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Air Filters and Air Filter Equipment

Air Cleaning Equipment includes air purification equipment, allergy products, air cleaners.



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  • A & A Industrial Equipment Ltd - Satair are providers of bespoke solutions to all air quality problems within industry; supplying and installing humidifiers, coolers, and air scrubbers.
  • ABIB - Biofiltration units and other technologies for waste air treatment. Aachen, Germany.
  • Advanced Air Technologies, Inc. - Air pollution control equipment, scrubber engineering and manufacture for most industrial chemical applications. Performance guaranteed to meet government regulations. Engineering available 30 to 100,000 CFM (510 CMH to 1,698,000 CMH).
  • Advanced Air Technology, Inc. - Particulate and acid scrubbers including venturi wet air scrubbers, packed bed absorbers and OEM source for FMC AAT scrubbers-parts.
  • Advanced Environmental Systems (AES) - Designs and manufactures a variety of air pollution control systems, including fiberbed coalescing filters for oil and coolant mist, fume, smoke and opacity control, thermal (RTO, regenerative and recuperative) and catalytic oxidizers for VOC, odor, organic and HAP control, and SCR (selective catalytic reduction) systems for control of NOx.
  • Adwest Technologies - Manufacturers and engineers of industrial and municipal products in the pollution control industry including RETOX RTO, regenerative oxidizers, thermal oxidizer, VOC control, incinerators, and fume destruction.
  • Air Care, Inc. - Offers dust collectors, mist collection equipment, and industrial vacuum cleaning systems including complete design and turnkey installation in the Hamilton-Niagara district of Ontario.
  • Air Control Engineering - Air Control Engineering designs and manufactures heavy-duty dust control systems for industrial, manufacturing and institutional applications in the Vancouver BC lower mainland area. Site has information on products and contact information.
  • Air Engineering Sales Corporation - Design and supply of air pollution control equipment, systems and services for industrial markets.
  • Air Flow Systems Inc. - Industrial suppliers of air cleaning, dust collection and vehicle exhaust systems.
  • Air Pel Technic - Information on products including oil mist collectors, electrostatic smoke filters, dust collectors, oil skimmers, diesel engine exhaust smoke filter, wastewater evaporators, and coolant filtration systems.
  • Air Systems - Manufactures and supplies replacement parts for electrostatic precipitators. Site has product and contact information.
  • Aircon Corporation - Air pollution control systems including dust control and scrap removal systems for the grain, paper, and woodworking industries.
  • Aircon Systems - Manufacturer and exporter in India of air pollution control equipment, centrifugal air blowers, industrial scrubber, waste water treatment plant and effluent treatment plant.
  • Airex Industries - Site includes information on their products including dust collectors, baghouses, and blowers.
  • airprotech srl - air protection technology - Site has information on the company and products. Products include oxidizers, adsorption equipmet, and scrubbers.
  • Air-Test, Incorporated - Certification specialist for clean rooms, biological Safety Cabinets, Laminar Flow Equipment and Chemical Fume Hoods. Covering the midwest United States.
  • Alliance Corporation - Manufacturing and service company specializing in regenerative thermal oxidizers (RTOs) for the destruction of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
  • Alstom Power Environmental Systems - Site has information on Alstom's air pollution emission controls including SCR, SCONOX, and WetFGD.
  • Ambient Engineering Inc. - Designs and supplies packed tower scrubbers for acid gas and odor control. Biofilters for odor and VOC control. Fabric filters and venturi scrubbers for particulate control. Also offers regulatory and permitting services.
  • AMCEC - Provides engineering, equipment and installation of vapor phase carbon adsorption systems for solvent recovery and VOC emission control.
  • American Air Filter - AAF is a manufacturer and marketer of commercial air filtration products and air pollution control systems primarily for commercial, institutional and industrial customers.
  • A.P.C System & Products Pvt. Ltd. - Dust control products for industries including dust suppression and dust extraction systems. Site includes information on products and contact information.
  • APS Environmental - Abatement systems and design services for odour, fume and emissions control. Site has information about products including catalytic oxidation, wet scrubbing, and carbon adsorption.
  • Argillon - Manufacturer of ceramic products including Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) catalyst, catalytic systems, insulators, piezo products and alumina serving the power, petrochemical, industrial, and automotive markets.
  • Atea Environmental Technology - Information on services, products, and contact information.
  • atea-WK USA, Inc. - Provides a complete range of environmental treatment equipment to treat process exhaust employing different technology such as thermal abatement, absorption, adsorption and catalytic oxidation.
  • Baghouse - Provides methods and technologies for operating air pollution control systems.
  • Baldwin Environmental - Supplier of air pollution and process monitoring components for ambient air quality, emissions monitoring, stack gas and continuous process gas analysis.
  • Beckert and Hiester, Inc. - Manufacturer of pulse jet dust collectors, cyclones, sawdust collection, oil mist and smoke collectors and suppliers of fans, motors, blowers and filters for heavy and light industries.
  • Belfab - Offers a complete line of indoor and outdoor dust collectors.
  • Beltran Associates, Inc. - Designs, manufactures and markets air pollution control equipment including wet and dry electrostatic precipitators, scrubbers, and NOx controls.
  • BHA Group, Inc. - Manufacturer of replacement parts for industrial air pollution control systems.
  • Bionomic Industries - Engineers & Manufactures scrubbing equipment and 'prepackaged' skid mounted scrubber systems for air pollution control and product recovery.
  • Bohn Biofilter: Odor and VOC Control - Turn-key solutions for biofilter treatment of VOC, wastewater, rendering, industrial solvent, landfill gas and contaminated air streams of all kinds.
  • BoldEco Environment, Inc. - Air pollution control systems and components, including fabric filters, fans, heat exchangers and scrubber for cooling, cleaning and moving industrial process exhausts.
  • BTR Environmental Limited - International manufacturer of dust and fume control products and systems. The site includes case studies and application examples.
  • Bundy Environmental Technology - APC Systems - Air pollution control system suppliers.
  • C & W Manufacturing and Sales Co. - Manufacturers of environmental equipment since 1978. Products include dust collectors, filters, material handling systems, parts, and accessories. Turn-key installations and other services available.
  • Catalyst Products Online - Supplier of catalyst and engineered catalyst packages for controlling CO, HC, VOC, NOx, Diesel Particulate Matter and smoke emissions from mobile and stationary sources.
  • Catalytic Products International - Manufacturer of air pollution control equipment.
  • Catalytica Energy Systems - Develops products for the energy industry including XONON for air pollution control from gas turbines.
  • CECO Environmental Corp - Provide innovative, custom-engineered solutions for improving air quality in a wide range of process and industrial applications.
  • Ceilcote Air Pollution Control - Specialists in engineering, design and supply of air pollution control equipment and systems. Products include: scrubbers, ionizing wet scrubbers, fans, tellerette packing, and mist eliminators.
  • Centrakleen - Point-of-use high efficiency fume scrubbing systems.
  • Cleaire Advanced Emission Controls - Develops and sales emission control technologies for diesel or alternative fuel engines.
  • Clean Air America, Inc. - A flexible manufacturer of industrial air cleaning and dust management systems focused on catering to custom requirements. Providing a single source with the resources to design and deliver turnkey systems, a plan for implementation over a given time period and installation of the most efficient products required to satisfy long term synergy.
  • The Clean Combustion System - Phenix Limited, LLC's hybrid coal gasification / combustion process for retrofit of coal-fired plants for NOx and SO2 emissions control.
  • The CMM Group, LLC - Provides custom designed air pollution control equipment and industrial web dryers including Catalytic Oxidizers, Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers, Recuperative Thermal Oxidizers and Rotary Concentrators.
  • Combustion Components Associates - Manufacturer of Combustion Components for Boilers. Provider of NOx Reduction Technologies such as Burner Upgrades, Overfire Air Systems, Flue Gas Recirculation (FGR) for power producers and Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems for Diesel Trucks
  • Combustion Controls Solutions & Environmental Services, Inc. - Thermal Oxidizer Service & Maintenance. Site has parts, engineering, field service and case studies.
  • Critical Environment Technologies Canada Inc - Designs, develops, manufactures, sells and services Hazardous Gas Detection Products for Industry, commerce and offices.
  • Croll-Reynolds Clean Air Technologies - Integrates a variety of "wet" air pollution control technologies into a control system that can achieve 99.99% efficiency, zero plume and clean water discharge for almost any hazardous air pollutant.
  • CTP Air Pollution Control - Our Air Pollution Control technology produces highly efficient turn-key systems for the destruction of VOCs, HAP, CO2, NOx, and organic particulate matters from industrial sources
  • DAV Engineering Sdn Bhd - Makes dust collectors, centrifugal blower fans, cyclones, pneumatic conveyors, VOC abatement equipment, SOx abatement equipment, rotary valves, oil mist collectors, and wet scrubbers.
  • De-NOx Technologies - Selective non-catalytic reduction (SNCR), dry urea handling, and ammonia generation systems.
  • DG Environmental Ltd. (DGE China) - Products include scrubbers, fabric filters, electrostatic precipitators, and mechanical collectors. Site includes product and company information.
  • Diva Envitec - Manufactures specialty products for integrity testing of baghouse dust collector equipment, filter bags both for liquid and gas application, and accessories for these systems. Located in India.
  • Diversified Equipment of North Carolina - Resource for industrial air cleaning systems, including descriptions of products and links to environmental and OSHA offices in North Carolina.
  • Duall Division - Manufacturer of odor control systems, fume and gas scrubbers, wet dust collectors and centrifugal exhaust fans for air quality. Complete line of air and water pollution control equipment and systems for municipal and industrial applications.
  • Ducon Air Pollution Control Systems - Sells wet scrubbers, dry scrubbers, baghouse filters, cyclones and precipitators for the removal of dust, flyash, organics, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen chloride, Nitrogen oxide, particulate and other toxic fumes.
  • Durr Environmental - Manufacturer of hazardous air emission (HAP) and VOC control systems, including oxidizers, concentrators, and particulate control devices.
  • Dust Collection & Vacuum Systems - Offers dust collection, HEPA air cleaners and industrial vacuums systems.
  • Dustvent, Inc. - Manufactures a full line of dust, mist, smoke and fume collectors for industrial applications. Our quiet and efficient products include: cyclones, fabric collectors, bag dumps, downdraft benches and smoke/fume arms.
  • EDTek Industries - EDTek sales electrostatic precipitator support insulators, rapper shafts, wall bushings, and special post insulators.
  • EmeraChem - Catalysis for air pollution control.
  • Enviro-Equipment, Inc. - Rental and sale of environmental equipment, including air quality monitors, gas analyzers, and personal protective products. Company services and repairs the equipment that it sells.
  • EnvironOdour Australia Pty Ltd - Specializes in odor and VOC sampling, analysis, dispersion modeling and biofilter technology and supplies. Site has information on services and products.
  • Enviroscrub Technologies - Dry scrubbing Pahlman Process for NOx, SOx, and mercury removal. Technology, field performance, and contact information on the site.
  • ENWA GmbH - Engineering and supply of SCR DeNOx systems for the exhaust treatment of vessels and diesel engines. Fully automatic urea SCR DeNOx systems. Inline NOx measuremts.
  • Eurovac, Inc - Portable and central source capture dust extraction systems. Product and contact information.
  • Falmouth Products - Specializes in the manufacture, lease, sale, and installation of electric catalytic oxidizers for the destruction of volatile organic compounds.
  • Filter Designs Ltd - Designs, manufactures and supplies bag filters and dust collectors. Also supplies spare parts and services for dust collectors. Site has product and company contact information.
  • FilterPro - Offers cleaning and reconditioning of both bag and cartridge filters, new filter manufacturing, and testing and service of dust collection systems.
  • Fisher-Klosterman, Inc. - Air pollution control, dust collection, petroleum refining and product recovery equipment, systems, and accessories, including cyclones,scrubbers, baghouses, cartridge collectors, classifiers, and related services
  • Flex-Kleen - Manufactures dust collectors and dust collecting systems - welded modular, pulse jet, and cartridge dust control systems. Site has information on products and contact information.
  • Fortress Designs - Supplier of dust control equipment, bag houses, dust collectors, fabric filters, dust filters, bin vents.
  • FSX, Inc. - Provides equipment to extract and collect air pollutants including oily smoke, fumes, and grinding dust in the metal fabrication industry. List of products and company information included.
  • Fuel Tech, Inc. - Post combustion NOx control systems.
  • Fusion Environmental Corporation - Manufacturer of Air Pollution Control Equipment, including Thermal Oxidizers, Activated Carbon, Solvent Recovery Systems, Carbon Adsorption Systems and Rotary Concentrators.
  • GlobeTech Engineering Co., Ltd. - Founded in 1997 to provide solutions to environmental and manufacturing process problems for industrial and commercial clients by on-going cooperative arrangements with the firms that possess up-dated global technology.
  • Grimm Technologies, Inc. - Manufacturer of technologically advanced air monitoring/dust monitoring equipment.
  • Hamon Research-Cottrell - Full service supplier of air pollution control equipment including electrostatic precipitators, baghouses, scrubbers, NOx reduction & Flue Gas Desulfurization systems for the power generation and industrial markets.
  • Heaton Green - Dust Control Services - UK based manufacturing company specializing in dust control including filter bags, extraction units and fan systems. Also offer metal and textile fabrication services.
  • HEPA Filters - Technical information, standards, and recent developments in HEPA filtration technology, with particular reference to nuclear facilities.
  • How Catalytic Converters Work - How Stuff Works shows how catalytic converter is one of the most important parts of a car's emission control system, but it is incredibly simple.
  • IAS Dust Collectors and Wet Gas Scrubbers - Turnkey installation of air pollution control systems with dust collectors from Torit, wet scrubbers for stack gas or chrome, and collection systems for smoke, fume or mist.
  • Indusco Environmental - Supplies air pollution control and chemical process equipment products such as scrubbers, ductwork, vent hoods, dampers, storage and process tanks, fans, blowers, pumps, chemical piping, expansion joints and spray nozzles.
  • Industrial Air Solutions - Industrial Air Solutions serves Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio. Site has information on products including dust and mist collectors.
  • Institute of Clean Air Companies (ICAC) - Trade association of companies that supply air pollution control and monitoring technology.
  • IONEX Research Corp - Supplies zeolites and related specialty chemicals and designs and manufactures equipment used for treating exhaust air from hazardous chemical facilities such as vessels, air handlers, adsorber cells, and complete filter systems.
  • Jardar Systems, Inc. - Suppliers of wet scrubbers, dust collectors, demisters, and DeNox Systems for control of particulate and acid gas emissions in high temperature and pressure applications.
  • JJG Air Solutions Engineering - Offers a wide array of mist collection, dust, smoke, fume and odor control solutions.
  • JKF Industri A/S - Aircleaning equipment, environmental equipment, duct systems, filters, air filtration, cyclones, and rotary valves.
  • John Zink Company - Manufacturer of refractory burners, combustion flares, thermal oxidizers, vapor recovery, vapor control and emission control parts.
  • Johnson Matthey Catalytic Systems Division - A supplier of catalyst and engineered catalytic systems for controlling NOx, CO HC, VOC, PM, smoke and hazardous compounds from heavy duty mobile and stationary engines, gas turbines, boilers and various manufacturing processes.
  • Kono Kogs, Inc. - Kono Kogs buys, refurbishes and sells used air pollution control equipment. Equipment consists mainly of catalytic, thermal and regenerative oxidizers. Site lists available equipment.
  • L&E America - Provides air pollution control equipment and technology in the form of VOC oxidizers and recovery systems to the paper, automotive, and process industries.
  • Lesni A/S Air Purification engineering - Design, build and supply turnkey solutions for air pollution control. Supplier of waste purification systems for toxic gases, inorganic gas releases, VOC abatement and odor control.
  • M & W Industries Home Page - Manufacture of air pollution control equipment for removal of many types of contaminants utilizing oxidizer technology plus M & W's Re-Gensorb and Condensorb systems. Also, dust collection systems and spray booths.
  • MacDonald Environmental Systems Inc. - Dust collectors, pneumatic conveyors, fans, rotary air locks, high/low pressure systems, filter units, cyclones, shredders, hogs, balers, bag housing, spark detection, and waste handling.
  • Megtec Systems - Manufactures oxidation (air pollution control) and drying equipment for the printing, coating, converting, chemical, pharmaceutical industries.
  • Menardi - Global manufacturer and supplier of replacement filter media and parts for industrial air and liquid filtration applications including baghouse parts and services.
  • Midwest Air Equipment Company - Includes information on products including dust collectors, blowers , vacuums , and consulting services. Serving Ohio and surrounding states.
  • Moldow - Exporters of filter systems.
  • MRW Technologies Inc. - MRW builds heavy industrial waste gas flare systems, thermal oxidizers, and vapor combustors. Site includes product and contact information.
  • Northwest Mist Systems - Providing dust abatement, and odor control with high pressure fogging systems, also controlling odors on dairy farms, and providing outdoor cooling.
  • OMNI Environmental Services, Inc. - An air quality services and engineering consulting firm which develops and implements environmental strategies for air pollution control including air monitoring, assessment and control system evaluation/development.
  • Peerless Manufacturing Company - Designs, engineers, manufactures and sells products for the abatement of air pollution, the removal of contaminants from gases and liquids and the co-generation of electricity.
  • PPC Industries and PPC Biofilter - Air pollution control equipment including biofiltration system for VOC and odor control and electrostatic precipitators for particulate and opacity control.
  • Processing Equipment, Inc. - Offers dust collectors, mist collectors, fume collectors, and industrial vacuums.
  • Rees-Memphis, Inc. - Dust collection design, fabrication, and installation. Custom steel fabricators, blow pipe, cyclone separators, material handling fans, air lock rotary valves, and quick-fit ducting.
  • Rexon Associates Inc. - Industrial air pollution control equipment company specializing in removal of dust, smoke, mist, and fumes. Provides a full line of equipment including electrostatic precipitators, cartridge collectors, cyclones, and scrubbers.
  • RJM Corporation - Provider of NOx control technologies. Site includes technical information, product information, and job opportunities.
  • Santoni Electric Co. Dust Collection Systems - Information on products including small dust collectors, bag and cartridge filter systems, and blowers and fans.
  • Save The World Air - Owner of the world wide manufacturing and marketing rights to the combustion engine emissions control device "Zero Hi-Tech."
  • Schrader Environmental Systems, Inc. - Air pollution control technologies such as catalytic oxidizers, packed tower scrubbers, dust collectors, and biofilters.
  • SDA Technologies - Products include dust collectors, filter bags, cartridges, HVAC filters, filter pre-coat, and leak detection kits.
  • S&H GmbH & Co. KG - Engineers biological exhaust air purification plants, especially desulphurization installations for concentrated exhaust air. Site has information on products and company news.
  • Sirocco Systems - Air pollution control equipment supplies air pollution control booths, cartridge collectors, backdraft tables, environmental control booths, dust control booths and pollution control systems.
  • SKS Associates - Provides complete sizing, design and installation of air pollution and dust control equipment. Serving the New York and New Jersey Metropolitan Area.
  • Sly Inc - Designs and manufactures air pollution equipment for industrial use including dry filter dust collectors, wet scrubbers, etc. Site has produce and contact information.
  • Sutcliffe Croftshaw Limited - Designers / Manufacturers of Carbon Adsorption and Biological Systems for liquid, gaseous VOC, and Odour Control. Site has information on technologies, applications, and products.
  • T-Bow's Fabrication Corporation - We design, fabricate, and install wet packed scrubbers, fume hoods, ventilation systems, and polypropelyne, PVC, and Kynar tanks.
  • Tecnofornindustria S.r.l. - An Italian company that manufactures and sells flares, incinerators, process burners, vacuum systems, condensers, and venturi scrubbers. Also offers process and combustion equipment.
  • Tehag - Specialized company for catalytic aftertreatment of exhaust gases generated by large engines (diesel, oil and gas).
  • Teldust Filter - Teldust manufactures fabric filters. They are sold through a network of Danish and European Resellers. Site has contact and product information.
  • Tellkamp Systems, Inc. - Provides a turnkey service with design, manufacture and installation of Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers (RTO's) used to control VOC's, HAP's and Air Toxics.
  • Thermal Energy International Inc. - Manufactures THERMALONOx process and FLU-ACE technology for the control of nitrogen oxides. Also offers controls for sulfur oxides, volatile organic compounds, particulates matter and heavy metals.
  • Thermatrix Inc. - Thermatrix supplies flameless thermal oxidizers for air pollution control, VOC and HAP abatement.
  • Thermox Oxygen Analyzers for Flue Gas - Thermox makes oxygen analyzers for flue gas and industrial gas applications. We also manufacture combustibles analyzers that allow you measure both oxygen and combustibles in a single analyzer. We make analyzers for hazardous areas, with special probes and filters for most applications.
  • Thiel Air Technologies - Manufacturing system solutions to industrial process air pollution problems; complete product line for submicron particulate capture and control.
  • TIGG Corporation - Provides adsorption equipment, custom systems, solutions and services for environmental, remediation, and industrial process applications.
  • Transparent Technologies Private Limited - Manufacturer of air pollution control equipment including bag filters, ventury scrubbers, blowers, and rotary powder discharge valves.
  • Tri-Mer Corporation Air Pollution Control Systems - Manufacturer of packed bed scrubber equipment for air pollution control: wet scrubbers; wet dust collectors; NOx, gas, acid, chrome, fume scrubbers; submicron particulate control collection systems; incinerator scrubbing system; blowers.
  • TrueFog, USA - Odor control and Dust suppression systems provide high pressure water mist & fog. Complete design, engineering, installation. Full line of mist & fog nozzles and complete component parts.
  • TurboSonic Technologies, Inc. - Designs and markets air pollution control technologies to industrial customers worldwide.
  • U. S. Air Filtration - Turnkey dust collector and baghouse manufacturer of engineered dust collection systems including Pulse Jet Baghouses, filters, and cartridge dust collectors.
  • UNICOR - Filtration Services - Air Filter solutions for all HVAC Equipment, Air Handling Units and Spray/Paint Booth applications. Site has product information and contact information.
  • Up-To-Date Environmental Engineering AG - PLASMACAT, a new process for the treatment of odor and waste air. Low operating cost and very high treatment efficiency.
  • UTV Umwelttechnik Memmingen - Site includes product information for gas cleaning and recycling technology, references, services, jobs, and contact information.
  • Vapor Tech - Vapor Tech specialized in vapor scrubbers which remove VOC's from air streams as well as highly odorous products.
  • Wahlco Inc. - Manufacture air pollution control systems primarily serving utility and industrial markets. Includes product data, employment opportunities, and related links.
  • Watson Process Systems - Scrubber mist eliminators, down flow separators and rain out eliminators for industrial applications using centrifugal, impingement and agglomeration technology.
  • W.C. Wiedenmann Inc. - Provider of dust control systems.
  • Well to Wire Emissions Control Inc. - Removes undesirable gases from gas streams using "patent pending" modular, Emission Defense Units (EDU's). This technology can be used wherever hazardous gas streams or obnoxious odors are produced.
  • Wheelabrator Air Pollution Control Inc. - Design and supply of air pollution control equipment, systems and services for industrial and power generating facilities.
  • Whitehead Construction Incorporated - Whitehead Construction offers electrostatic precipitator and agglomerator turnkey services. They can fabricate, install and maintain most air pollution control units.


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Electrocorp, Inc.
Click on image to enlarge

Electrocorp RSU Series Odor Controllers, Air Scrubbers and DOP
Units Destroy Solvent Odors and Filter Out Dust and Particulates.

The RSU Carbon Base Odor Controllers, DOP and Particulate Air
Scrubbers are ductless, recirculating air scrubbers that can be easily rolled around your shop floor. Air is drawn from all directions and scrubbed free of approximately 90% of odors and 95% of the dust per pass. These Odor Controllers and Air Scubbers are cylindrical in shape and have a footprint about the size of a thirty gallon trash can. 

Model RSU48
Odor Controller at Work 

electrocorp.jpg (37368 bytes)

Our new radial design captures heavier than air VOCs
and dust where they are located in your shop's lower air. 

Savings: Occur because there is no more energy loss through open doors or exhaust fans. Our units pay for themselves in months. 

Space Saver: Our design is ideal where open floor space is limited. 

Increased Productivity: is due to greater employee comfort, morale, health and efficiency. 

Dust Collecting:
Our Air Scrubbers remove airborne dust to .3 microns. 

Effective Coverage:
Each unit covers 3000 sq. ft. 

Simple: to install and easy to use and service. 

Selection: several sizes are available. 


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Click image to enlarge
Ozone Eliminates Odors
How Does Kleen Air-King II Work?

The Kleen Air-King II generates ozone, a form of oxygen which is synonymous with clear, fresh, invigorating air. The ozone is delivered at a controlled rate into the atmosphere where it attaches itself to airborne and surface contaminants, destroys them, then reverts to pure oxygen. By literally oxidizing impurities in the air, the ozone destroys mildew and mold. It works quickly, with significant results appearing within the first hour of operation.

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Environmental Care Center
Click on images to enlarge

Environmental Care Center, Inc. is a Berlin, MD manufacturer, offers it's patented device, the DE-ODOR ROD (tm) designed to remove and eliminate Biological Odors and Gases such as ammonia and hydrogen sulfides  from residence rooms, cancer patients, colostomy bags and catheters.  The DE-ODOR ROD (tm) has shown itself as an excellent solution to odor control for soiled utility rooms, and soiled containers, smoke rooms, bathrooms and bed with rails as shown in image.

The DE-ODOR ROD (tm)

environmental.jpg (5917 bytes)

The DE-ODOR ROD (tm) solves tough odor problems but is non-toxic, emits no masking scent and requires no power source. Easy to install and maintain, the DE-ODOR ROD(tm) with it's slot-ventured intake design and it's negative ionically charged minerals actually attract and absorb the positive charge gaseous molecules at the source.  You can recharge the DE-ODOR ROD (tm) by simply placing it outside in the sunshine and then reuse.

ordorrodsmall.jpg (19002 bytes)Shown here is the DE-ORDER ROD (tm) in a smaller size, (the Mighty Mini) which is excellent in the office or car as well as nursing and private homes in the bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, sick room, pet areas, ect.

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Hunter Fan Company
Click on image to enlarge

Since 1886, Hunter's famous ceiling fans have been built quiet for life™. Now you can find the same unparalleled quality in Hunter thermostats, humidifiers, and air purifiers.

HEPAtech® 10

hunter fan.jpg (51716 bytes)


-HEPAtech® System Performance
-Filter Check Indicator Chart
-Two Speed Fan
-Removes particles as small as .1 micron
-Famous Whisper Quiet Hunter® Fan Motor
-Easy Change Drop-In Filter Pack
-CADR rated to clean a 7' X 8' room

This is just one of the products offered by this company.  Click on the link below to visit their web site and view a full listing of products available.  Thank you.

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Indoor Air Quality Company
Click on image to enlarge

We sell only quality products from the following manufacturers: Bacharach, Broan, Cimatec, Dickson, Fluke, Fieldpiece, General, Honeywell, Lakewood, Nutech, White Rodgers, Wells Technology and UEI/Kane May.

Indoor Air QC.jpg (6943 bytes)
General 1040LH Low Voltage Humidifier with Humidistat 

Includes: copper water line, compression ftgs and saddle valve. You will need to supply the 6" round pipe and elbow from the Humidifier to the return air duct.  We suggest using the relay and following the local wiring codes!

Nearly 70 percent of consumers are bothered by winter's too-dry air, according to as recent survey. Properly humidified air helps alleviate itchy skin, scratchy throats and cracked nasal membranes, among other discomforts. Plus, humidified air feels warmer, so you can set your thermostat a couple of degrees lower. A whole-house humidifier adds moisture – and comfort – to the air with minimal maintenance.

Shown is only one of many products available.  Please see our
web site by clicking on the link below - or use the request
form at the bottom of this page.

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Additional Resources for Air Cleaning/Filtering

ARTEC Environmental Monitoring
Gas Monitoring

Assay Technology, Inc.
Air Samplers

2 million+ filters & items in stock
Filters that never need replacing. Lasts a lifetime.

Surg/Assist, Inc
Smoke Evacuation Systems
Emits negative ions & traps dust on easy-to-clean, charged metal plates

TSI Incorporated
Air quality monitors
This is a must for allergy sufferers! You'll never use a flat filter again!


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