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  • AHRQ WebM&M: Morbidity & Mortality Rounds on the Web - Includes actual cases of medical errors, with expert commentaries on ways to recognize the underlying issues. CME credit available.
  • Antithrombotic Therapy and Thrombotic Diseases - Continuing medical education in antithrombotic therapy. Interactive tests, detailed didactic learning modules, and case management discussion are all offered. All information is peer reviewed.
  • ArcMesa Educators - AMA Category 1 provider of continuing medical education. Offers on-line accreditation including free course review, instant grading, and printable certificates.
  • Association of Reproductive Health Professionals CME - Continuing medical education from non-profit medical association with mission to educate on reproductive health.
  • CardioVillage : Cardiovascular Education Online - Free cardiology continuing medical education (CME) on demand.
  • - Offers online interactive continuing medical education for caregivers as well as clinical trial and research resources for laypersons.
  • CExpress - Courses in allergy/immunology, oncology, primary care, pulmonology, and women's health for physicians, nurses, and pharmacists.
  • Cleveland Clinic Center for Continuing Education - Offering a wide variety of CME programs and events.
  • CME for Long Term Care Physicians - AMDA CME Direct provides web-based continuing medical education for physicians practicing in the long term care continuum.
  • CME Mall - Medical continuing education search engine for USA. Lists conferences of most of the universities, hospitals and associations. Search by date, location, speciality, topic, and sponsor.
  • CME on Diabetes - Provides online CME courses, conferences, medical journal articles, study cases, medical news, and medical resources on type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance.
  • CME Only - Continuing education programs in 33 medical, dental, and allied health specialties. Formats include audio, print, electronic, and web-based.
  • CME Web - Physicians can register online, take electronic CME tests, and receive feedback and credit in various specialty fields.
  • CMEinfo - Audio and video tapes for medical board certification or board re-certification exams and for general CME in a variety of specialities.
  • Colby College Continuing Medical Education - Located in Central Maine. Offers summer CME courses in pediatrics, orthopaedic surgery, emergency medicine, ophthalmology, forensic science, child psychology, anesthesiology and child abuse.
  • Contemporary Forums - National CME and CE conferences online. Accredited by the ACCME, ANCC, and ACPE.
  • Core Curriculum in Adult Primary Care - Thirty-six hours of adult primary care CME per year online, on CD-ROM, or live. Covers a variety of primary care topics.
  • Council for Excellence in Neuoscience Education - Free CME credits online from the Council for Excellence in Neuoscience Education.
  • Education Design - Online study guides for CME as well as accredited continuing medical education live lectures.
  • European Institute of Healthcare - Continuing medical education with healthcare programs and information for the prevention of disease.
  • Florida Medical Educational Services - Offers online continuing education courses to medical professionals. Instant grading.
  • Genesis Ed - Provides ongoing QA/CPD education for General Practitioners across Australia. Participate in integrated online and seminar based medical education.
  • Health Care Compliance Strategies (hccs) - Compliance and HIPAA Training - Provides multimedia compliance and HIPAA computer-based training courseware for healthcare organizations.
  • HealthStream - Offers OSHA/JCAHO regulatory courses, continuing medical education (CME) and continuing education (CEUs) courses for hospitals and other healthcare organizations.
  • Institute for Human Reproduction - A teaching platform for doctors interested in fertility treatment, specifically advanced artificial reproduction procedures.
  • Journalbytes - A journal review service and continuing medical education and continuing dental education resource, including information retrieval, commentary, PDA and MP3 downloads, and access to full-text professional journal articles.
  • Medical Education Online - Peer-reviewed journal on all aspects of educating health professionals. A forum for disseminating information on educating physicians and other health professionals.
  • Medical Simulations - Online interactive CME case studies on diagnostic and clinical management using case histories as a teaching tool.
  • - Offers online continuing medical education for health care providers through streaming video of medical rounds.
  • Motivations, Inc. CEU - Motivations, Inc. assists healthcare providers group purchase continuing education for cost savings by bringing national experts to your area.
  • Navy Medical Corps Professional Programs - Continuing Medical Education for US Navy Medical Corps Officers.
  • New Media Medicine - E-learning tutorials, discussion and resources for doctors, medical students and healthcare professionals.
  • Online Continuing Medical Education - MedEdCME - MedEdCME provides online medical education for physicians, managers and key staff.
  • Outcomes Management Educational Workshops - Provides intensive multimedia learning programs for medical professionals, with schedule, and details of accreditation. Boynton Beach, Florida, USA.
  • Pediatric Continuing Medical Education - This site for continuing medical education offers AMA Category I CME credits and is aimed primarily at pediatricians.
  • Pragmaton Office of Medical Education - Continuing medical education, CME and CE activities, audio tapes and conferences, reprints and reviews.
  • Projects In Knowledge - An ACCME and ACPE accredited provider of continuing medical education programs.
  • Serono Symposia International - Professional development of healthcare professionals through the provision of medical education aiming to improve clinical outcomes.
  • SKOLAR MD - An integrated medical knowledge system featuring online CME for reading medical textbooks, medical journals, drug databases, and MEDLINE.
  • UAB - Continuing Medical Education - Offers over 50 online CME courses for physicians in practice. New courses are added every month. Also includes live events.
  • vioWorks Online Healthcare Conferences - Hundreds of conferences and symposia for medical professionals online.
  • Virtual Lecture Hall - CME courses for physicians and allied health professionals. Take tests, get feedback, and receive certificates online. Continuing medical education with accreditation from major academic centers.
  • Warwick Diabetes Care - Education courses, research and resources for health care professionals working in diabetes. Groups for people with diabetes to input into the improvement of care provided by health care professionals.
  • World Medical Leaders - Original CME-certified lectures delivered via streaming media. Physicians-only. CME, medical news, references, Medline, and drug database and sample ordering.


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Scripps Educational Services

Scripps Educational Services has been providing quality home-study courses for Continuing Education credit since 1985. We currently offer over 80 courses in five major health care fields.

Visit our web site for details, click here





















































AbleNet, Inc.
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AbleNet's mission is to enhance the quality of life for all people with severe disabilities. Our innovative, simple-to-use products minimize individual differences and help people with severe/profound disabilities to build meaningful relationships with peers, family members, coworkers and others in their communities through shared experiences that are accessible and enjoyable for all.

ablenet1.gif (10416 bytes)

Making Connections
A Practical Guide for Bringing the World of Voice Output 
Communication to Students with Severe Disabilities

This simple-to-use guide has it all: best practices, current research results and hands-on practical experience.

Simple, effective process to teach voice output communication
Benefits of using voice output communication, whether or not the student
understands language.  Strategies for putting voice output communication to work right away.  Research on voice output communication, summarized and easy-to-read
Ideas for appropriate and effective messages.  Data collection made easy
And much, much more!

Clear, concise everyday language makes this process easy to understand and put to use, right away! And the "hands-free" spiral binding makes for a convenient reference. 

ablenet2.gif (15162 bytes)

Window Snap! Switch Caps Kit

Ideal for introducing switches to students with visual impairments! Clear plastic doughnut-shaped Snap Switch Caps lets you make textures and use tangible symbols, instead of paper symbols with your switches.

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AdviSolutions, Inc. is a healthcare consulting firm that specializes in innovative solutions and creative strategies designed to maximize optimal results for healthcare organizations, professional societies, institutions of higher learning, and other organizations in the business of healthcare. Patient safety, quality improvement, legal services, educational design, and consumer health highlight AdviSolutions's consulting services. Many of these services are available on-line through specialized "Centers."

With many years experience in healthcare education and research, AdviSolutions consultants are experts in designing, implementing, and evaluating educational programs. The following services are available to healthcare organizations and institutions of higher learning:

    -Curriculum development
    -Continuing education programs
    -Outsourcing educational requirements
    -Educational effectiveness evaluation

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Gold Standard Multimedia

Gold Standard Multimedia's
The Integrated Medical Curriculum

The Integrated Medical Curriculum (IMC) is a world-class website offering major courses taught in medical school. The IMC was developed from Gold Standard Multimedia's core collection of medical education CD-ROM products, which were converted into an easy-to-use online format and enhanced with powerful search features. The IMC is loaded with in-depth text coverage, lively animations, streaming audio and video, realistic photos and illustrations, interactive quizzes, quality content and much more!

The IMC is especially applicable to the first two years of medical school, as GSM's broad offering of titles covers a majority of subjects studied during those years. But the programs contained in the IMC also reach beyond the first two years of study and are used by third and fourth year medical students, interns, residents and practicing physicians. Other medical fields, such as dentistry, optometry, podiatry, physical therapy, physician assistant, pharmacy, nursing, chiropractic and sports medicine programs, as well as pre-med and other undergraduate programs, will also find IMC's comprehensive content to be of great value.  GSM's programs are currently used by over 95% of U.S. medical and pharmacy schools, more than 1,000 hospitals, and tens-of-thousands of healthcare professionals worldwide.


A world-class drug information database from our Clinical Pharmacology product that covers all preparations available in the US, including several unique content areas such as investigational drugs, nutritional products, color photographs, chemical structures, and patient counseling information. This information is written specifically for the electronic environment, creating many unique possibilities. We would be pleased to partner with companies viewing this content as "in line" with strategic plans.


An unmatched collection of widely used medical education programs, GSM's Integrated Medical Curriculum (imc) contains high-quality colored images, lively animations, comprehensive illustrations, audio streaming, video clips and other advanced multimedia effects, combined with in-depth, descriptive text. One of the world's most significant internet medical education destinations, imc's content areas include anatomy, radiology, physiology, histology, immunology, basic clinical skills and medical ethics. The imc's content can be utilized in whole -- with total integration between subject matter and topics -- or in part, making it ideal for a variety of settings and unique opportunities, from custom e-learning packages to patient information to continuing education.


More than 3.3 billion voxels from the National Library of Medicine's Visible Human Male dataset have been "segmented and classified" by the original creators of the data to provide the most detailed anatomic database available anywhere!

While the original Visible Human Male dataset has been lauded for its unmatched anatomical detail, it only contains information about the color of the human body at every point in space. The Segmented and Classified dataset adds the identity of the anatomical structure present at every point. Now, individual structures and systems can be extracted from the original dataset in any combination and examined in three dimensions. The data can be licensed for use in a wide variety of commercial and research applications, including visualization, physical modeling, simulation, and quantitative studies.

1,878 "slices" with resolution 1760 x 1024 and bit depth of 16 (since the number of structures exceeds 256)
Voxel size: 0.33 x 1.0 mm
Full resolution storage: 1760 x 1024 x 1878 x 2 bytes = 6.77 GB
Data is highly compressible for compact storage
Files contain integer values corresponding to an index of over 1,400 anatomical names
Index file for each structure contains the anatomical name, body region, physiological system, and boundaries in each dimension (ROI parameters)
Can be provided as "volumetric models" corresponding to individual anatomical regions
Platform independent data structure
Academic site licensing available

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In The Know LLC

In recent years latex allergy has become a serious problem for workers who come in contact with latex products in their daily environment and for certain predisposed patients. This newly recognized allergy has been called an "epidemic" by many in the
medical field. For every individual who knows of the allergy, many more are unaware. This is causing more people to become unnecessarily sensitized. Additionally, latex allergic patients require special medical precautions for safe treatment.

We want everyone to be "in the know". We offer the following services to assist you:

Educational Videotape
Consultation Services
Latex Protocol Development

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Leo Media, Inc.
Click on image to enlarge

Leo Media is a multimedia company located in Urbana, Illinois, the home of the University of Illinois. We specialize in the design, development and marketing of media-based products and custom services, particularly in the areas of training, education, and information sharing. Our team possesses tremendous skills and experience in all phases of multimedia production and implementation.

Effectively getting your message across, whether it is for training, education, advertising, or marketing purposes, is key to the success of your organization. Leo Media does not believe in one solution to respond to all needs. If it's print media, CD-ROM software, intranet or internet applications, web pages, or videotapes, Leo Media has it all and can do it all.

Multimedia Training and Development

Leo Media specializes first and foremost in multimedia training and development. We can work with you to create training from scratch, take existing paper-based material and design effective multimedia training, or enhance existing training.

We utilize various design and development tools, whether it's for graphics design, instructional design, authoring, programming, testing, or packaging.

Our emphasis is on ensuring that the training and education we create is instructionally sound. We place importance in prudently utilizing "bells and whistles" to enhance education. We do not believe in flash over substance, though we understand the importance of aesthetic appeal. Learning is enhanced through effective stimuli, and our experience in balancing sound instruction with media helps to create the most effective training and education available today.

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Mammatech Corporation
Click image to enlarge

The only scientifically validated system
for teaching physical examination of the breast.

For years people believed that it was possible to learn the skill of breast examination by reading pamphlets or watching videos. If tactile skills could be acquired by visual or auditory means, then one could become a pianist by reading instructions or watching others perform. Because breast examination is also a tactile skill, it requires special training of the sense of touch. The Mammacare Method of Breast Examination is highly effective because MammaCare’s tactually accurate breast models teach fingers what to feel for.

Our fingers must learn the feel of normal, nodular breast texture and of any changes such as lumps or tissue thickening that might require attention. MammaCare accomplishes this with the aid of a model that is so lifelike it has been used to calibrate mammography machines! After receiving MammaCare training and practicing your tactile skills on the MammaCare breast model, you will be able to perform a thorough and proficient breast examination. Unless you have been trained with this model
and had the opportunity to practice on it, you have not learned MammaCare and you will not be as skilled as you could be. 

Mammatech.jpg (10647 bytes)


A patented breast model that teaches your fingers to feel the difference
between normal nodularity (the natural lumpiness that every woman has) and
potentially harmful changes. 

A 45-minute video tape that teaches the skill of breast self-examination
through a series of carefully designed exercises, first with the
model and then on your own tissue. The tape is divided into convenient
sections so you can proceed at your own pace and review certain
portions as often as you wish. 

The videotape is available
in English, Japanese,
Korean, Mandarin
Chinese, and Spanish. 

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yesmemworks.gif (2301 bytes)

Yes!MemWorks provides a new way to learn medical terms that is
fast, fun and easy to use.  Use it to brush up on terminology or learn 
over 2100 terms for the first time.  This specially designed program
automatically adjusts to each users learning speed.  It replaces the
fear of memorization with the feeling of success.   Available in English and Spanish.


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U-Write Customizable Patient Education

Victory Technology

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