City,CA  94587
Control-X Medical
2289 Westbrooke Dr.
Columbus, OH  43228
Da-Tech Corp.
141 Railroad Dr.
Ivyland, PA  18974
Elmed, Inc.
60 W. Fay Ave.
Addison, IL  60101
Fukuda Denshi America Corp.
17725 N.E. 65th St.
Bldg. C
Redmond WA 98052
Healthwatch Co.
2445 Cades Way
Vista, CA  92083
Hewlett-Packard Co., Medical Products Group
3000 Minuteman Rd.
Andover, MA  01810
Marquette Medical Systems
8200 W. Tower Ave.
Milwaukee, WI  53223
MD International, Inc.
7324 S.W. 48th St.
Miami, FL  33155
Medical Systems Corp.
1 Plaza Rd. 
Greenvale, NY  11548
Mortara Instrument, Inc.
7865 N. 86th St.
Milwaukee, WI
New Life Systems, Inc.
1870 N. State Rd. 7
Pompano Beach, FL 33063
Nihon Kohden, Inc.
2601 Campus Dr.
Irvine, CA  92612
Schiller America, Inc.
6572 Kirklund Cir.
Huntington Beach, CA  92647
Siemens Medical Systems, Inc.
186 Wood Ave. S.
Iselin, NJ  08830
Spacelabs Burdick
500 Burdick Pkwy.
Deerfield, WI 53531
Unitech Business Systems, Med.Equip.Div.
21016 Victory Blvd.
Woodland Hills, CA  91367

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Manufacturers of Electrocardiograph, Interpretive

Cardioline, Inc.
3200 Dutton Ave.
Unit 312
Santa Rosa, CA 95407
Compumed, Inc.
1230 Rosecrans Ave., Ste. 1000
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
Device for Science
9058 Euclid Ave.
Manassas, VA 20110
Gerard Enterprises
W226 N825 Eastmound Dr.
Waukesha, WI 53186
Healthwatch Co.
2445 Cades Way
Vista, CA  92083
M&I Medical Sales
4836 S.W. 72 Ave.
Miami, FL  33155
Marquett Medical Systems
8200 W. Tower Ave.
Milwaukee, WI  53223
Medical Systems Corp.
1 Plaza Rd.
Greenvale, NY 11548
Medicomp, Inc.
7845 Ellis Rd.
Melbourne, FL  32904
Mortara Istrument
7865 N. 86th St.
Milwaukee, WI 53224
Nasiff Associates
9422 Lebeau Lane
Brewerton, NY 13029
Omni Medical Supply
40440 Grand River Ave., Ste. D
Novi, MI  48375
Quinton Insturment
3303 monte Villa Pkwy.
Bothell, WA  98021
Schiller America, Inc.
6572 Kirklund Cir.
Huntington Beach, CA  92647
Siemens Medical Sys.
186 Wood Ave. S.
Iselin, NJ  08830
Universal Diagnostic Systems, Inc.
6175 N.W. 167th,
Ste. GI
Miami, FL  33015
Vital Heart Systems
1793 Buerklee Cir.
St. Paul, MN  55110

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