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Diagnostic Medical Tests

Diagnostic testing includes diagnostic tests and testing products for laboratories and on-location testing.



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  • ABCBlocks - Provides reagents for biochemistry and molecular biology as well as organic compounds for high throughput screening.
  • Accurate Chemical - Supplier of antibodies, monoclonal antibodies, complements cell separation media, carbohydrateds and lipids.
  • Adiagene - Offers ready to use PCR kits for animal diseases diagnosis.
  • A.G. Scientific - Supplier of innovative biochemicals and pharmaceutical raw materials.
  • ANCA tests for vasculitis diagnostics by Utecht & Lüdemann GmbH - Utecht & Lüdemann is an original equipment manufacturer of testkits for vasculitis diagnostics (Anti-PR3 ELISA, Anti-MPO ELISA, ANCA blot) and of common immunoassay reagents. All products are distributed worldwide.
  • Antigensite - Sells purified protiens and antigens.
  • BD Biosciences - Develops, produces, and markets innovative biological products to the life science market worldwide.
  • BD PharMingen - Develops, manufactures, and markets high quality, leading edge products for immunology, apoptosis, cell biology, neurobiology, and molecular biology research.
  • The Binding Site - Products include autoimmune, MMP, immunoglobulins, serum proteins, and animal reagents.
  • Biocolor Assays - Biocolor Assays for biomedical and bioscience research.
  • Bioline - Manufactures and supplies core reagents for molecular biology.
  • BioLog Life Science Institute - Produces rare and sophisticated nucleotides, nucleosides and nucleobases with a special focus on cyclic AMP and cyclic GMP analogs.
  • Biomedical Technologies Inc. - Reagents for life science research, such as assay kits, antibodies and cell growth factors.
  • Biontex Laboratories - Offers high efficient transfection reagents for mammalien and insect cells.
  • Bioshop Canada - Supplies Molecular Biology reagents, biochemicals and chemicals to the Biomedical, Biotechnology and Life Science Research markets.
  • Boston Biochem, Inc. - Produces high quality specialized reagents for the Ubiquitin Proteasome Pathway. These products include enzymes, substrates, inhibitors, ubiquitin derivatives and assay kits.
  • CanAg Diagnostics - The company for reliable diagnostics
  • Cell Sciences: Immunochemical Supplier - Explains types of kits, antibodies and reagents offered. Lists special deals.
  • ChemNavigator.com's Research System - Provides pharmaceutical researchers web based chemical structure searching and purchase of drug-like compound samples for screening and lead follow-up.
  • Dynal Biotech - Produces Dynabeads products for separation of cells, microorganisms, subcellular fractions, and DNA or mRNA.
  • Educational Science - Manufactures and distributes science kits, science novelties, nature kits, biotechnology education kits and equipment, and entomology kits and equipment.
  • Ellard Instrumentation Ltd - Electrophoresis, biotechnology, radiation shielding and custom acrylic items. Gamma and Beta sheilding, Hybritization, incubation, gel boxes, sequencers, electro blotters, Made to your specifications
  • Fast Quant - Sells protein arraying tools, reagents and kits, incubation chambers, slides, chip clips, and manual microarrays.
  • Genisphere - Provides 3DNA hybridization probes for gene expression microarrays, northern and southern blotting.
  • Homogeneous Time Resolved Fluorescence - HTRF is CIS bio international's FRET based technology dedicated to lead generation and secondary drug screening. HTRF offers non-isotopic assay development solutions using Europium Cryptate and XL665 tagged moieties.
  • Hypromatrix - Dedicated to provide biomedical research community and biopharmaceutical industry with high quality and high throughput protein assay systems.
  • Immunometrics - A provider of immunoassay diagnostic kits suited to reproductive health, thyroid screening, infertility and tumor markers.
  • InnoGenex - InnoGenex is a Life Science Research Company that provides cutting-edge enabling technology, products and services to accelerate research and development of new diagnostics and therapeutics.
  • Institute Virion, Ltd. - Developer, producer and distributor of in vitro diagnostic reagents for the serological diagnosis of infectious diseases, producer of bulk antigens of bacterial, viral or parasitical origin.
  • InVivoScribe Technologies, L.L.C. - Proprietary technologies for in vivo cDNA synthesis and advanced technologies for molecular diagnosis of cancer and infectious disease.
  • KMI Diagnostics, Inc - KMI specializes in clinical laboratory reagent assays for research and clinical testing in the areas of autoimmune and infectious disease. KMI is also a distributor for various diagnostic assay markers for Biogenic Amines, Catecholamines, Cytokines, Hormones, Steroids, and other esoteric diagnostic research products
  • Labor Diagnostika Nord - LDN is a producer of isotopic and non-isotopic immunoassays for the determination of biogenic amines and their metabolites. LDN is also a reference laboratory.
  • LAROVA Biochemie - Bulk manufacturer of high grade dNTPs for PCR and sequencing, PCR kits, RT-PCR kits, all reagents pass 30kbp PCR.
  • Marker Gene Technologies - Development of biopharmaceuticals and molecular biology products for use in medical, research, and industrial biotechnology.
  • MoBiTec LLC - Tools for Microbiology research.
  • Monomer Sciences, Inc. - Produces standard and custom modified nucleosides as well as organic chemicals and custom products to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.
  • Moravek Radiochemicals - Manufacturer of tritium and carbon 14 radiochemicals for AIDS and cancer research, as well as a wide variety of other products.
  • Northern Lipids Inc. - Offers high purity phospholipids, phospholipid derivatives and liposomal formulations for the research, biotechnology and research communities.
  • OncoImmunin - Reagents for assay and detection of apoptosis, cancer metastasis, inflammation and elastase. Discusses product use, new research and development, and company profile.
  • Penn Bio-Organics, Inc. - Specializing in custom synthesis for research or commercial needs. Fine chemicals, antibodies, enzymes, inhibitors, and molecular biology products.
  • Polyplus Transfection - Develops, manufactures and markets modular transfection reagents. Includes product and price listing. Offers online ordering. Based in France.
  • Research Diagnostics Inc - Distributor of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies, cytokines, growth factors, interferons, interleukins and other immunochemical products.
  • Salimetrics - Manufacturer and distributor of ready-to-use non-isotopic immunoassays kits specifically designed for precise measurement of salivary biomarkers.
  • Sigma-Aldrich - Manufacturer of laboratory reagents in all fields of life sciences, including biochemistry, molecular biology, cell culture and cell biology.
  • Stratagene - Producing reagents, software and technologies for biology and genetic toxicology research. Features details of processes and products, as well as technical resources and online turorials. Based in California.
  • Targeting Systems - Commercial supplier of transfection reagents, including siRNA, for a variety of cell types. Explains how proteins and genetic material is delivered and gives a report on success percentages. Located in San Diego, California.
  • Tissue-Array.COM - Tissue Array is a highly efficient method for expression study of protein and in situ screening of mRNA. Immunohistochemical staining of one slide visualized the expression pattern in 60 different organs of the human body or different cases of cancers with more reliable result.
  • Upstate - Engaged in the provision of cell signaling reagents and related services.
  • Venn Nova, Inc. - Polycationic liposome reagents for DNA transfection. High transfection efficiencies with minimal toxicity.
  • Viagen Biotech Inc. - Supply laboratory reagents that enable genotyping mice using tails or cultured cells without DNA preparation. Also supply alkaline DNA preparation solutions and standard buffers.
  • Yash Raj Biotechnology - A source for high quality purified proteins for the diagnostic and health care industry.


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Acon Laboratories, Inc.
Click on image to enlarge

ACON Laboratories, Inc. develops and manufactures rapid diagnostic tests that are very high quality and competitively priced – a unique combination. Our products have made medical diagnostics more affordable for many people around the world. The ACON name is well known and recognized in over 50 countries. Under the ACON brand, we offer a complete line of tests in a variety of formats to meet the needs of the customer. This ability to provide quality products with a choice of formats, that are simple to use while providing consistent product performance, translates into value for you and your customers.

Syphilis Rapid Test:

acon labs.gif (3329 bytes)

The ACON Syphilis Rapid Test is a one-step procedure in a device format with 98.7% sensitivity and 99.0% specificity. The test can be performed using either serum or plasma, and the result can be obtained in 15 minutes.

This is just one of the products offered by this company.  Click on the link below to visit this company's web site and view a full list of products.  Thank you.

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Alco Sales and Services Co.
Click on image to enlarge

In today's competitive market, it is really hard to know who to trust. There are companies that tell you they have the lowest prices, or they are the largest in their field, or can offer the fastest service--usually at a premium. However, ALCO can make the following promises and keep them:

1. Alco promises to earn your trust by providing superior service and products.
2. Alco promises to make your job easier by providing schematics or drawings to you to help you order the correct part.
3. Alco promises to treat every order, large or small, with your complete satisfaction in mind.

Welch Allyn Standard Diagnostic Set

alco diag.jpg (4421 bytes)


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BioScan Screening Systems, Inc.

The Drug Test dot com web site is owned and operated by BioScan
Screening Systems, Inc. Our corporate headquarters is located in
Smyrna, Tennessee. BioScan is a customer focused organization that
differentiates itself from other drug and alcohol screening companies by
offering an unbeatable combination of innovative drug and alcohol
screening products, competitive pricing, a knowledgeable staff and
dependable customer support. 

With more than 10 years of experience, our staff of drug testing experts
specialize in assisting firms nationwide with implementing a cost
effective, user-friendly drug testing program that is unrivaled in the
industry. At BioScan, our most valuable asset is our loyal customers.
We believe customer loyalty is built on trust in the quality of our
products and the superior service that we provide. Customer satisfaction
is our #1 priority. That is why we take great pride in being able to offer
the best on-site drug testing product available. Contact us today to learn
how BioScan can help your firm achieve a safer, more productive work

At Last! An On-Site Drug Test
That's Inexpensive and User Friendly


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Chematics, Inc.

chematics.gif (2404 bytes)

Bridging the Gap Between Science and Your Health
Chematics Inc. offers a variety of cost effective, quality diagnostic products and innovation for use in point of care, physician's office,and home testing. During the last nine years, our products have helped define and promote the rapidly developing market for products which enable early detection testing for health care providers and consumers alike. These products enable the consumer to become more cognizant of and involved in their own health care and enhance the effectiveness of traditional diagnostic/treatment regimens by allowing earlier identification of potential health problems.

Kits include Alco-Screen, Chemcard Glucose, Chemcard Cholesterol



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Cortez Diagnostics, Inc.

Cortez Diagnostics is seeking qualified medical distributors

Cortez.jpg (9702 bytes)
Our Mission

"To make the best quality tests, sell at fair and competitive prices worldwide, ship faster, share our products and profitability with other good-natured manufacturers and distributors; make and keep our employees happy and growing; appreciate our employees, customers and profession; search for more creative ways to prepare
ourselves to serve and cooperate with diagnostics specialists worldwide."

Cortez Diagnostics Rapid Test Line Includes test for:
Allergy, Cancer, Cardiac, Drugs of Abuse,Fertility, Infectious Diseases, Ovulation, Pregnancy, Urine Reagent Strips, Blood Glucose Reagent Strips.

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Diagnostic Automation, Inc.

Diagnostic Automation is seeking qualified medical distributors


Cortez2.jpg (17272 bytes)

Our Mission

"To make the best quality tests, sell at fair and competitive prices worldwide, ship faster, share our products and profitability with other good-natured manufacturers and distributors; make and keep our employees happy and growing; appreciate our employees, customers and profession; search for more creative ways to prepare
ourselves to serve and cooperate with diagnostics specialists worldwide."

Diagnostic Automation products include these ELISA tests for: Autoimmune Diseases, Cancer, Allergy, Fertility, Steroid, Thyroid, Infectious Diseases.

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Diagnostic Systems Laboratories
Click on image to enlarge

DSL was formed in 1981 with a vision of developing and marketing high quality niche in vitro diagnostics. This inspiring vision, combined with our exclusive dedication to immunodiagnostics, has made DSL a worldwide leader in hormone analysis. By continually adapting to the evolving needs of the laboratory clinician, DSL has enjoyed exponential growth in customer loyalty and in annual sales.


diagnostic systems lab.gif (7533 bytes)

Diagnostic Systems Laboratories, Inc. (DSL) is pleased to announce the immediate availablilty of ACTIVE™ Inhibin-A ELISA (DSL-10-28100).

This simple, non-isotopic assay utilizes two highly specific antibodies in a two-site ‘sandwich’ system to detect dimeric inhibin-A in serum. In a two-step procedure patient samples are added directly to the assay and incubated with the capture antibody (coated to the microtitration plate wells) for 3 hours at room temperature. After washing, an HRP-labeled detection antibody is added and incubated for an additional hour at room temperature. The wells are then washed again, substrate is added and the absorbance measured in each well.

The DSL ACTIVE™ Inhibin-A ELISA features a standard range of 10 to 1000 pg/mL and is sensitive to 1 pg/mL. No sample pretreatment ensures a rapid turn around. No significant cross-reactivity is observed with the pro-alpha subunit, inhibin-B or with activins.

This is just one of the products offered by this company.  Click on the link below to visit their web site and view a full listing of products.  Thank you.

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Infectio Diagnostic IDI

Steriplat, a World First For Blood Banks

Blood banks will soon be able to count on IDI Lab's
Steriplat, a quick test for bacterial contamination of platelet

The test is fast, complete and extremely accurate. It meets
an important requirement of blood banks to increase the
safety of blood donations.

Bacterial contamination can be detected very quickly thanks
to IDI technology. This is crucial given the five-day shelf life
of platelet concentrates. The test itself is very rapid and the
results are provided the same day. In addition, it only
requires a tiny amount of platelet concentrate.

The test can detect the simultaneous presence of the vast
majority of bacterial pathogens that commonly contaminate
platelet concentrates.

Obviously, this test offers all the accuracy that IDI's
technology guarantees.

Steriplat was developed with the valuable input of Canadian
blood banks, especially Héma-Québec. Full availability is
planned for mid-1999.

Clinical research results will eventually be published in the
most prestigious transfusion medicine journals as well as
those that publish more general articles on diagnostic

Services Available
In addition to the genomic identification of a very wide range
of bacteria, IDI Lab can identify various other pathogens,
including viruses. This means it can very quickly provide the
most complete infectious disease analyses available

IDI Lab is mainly active in the following fields:

Human Health
Rapid detection of a wide range of bacteria, viruses and fungi

Transfusion Medicine
Rapid detection of bacterial contaminants in platelet concentrates

Tests for HCV, HBV, HIV and a wide variety of bacteria

Dental Medicine
Preventive detection of bacteria responsible for periodontal diseases

Veterinary Medicine
Detection of contagious mastitis in cows

Transgenic and xenotransplant testing

Validation of new diagnostic tests and products

Epidemiological studies and advanced technologies for the
identification of bacterial strains

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IDS Limited

ids_logo.gif (6045 bytes)
Company Profile

IDS Ltd is a small, dynamic company with great potential, re-invigorated by a management buyout in May 1996, and the influx of ‘new blood’. The company is engaged in the development, manufacture and marketing of high quality immunoassay kits used in clinical and research laboratories throughout the world, and has an enviable track record of successful collaborative projects with researchers in universities and teaching hospitals.

The company focuses on three major core activities: (i) IDS product development & manufacture, (ii) distribution of own and factored products, and (iii) contract development and manufacturing services.

IDS is committed to the development of ‘niche’ products of a high value/low volume nature, particularly in the area of bone and calcium disorders, catalysing innovation and new product introduction through successful relationships with European researchers.

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JN-International, Ltd.
Click on image to enlarge

jn international.jpg (6694 bytes)

JN-International & Company is an Internationally- based Medical
Research Corporation. The Research and distribution of Innovated
Vaccines and Diagnostics are our primary business objectives. JN R & D
and business are dedicated to enabling human and animals may live
longer, healthier, more active lives through innovative and creative

The company's research efforts are focused on vaccines and diagnostics
for both veterinary and human infectious diseases and cancers. The
company has three preventive and therapeutic DNA vaccines in research
and development to combat Hepatitis B and C, Mycobacterium
tuberculosis and Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus infections. Our Bovine
Viral Diarrhea Virus, Hepatitis and Mycobacterium tuberculosis DNA
vaccines and Diagnostics are in clinical evaluation and the results have
been publishing in the International Journals. JN has promised to
emphasize global health needs within these Research Programs along
with the Microbiology Education. The fact that we work at the fore
front of discovery inspires us to continue developing innovative tools
that will help our advance the life science. Our research and development
have been supported by our investors, profit and non-profit
JN is committed to maintaining research and development excellence in
vaccine and diagnostics with the launch of its new program in medical
research. With strength of our support of JN's mission and values, we
are seeking the best, most diverse scientists to head the race into the
future of newer diagnostics, preventive vaccine and therapies. Presently,
we are either contact out or out source some of the products to cGMP,
MCA and MCC manufacturers to meet the regulatory requirements for
large overseas tender supplies.

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Lab Essentials, Inc.
Click on image to enlarge

Your online source for educational and professional microscopes and laboratory products, reagent strips, image capture devices, and home health tests.

Ketone Strips

lab essentials1.jpg (4155 bytes)

Lab Essentials is proud to offer you exremely low prices on our popular ketone strips.  The presence of ketones (acetoacetic acid) in the urine is an indication of how your body metabolizes fat.   Both diabetics and persons on high-protein/low-carbohydrate diets may wish to test their urine for ketones on a daily basis. 

This is just one of the products offered by this company.  Click on the link below to visit their web site and view a full listing of products available.  Thank you.

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Medical & Clinical Consortium (MCC)

mcc_logo.jpg (17390 bytes)

Medical & Clinical Consortium (MCC) an R.G.C. member company, is a privately held California Corporation. Since its inception our company has identified and developed new and innovative products geared for the Health Care Industry.

While our products were originally developed for the Health Care Industry, we have found great acceptance in other business sectors. To meet this demand, our Medical Device Division was created to service the ever changing needs of our growing marketplace.

Our company has formed strategic alliances with some of the foremost experts in Forensic Testing. Through our inter-company relationships we have assembled a staff of  professionals and dedicated staff located throughout the United States and Europe. Our facilities encompass approximately 25 thousand square feet, which includes offices, advanced production facilities and R & D laboratories. With these facilities and resources we are well positioned for further growth.

Our experience and reliability in the industry is measured by the more than ten million pregnancy test strips sold worldwide since 1997. The same Instant test technology has been incorporated into our product line, which includes testing simultaneously for the presence in urine of up to ten different drugs of abuse as well as screening for adulterated urine. In less than 5 minutes our test provide you with a visual positive/negative result. 

Recognizing that our customer is still the most important person in our company, we seek input and ideas from them. With the bottom line in focus, today our goal remains to provide "cost effective" products and solutions. We believe there are no limits and we expect our customers to demand the best of us. When the customer demands the best, we are there to provide it.

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RDI-USA Diagnostics
Click on image to enlarge

RDI-USA was formed out of the every growing need for quick, safe and accurate diagnostic kits. Our product menu is conservative but complete in nature. Our line includes fertility which includes hcg, LH and FSH, Infectious Diseases including HbsAG, Syphilis and ANTI-HCV and finally Drugs of Missuse which offers COC, MOR, THC to name a few.



rdi pic.jpg (13474 bytes)

Our multi panels are used in the Drugs of Misuse line. This test is very popular when testing for the detection of several assays at the same time. The design allows placing up to 10 assays within the panel and having the panel then submerged in the urine. Each test line will show either positive or negative for that particular assay. Example: COC, THC, and MOR. Very useful for Police departments, Governmental agencies and any authority concerned with illegal drug use.

This is just one of the types of tests available from this company.  Click on the link below to visit their web site and view a full listing of products available.  Thank you.

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